Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: The Canine Teeth, and the Beautiful Holy Light

In the midst of various heavy breathing sounds, Rayne finally reacted.

He hurriedly stood up wiping his mouth hastily, looked around, and quickly analyzed who exactly was the culprit was.

"Rin Fenix!"


Rin also did not expect that things would come to this point.

He looked at the protagonist who was showing a sad expression on his face, then looked at the other man who was still on the ground, and suddenly realized that the man coincidentally had pink hair.

He remembered a character and proceeded to hook his finger towards Elise in order to make sure he was correct.

Elise who was still behind him as a cheerleader, saw his gesture and ran towards him.

"What's wrong, little Rin?"

"Look at that guy, is he a relative of yours?"

Elise said without hesitation, "Little Rin, have you forgotten? He's my cousin."

Then it is confirmed. The pink-haired man was one of the protagonist's best friends, the Gioral Queen's brother's son, Sherlock.

Rayne was irritated when Rin was casually chatting with a girl and directly ignored him. Rayne felt that he must force Rin Fenix to apologize for his evil deeds.

"Fenix, you mistakenly hurt a classmate and act like it's none of your business, is this what the son of a grand duke should do?"

Rin froze and suddenly remembered how he should be the antagonist and play with the protagonist.

So, he used the French style of showing disgust, which he once learned from his old world.

"What? Did I hear that right? A baron telling me what to do? May I ask you, Classmate Rayne, which part of your body has been hurt? It can't be that you bit your tongue while kissing, right? If so, you should ask Classmate Sherlock for an explanation, right?"

After saying that, even Rin himself felt that he was too much. As a villain, his mockery level has reached the highest.

The surrounding people were desperately trying to hold back their laughter. Some people wanted to comfort Rayne, but did not know what to say.

Rayne stared at the "smug" Rin with disgust and suddenly stepped forward and said piercingly, "Classmate Fenix, you should learn how to respect people."

Rin secretly spat out his tongue, thinking that he had really been wronged. It was not his fault, it was the fault of his sister and the world.

He himself could only carry such evil deeds, and be misunderstood and scorned by the world.

But since he decided to be a villain, he would carry out the full interpretation to the end.

"Do you want me to apologize? That's impossible. If you really want to teach me how to respect to people, then you'll have to make me by duelling me. Oh I forgot, you are an alchemist, I wonder how good an alchemist's combat power is?"

Rayne looked at Rin coldly, "I can teach you a lesson if you agree that I can use my alchemical weapon."

Rin snapped his fingers, "Of course, I will see how you are going to teach me a lesson."

"If you lose, then you have to apologize to me and Sherlock, and if I lose, then I will apologize as well."

"Hmm, that's fair."

Rayne smiled and a hint of joy flashed through his eyes.

He just happened to synthesize out a shotgun with rubber bullets earlier, and it was enough to make this evil youngster suffer at this distance.

Thinking so, his eyes suddenly became soft, looking at Elise who was standing behind Rin.

"Your Highness, you should stand farther away, otherwise you will be hurt."

Elise shook her head and said in a dignified and gracious manner, "Thank you, but I can cast holy light shield magic on myself, therefore, you can't hurt me. Not to mention, I can save the wounded in time once any of you are hurt."

As Rin's fiancée, she could not interfere with what her fiancé was doing, even so she would choose to stand behind Rin.

Somehow, Rayne always gave her an odd feeling.

Her heart faintly felt that something would go wrong if little Rin didn't take him seriously.

"Little Rin, be careful!"

Looking at the "goddess" saying that to the villain, Rayne only felt his heart bleeding.

How does a vile villain like him deserve such a good girl!

I need to save her!

Rin on the contrary, didn't really care about what Rayne said and didn't ask Elise to walk away.

Are you kidding me? It's no way that their attacks could break Elise's holy light shield. Moreover, he himself will be beaten very badly and need her treatment later.

Hence, after scolding Christo who was still holding his head in fear, Rin and Rayne stood respectively at the two ends.

The atmosphere was suddenly nervous.

By now, the kuudere Hero had lost her mind from hunger.

She overtrained last night, missed dinner, and later missed her evening snack. Because she passed out from hunger last night, she also missed breakfast.

She was now a crippled Hero, who only knew how to meow.

In a trance she looked up, seeing a large chicken leg standing there, making a welcome gesture to her, so she floated over like a ghost.

At this point, Rayne had already taken out his shotgun and loaded the rubber bullets. As soon as the referee said, "Start!", he raised his gun.

He needed to defeat the opponent directly before he finished chanting.

Aiming at the villain, he pulled the trigger and the bullet was shot out quickly.

At this time, the Hero girl had drifted to Rin, and her sleepwalking eyes changed. Sensing the danger, she instinctively drew the sword.

A circle formed by the wind beneath her feet swept up the dust on the ground, and the long sword in Emilia's hand turned into a blistering wind, which immediately sliced through the oncoming bullets.

Not only that, it seemed that she regarded the opponent Rayne as the villain who would steal her chicken leg, she slashed the sword in her hand hard towards the air in front of her. WIth the wind blade of the sword, Rayne was immediately blown away.

Coincidentally, Sherlock just got up and saw someone falling from mid-air, subconsciously opened his hand and caught Rayne steadily in an princess-carry position.

Rin, who was about to chant magic, looked at this scene in confusion. Not just him, but all the people present didn't react to what happened.

Until Rin saw Emilia, who had put away her sword and stared at him with a green light in her eyes, approaching him, he was so scared that he took two steps back.

Then he saw Emilia swooped suddenly at him like a hungry tiger.


The weak mage was instantly pushed down onto the ground. Because of inertia, he also slid a little distance forward. With a gust of wind, the hem of Elise was slightly lifted.

He lay flat in confusion and looked above.

However, he only saw a pair of legs in white stockings, and a… dazzling holy light.


Elise was shocked and hurriedly covered the hem of her skirt and took a step back, so Rin could only see the sky.

Rin had not yet returned to his senses, and saw the kuudere Hero, holding him around the waist, opening her mouth, showing two small canine teeth, and biting him on his chest.


Forced to endure the pain of being bitten, Rin still looked at Elise, who looked to be in soo much shame that looked like she was going to cry out at any time. He tried his best to apologize.

"Sorry, Elise, I didn't mean it!"

"Ding … data analysis failed, unable to determine whether the plot is successful."

"Replacing the verification formula again."

"Ding, the process was interfered with by a strange power. The male protagonist's script failed, but congratulations, my dear master! You were still abused and beaten hard by the heroine, bowing your head in submission.

According to the second set of verification formulas, my dear master, you succeed to play the script.

Unlock new villain achievements: Being Hurt by Canine Teeth (Minor); You re-triggered the villain achievement: Under the Crotch (Minor)."

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