Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 8

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Chapter 8: I, the Genius Magician, Will Smash Your Dog Head

Rin felt a little uncomfortable being stared at.

He felt that this woman was either bewildered by him or had some strange feelings because of him comforting her.

But, neither is good!

As a villain who is determined to bum around until he's stabbed to death with a sword, he will not allow himself to have too many encounters with other characters.

As for why?

The garbage system has reminded him more than once.

The consequences of not playing the villain well are serious.

The lightest punishment would be electrotherapy, while the heaviest punishment would let him feel the pain of having broken limbs.

These "NPCs" may do things that do not conform to the plot, they have their own thoughts and personality.

However, if he directly influences the main plot too much.

He would be directly wiped out.

Not even given the chance for vengeance

How terrible it is!

He doesn't have the slightest idea of how to get close to any girls, not to mention, how to engage in a relationship!

Rin suddenly couldn't sit still.

He quickly picked up the homework he brought and the books, and left without looking back.

Let's just leave her the impression of being condescending and ruthless!

Rin came to the front desk and registered his borrowing credentials .

He was thinking of asking the librarian who had come in, after the girl left the last time.

Except after his reminiscence he saw that the girl also came out.

Rin immediately dismissed the idea, leaving without looking back.

Walking on the road, Rin rubbed his chin in thought.

Tomorrow there would be a practical class, and it would be sparring training.

Once more, it was an important episode of his debut.

What exactly is it …

He read the book very quickly in the past and could only remember some general details. He didn't remember the full details, but only remembered that he had hurt someone and had a fight with the protagonist.

Of course, he was beaten by the protagonist.

Oh, garbage useless system.

It only tells him the plot of the day, as well as a preview of the next plot time.

Only when the main events and important side plots that occur, would it then remind him in advance.

However, he didn't expect his evil sister to give him a good system.

It's already a good thing that it didn't let him die directly.

Although Rin complained, he walked to the most remote and oldest training ground.

Tomorrow, he would have to fight.

While he has begun to slowly learn the theory of magic, an actual battle is real battle, and he has not yet properly practiced the magic skills he has.

If he was defeated by others before the protagonist came out… he didn't dare imagine the consequences.

This is an abandoned training ground of the academy, currently there is no building plan for this land. Although it has fallen into disrepair, it can still be used.

Rin specially picked such a place, as he is afraid that his first release of magic would be seen by others and affect his reputation as a genius magician.

The old training ground has a field larger than a soccer field, with some crooked targets, and sturdy hardwood stakes.

The sun was setting, and as far as his eye could see, there were only a few traces of the former students left in the dusk.

There was still a thin figure on the training ground, practicing hard in the southeast corner.

The distance was very far. Rin took a look at this person and thought that they didn't seem to be a threat.

Finding a place, about ten meters away from the target, Rin took his equipment out.

A first-ranked magic book.

For a mage or warlock, their weapons are normally long or short staves, a magic dagger, a single-handed sword, a magic crystal, or magic book.

Rin's weapon was a magic book. Because his level had reached ten, he was using a special fire magic book of the first rank, which gave the highest increase for fire magic.

Rin tried to inject magic power into the magic book, which immediately emitted a very faint red light and floated in front of his eyes.

It's amazing that there seems to be an invisible magic line that connects one end of the book to him. With just a little manipulation, the orientation of the magic book will change around him.

This is undoubtedly the most suitable weapon for him.

Next, it's time to try his magic skills.

Rin's face looked calm, stretched out his palm towards the target in front of him. According to the method remembered, he cast the magic spell, chanting in a small voice.

The chant was only one word.


In front of his palm out of thin air, a palm-sized red double triangle pattern appeared. Rin could feel the increasingly hot temperature and a ball of flame that was quickly generated.

A mysterious power from the magic book also surged into the pattern and began to increase the magnitude of the fireball spell.

Except before the fireball could be launched, it suddenly disappeared in front of Rin like an extinguished candle.

He was not discouraged much.

This was the first time he tried to cast a spell. It's normal that it's was not stable.

He only needs to practice a few more times, and the consumption of his magic power was not much.

Fortunately, the second time it worked. A fireball shot sharply at the target, leaving a few scorch marks, but the target soon recovered as it was before.

Rin then succeeded a few more times and got familiar with this most basic low-level fire magic.

Feeling his magic power had been consumed to less than 20%, he took out one "Light Magic Potion" and drank it. Feeling the slowly recovering magic power in his body, he prepared for the next stage of practice.

If a magician drank too many potions within a short period of time, his body will become resistant.

The potion resistance time is about twenty minutes.

Rin decided to practice Explosive Art next.

Explosive Art is an extension of the Fireball spell. It was a ball of fire that would burst open; the explosion power would be equal to three or four firecrackers bursting at the same time.

After all, it is only a low-level spell, you can not expect too much to its power. At least, it can scare away animals and low-level magic beasts.

To use it, the magician only needs to add a rune to the Fireball spell.

Rin tested it a few times, and also got familiar with the Explosive Art spell.

After that, Rin cast a few more low-level spells.

It was his first time using magic; Rin was a little satisfied.

His brain could not supress his greed. After slightly testing other low-level magic, he immediately aimed at the middle-level magic — Fire Raven.

This was the coolest magic he could use at the moment.

After using it, the fireball will extend a pair of flaming wings and turn into a fire raven, rushing straight towards the enemy. It's far better than lower-level skills in both power and speed.

Confident and excited, he began to chant.

"Spirit of fire, give me your power, transform into a fiery raven of searing flames and spread your wings!"

A bright red blaze appeared, followed by flames that quickly elongated towards the sides and took on the vague shape of a bird.

The searing flames finally turned into a fire raven more than a meter wide, and then headed towards the front.

At first glance, it was clearly powerful magic.

However, its direction was wrong. Like a gliding wing riding on the wind, it showed a graceful arc and flew a meter or so above the target towards the high sky.

At the same time, the two spells in Rin's mind suddenly interlocked like a bunch of chaotic codes.

An inexplicable power suddenly exploded on the magic book. The magic book was struck away and smashed directly into the head of the person passing by, knocking him to the ground.

"Ding, congratulations! My dear master, you just took the initiative to attack an important supporting character, Christo Hunter, making a perfect interpretation of the villain's violence beyond the plot.

Unlocked achievement: Smash Your Dog Head (small).


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