Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: She Is So Bitchy

Rin was now currently standing in front of the bookshelf.

He first found the "Alchemy — Fusion Agent Classification Discourse" he needed and took it out, and then from his peripheral vision he saw a book named "Rare Magic Card Index". He couldn't help but be curious and take it out as well.

The latter was extracurricular reading material.

The library was very quiet at this time, so no one came to disturb him.

Rin found a desk in the most remote corner and sat down, flipping open the book called "Alchemy — Fusion Agent Classification Discourse".

Following the table of contents, he soon found the knowledge he had forgotten.

After filling the notebook with words, Rin looked at his neatly written lines with satisfaction.

Although …

Rin frowned.

After all, he suddenly took over the villain's position, and the villain's memory was stored in his mind like a temporary drive.

When he needs to access the information, he will remember it; and if he doesn’t manage to use it at all, the information would gradually fade away from his memory.

So he needs to seize the time to copy his knowledge to a notebook.

Closing his notebook and putting it aside, Rin flipped open the book called "Rare Magic Card Index" and read it with anticipation.

"The lines on the back of a rare magic card are at least thirteen; a mutated magic card will produce an extra mutation line compared to the original version."

Rin was curious about this. From the space ring, he took out a dozen magic cards, and then compared them with the mutated magic card pattern on the book.

Sure enough, he found that behind the magic card, was an additional purple stripe that was entwined with the other lines.

'Right, let's see if there is a particularly powerful rare magic card for fire magic.'

With that in mind, Rin picked up the book and quickly flipped through it, without noticing a dark unfamiliar card that slipped into his scattered pile of magic cards.

Rin was so excited to find the chapter he wanted to read. He was about to read it, but he thought the cards on the table were too messy and stuffed them all into his space ring.

Not long after he was copying the text, a thin young girl who looked virtuous, passed through the rows of bookshelves. Finally, her eyes fell on the "Rare Magic Card Index" in Rin's hand, causing her to frown.

The young girl stared at him for a moment, then walked towards his heels, sat down across from him, and stared at the book he was flipping through.

She had been careless!

Because she couldn't find a suitable bookmark, she substituted her dark magic card as one, and then forgot about it and returned the book to the library!

Dark magic!

That was a magic that could only be used by demons and the dependents and apostles of demons.

The same goes for the magic card.

If this teenager in front of her had found it, then… she could only eliminate his existence.


A soft and somewhat introverted voice sounded.

Being disturbed, Rin raised his head and looked at the person sitting across him.

A young girl who was a little older than him, who had a clear and pretty face, with timid soft-looking eyes and an unhealthy complexion on her cheeks.

Seeing that she looked like an introverted girl who was often bullied at school, Rin didn't care that she was bothering him.


"That … I left a bookmark in the book, did you see it?"

The girl said, her eyes piercing through him.

No one noticed that in her purple eyes, a faintly detectable swirl was slowly rotating.

Rin shook his head, "No."

Then handed her the book.

"You can flip through it yourself."

Rin was unaware that at this moment, his inner thoughts had been stolen.

"Oh this young lady looked so introverted and timid, since she actually took the initiative to talk to me, then it must be something very important."

He didn't find out!

The young girl confirmed it through his inner thoughts.

No one can lie to her gift of "Mind Reading".

"Well this cute-looking little girl got away with it."

A smile appeared at the corner of the young girl's mouth, but it quickly faded.

Her fingers crossed the book, with her face looking stiff.

She clearly felt the scent of a magic card, but why was it not in the book?

She hastily opened the book to look back and forth, but did not find it.

Looking at her anxious movements, Rin could not help but ask, "Didn't find it?"

Would someone else have opened it before me and then choose to take the young lady's bookmark away?

The young lady's gaze suddenly deepened as she put the book down.

She needed to destroy the loan form from the janitor, which had her name on it in her current identity.

In this way, the guy who took the card away would have no way to know that it was her dark magic card.

After that, as long as she followed the scent of the magic card, she could find the person and kill him or her.

"Oh no, the lady looks sad, no no no, I am a villain, I can't sympathize with her! Think something else! %^^^$#."

Strangely enough, a part of the boy's inner thoughts seemed to be blocked by something.

It immediately attracted the young girl's interest.

This was the first time she encountered a person who had a part of his thoughts she could not read.

Who is this teenager? What is his identity? Who is behind him?

In an instant, countless questions appeared in her heart.

She thought about it and suddenly showed a mournful look, tears slipped silently along her face, adding a few sad and very lovable charms to her clear and beautiful appearance.

Rin suddenly held his breath.

Seriously, this girl's appearance was not too beautiful, she could only be described as adorable.

Even so, he usually had nothing to do with this kind of girl.

"Sorry, I lost my temper."

The young girl touched her tears and bit her lips.

"That was a gift left to me by my mother… I'm sorry, mother, I couldn't keep it."

Rin felt hesitant inside.

What should I do? Why is she so sad? Should I help her find the bookmark?

No, no, no, we just met for the first time, why should I help her!

I'm just thinking that she is pitiful. Even if a villain sees a small dog or cat on the side of the road, he will give something, right?

I'd rather give her a small gift to stop her from crying.

Except I'm a villain, how can I comfort her directly?

Rin thought about it and suddenly slapped the table.

"Shut up! It was your mother's gift, but why should I care?! It's not like I took it. Since you lost it, just go find it!"

"What's the use of crying? Can you get it back by crying?"

"Don't cry, take this and shut up!"

Rin put a small unicorn bookmark on the table. This was also his space ring.

The original Gur Fenix's space ring was a mess of really everything.

This one was a magic bookmark with a little unicorn that could sing inside.

"Use this one first! Don't be like a pussy who just knows how to cry!"

"Shut up! I have to read the book!"

The young girl's crying stopped, and her eyes stared at the unicorn bookmark.

Rin grunted and sat down with a little nervousness.

'I scolded her so much. Will she become more upset?'

'I couldn't do anything else and had to scold her. After all, crying doesn't solve anything, right?'

"I'd like to find out who took it later."

"It's not that I care, I just don't want her to annoy me with her crying."

'Ah ah ah, this damn world <em>, and that </em>, don't add more to me!'

Nevertheless, Rin did not notice under the girl's tears, she showed a trace of an inexplicable smile.

The young girl narrowed her eyes, and her afterimage swept around his body.

This little boy is quite cute, isn't he?

What is the secret you are hiding that caused my mind reading to be blocked?

Do you like being the bad guy so much to put an act to be a villain?

In fact I, the one sitting in front of you, am the real villain of this world!

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