Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: The Lucky Ahoge Hair

Early the next morning, Rin yawned as he walked out of the dormitory building.

'Today is our first day of class. I really shouldn't have been awake so late last night.'

'It was all because of that dreadful Hero!'

The good thing is, today's class is not too busy. Because it is the first day, the main purpose is to understand the students' mastery of their skills and level of knowledge, so there will be no direct lectures.

Some details need to be explained.

Although people in this world can have only one or two classes, it does not mean that they can only learn specific class-related knowledge.

Having a class just means that a person has greater growth in the class and its relevant talents.

For example, Rin as a Fire Mage, has the highest growth rate in fire magic, but he can also use other types of magic.

It was just that he didn't have a high growth level and proficiency with other sorts of magic.

Incidentally, in addition to inherent classes such as "Demon King" and "Hero", many other classes can be advanced.

As a student of the Royal Academy of Higher Magic, he needs to learn a lot of subjects, from alchemy to magic card science, magic theory, formation theory, elemental science and so on.

Because only after understanding this knowledge, can they improve their magic and martial arts, and learn the uses of potions and magic cards. After they graduate, this knowledge will be useful in fighting against magical monsters.

These are the general education courses, and coming up next are intensive specialized courses.

The specialized courses are the most relevant courses for each student.

The cultivation course and the actual combat course are the real top priorities.

Thinking about studying in his head, Rin perfunctorily greeted his little followers who pestered him.

Indeed, it's early in the morning, it was time to go to the dining room to eat breakfast.

Each grade's building, dining room, and even dormitory are separate, so it's rare to see seniors from other grades along the way.

Entering the dining room, Rin didn't have to do it himself, naturally, there was a henchman there to find and wipe the table, the stool and pick up his meal.

Rin was also happy to have someone to serve him. As long as these henchmen don't do stupid things like provoking the protagonist, they are quite useful.

Speaking of which, he hasn't remembered the names of the two henchmen in his head.

He remembered that the first one was the second son of a count, and the other was the son of a viscount.

Let's just call them Henchman-01 and Henchman-02.

That foolish hero doesn't seem to have arrived yet, otherwise, all the students in the dining room would surround her and make a lot of noise.

Rin took a bite of the bacon sandwich and a sip of milk, and his empty stomach became warm all of a sudden.

Then, he saw his familiar pink-haired fiancée at the entrance of the restaurant, walking with a princessly bearing.

Around her, four or five women were gathered.

At this time, Elise was still an elegant and dignified princess in people's eyes. With that gentle smile on her face and pure goodwill in her eyes, people can not help but want to protect her.

However, this angelic temperament did not last long.

Her lake-colored eyes instantly fell on Rin who was eating.

"Excuse me."

She apologized to the girls around her, fetched her breakfast and rushed to Rin's side with quickened steps.

As she got closer and closer, the princess's bearing disappeared and instantly turned into a ditzy and clingy cutie.

At least, that's the impression of her in the eyes of others.

Rin with a frown on his face, tried to retreat behind the crowd.

Damn, he really did not want to add more scenes with the heroine outside the script.

Today, there was no plot about him. He didn't want to do extra work!

However, there was no place for him to retreat, and he could only try to look calm.

"Ding! My dear master, although there is no plot about you today; try to maintain a good villain persona! Please do your best to scoff at the heroine!"

What can I do to scoff at her?

I don't know her well!

How heartless is it to scoff at a kind and lovely girl in the morning?

Thinking about it, Rin looked at Elise up and down, who was sitting in front of him, and finally, his eyes focused on a strand of pink ahoge hair above her head.

Well, there it is.

"As a royal highness, you can't even take care of your appearance, it's really a shame to go out with such an undignified ahoge hair, Elise!"

Elise opened her eyes wide, then covered her head with both hands like a small hamster.

"Little Rin, you are too much! My lucky hair has obviously always been there, it's not like it just appeared today."

Rin raised his chin, "As a noble girl, you should keep your hair meticulously groomed, I'm disappointed in you."

"But little Rin, there and here, your hair is curly too."

Rin blushed, he forgot that his hair was naturally a little curly.

"It's self-curling!"

"That's curly too!"

Looking at the pink-haired girl that was smug in front of him, she seemed to be mocking his naturally curly hair.

Rin reached out his fingers and grabbed her ahoge hair that was waving left and right, dangling at him.

"How dare you talk back to your fiancé early in the morning, you…"

Suddenly, Lin Rin froze.

There seemed to be something on that ahoge hair that went down into his fingers.

The feeling was only for a moment. Rin just dismissed it as an illusion.

Elise stiffened and trembled slightly at this time. Her face had turned red with her lips shivering, she could not say anything.

Elise suddenly slapped his hand away, and without a word, she directly picked up the dinner plate and ran to the table next to Rin, turning her back to Rin, looking as if she didn't want to pay attention to him anymore.


Rin looked at her small, slightly trembling body.

Was this anger?

Well, that's right, being taunted early in the morning, it's strange not to be angry.

My villainous persona is very stable today!

Coincidentally, Elise whose back was turned to him, flushed all over.

'Oooh, so shameful.'

'My most important place was touched.'

'Little Rin is so annoying! That is my lucky hair, I will be embarrassed if you touch it!'

'Also there really is a lucky protection!'

After successfully driving away the number three heroine, Rin was also relieved. He quickly finished the meal and walked to the classroom.

The heroine is too dangerous! If he stays a second more there may be a more messy plot generated.

I can't afford to mess with it.

The idea was to act to the best of his ability when the plot starts, and to get as far away as possible when he doesn't need to appear.

Rin finally finished the classes on the first day.

There was one thing worth mentioning.

The protagonist's revealed class is Alchemist, he has the best talent in alchemy; plus his rare talent as a Magic Card Master allows him to directly analyze the various formula of magic cards. He is also good at magic card analysis.

In these two disciplines, no one can compete with him.

Even so he was not so good in the other disciplines.

Because of his protagonist's aura and personal charm, he often had the praise of classmates and teachers, which made Gur Fenix very perplexed.

Thus, Rin needs to show his displeasure with the protagonist today. He can then express his dissatisfaction of the situation in private.

Then he could freely allocate what he wants to do the rest of the time.

Originally, Rin wanted to go back to his room to do his homework.

But for some reason, he couldn't remember several fusion agent ingredients that should have been stored in his head.

It just so happened that he didn't have the relevant books with him, so in order to finish his homework, he had to get up and go to the library to look for them.

Meanwhile, a dark-haired girl who had already left the library suddenly remembered that she left a very important item in the library and hurriedly turned back.

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