Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 5

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Chapter 5: The Humiliation of Under the Crotch and the Obsession of the Evil God

Rin was confused.

"Hey system, tell me what is happening right now.”

"So noisy … why do I have to- Hmm? Why is the heroine in my dear master's room? Hey hey, my dear master, have you changed your class to 'bottom' now?"

"Stop the nonsense, you are a really…"

"I'll remind my dear master that insulting the system will be punishable."

"Witty system."

Rin skimmed his mouth and looked at the dumb hero (literally) above him.

He was conflicted.

Should he throw her out at this time?

Damn it! I can't beat her.

In his mind, the system said with a somewhat lazy voice.

"Hey, the extra plot is so annoying. My dear master, do whatever you want to do yourself. Just don't go beyond your villain persona."

"Isn't this a novel world? Why would there be extra plot?!"

"Ding, my dear master, although this world is based on a novel, it is still a constantly evolving and imperfect world, and characters are not just scripted NPC. They have their own will. Though, they still follow the novel's plot.

Anyway, proceed to solve the plot yourself."


Rin felt powerless to complain at this time.

In any case, he was afraid that he would encounter more side plots in the future.

Would he have to act on the spot again?

The good thing is, the situation does not affect the plot's direction.

"Ding, congratulations! You were knocked to the ground by the heroine.

Unlocked achievement: Under the Crotch (Minor).

Rewarded item: Silver Traveler’s Saddle. Putting the saddle on a magic beast, will make it easier to tame them.

Please continue to work hard to be humiliated by the protagonist and heroines."

Why do I feel I was mocked?

Rin was annoyed and struggled, but didn't get rid of the Hero.

Everything fell into silence.

The student next door grumbled and soon stopped his complaint.

"Hey, how long are you going to ride on me?"

He was a weak wizard, and the Hero was a "superhuman" girl with double the strength and growth of ordinary people.

Emilia's face remained unchanged as she slowly stood up and walked to the window.

Rin rubbed the back of his head and asked helplessly, "So, what the hell were you doing climbing the rooftop in the middle of the night?"

"It's a Habit, watching the moon with a midnight snack."

"…Don't you know how to use the stairs in the girl's dormitory like a normal person?"

Emilia turned around. Her blue eyes were clear yet empty as she looked at Rin. It’s as if she is looking through his body to somewhere behind him.

"I was informed by God that food eaten on the rooftop of this building, on this particular day, would be more delectable."

"Who are you fooling … eh?"

Rin suddenly remembered that the hero also had a talent called "God's Whisper", which allowed her to receive guidance from the gods.

So she probably wasn't joking around.

Except would a God be that bored to tell her this kind of crap?

Rin felt that he needed to maintain the reputation of a villain.

Sweeping a glance at her cat like pajamas, he had an idea.

"Stupid girl, hurry up and get out of here. Heh, don't think that just because you're the hero, I'll let you just go into my room and rummage through my possessions. I'll call the dorm supervisor if you don't leave."

Emilia stared at his face, which was full of loathing for a while. She then turned around, and climbed out of the window by using the table.

Finally, she grunted and climbed up to the rooftop.

Rin was relieved.

It's good that she was driven away, otherwise, he really does not know how to continue acting.

Thinking of the fact that the woman will climb back down the attached rope again, Rin had a headache.

Can someone tell him what kind of person is like this?

'Forget it, I'm not in the mood to read now, I'll go to bed.'

Thinking so, Rin packed up his books and notebooks. He was about to turn off the lights, when a person fell down from the window and scared him.

Emilia, in a ridiculous position, hung upside down, with a chicken leg from the student cafeteria in her hand.

"Wanna eat?"


She was answered by the crisp sound of the window closing, followed by the curtains being pulled shut.

Emilia blinked and sat on the edge of the rooftop, wiggling her two feet as she ate her chicken leg.

Nobody knew what was going through her mind.

In a gloomy room, the doors, windows and the curtains were locked and covered shut.

Sitting in front of the desk, a pair of polished jade-like slender legs lazily crossed beneath the table.

Wearing cartoon illustrated pajamas, a girl about 18-year-old stretched out, revealing her waist with no hint of fat.

Removing her glasses, the girl lay next to the keyboard. Her messy long brown hair covered her snow-white cheeks.

Her dark red gemstone-like eyes were somewhat empty, thinking of something.

After a long time, her cherry-colored curled lips finally opened.

"Qiu Qiu."

On the large size monitor on the side, which was originally closed, a round, pink, spherical electronic pet appeared and bounced a few times.

"Master, I'm here."

It was a cute teenage girl's voice.

The girl slowly sat up, grabbed a pillow with one hand, and hugged it in her arms.

"How long has my brother, who is not cute at all, been over there?"

"Eighteen hours!"

"Well, play it for me."

"Okay, master."

On the screen, there appeared the teenager who was about to scamper out of the carriage, but ended up being electrocuted and sprawled in the carriage.

Lin Wuyue propped up the side of her flawless face and revealed a smile.

"After this punishment, little Rin will obediently admit his mistakes after coming back, right?"

"Master, even if you want to educate your younger brother, you don't have to send him directly to another world at the cost of your authorities, right?"

Lin Wuyue lazily stretched out her fingers and intertwined a handful of her long hair, moving elegantly and lovingly.

"A few management rights of a world only, it does not matter, and …"

"So that it can be a profound lesson… to that not-well-behaved, not at all frank, and poison-tongue brother."

The more she said, the more Lin Wuyue gnashed her teeth.

"Look at the little brothers from other families, they play with their big sisters every day, do anything their big sister tells them to do, just adorable!"

"What about my brother! He's been lecturing me every chance he gets since I was little! He treats me like I'm three years old! Does he want his sister to lose face?"

"Other sisters' younger brothers will share their most valuable possessions with their sisters and let their sisters feed them!"

"What about the one in our family? Even if he didn't want to feed me, he didn't need to serve food on the table like feeding wild cats and dogs, right? When he was angry, he would deliberately give me a plate of carrots! You know I hate carrots!"

"Other people's brothers will drink the same cup of cola with their sisters, will help their sisters to brush her teeth, and warm her bed!"

"Where as the one in our family, oh, he would throw a tantrum as soon as I used his cup. Not to mention, the last time I sneaked into his bed, he actually kicked me out to the floor!"

"Is this what a brother should do?"

"What kind of brother has such a bad attitude towards his sister?"

"The worst thing is that he always threatens me with my R-18 manga collection, and he won't let me enter his room!"

"Is there such a hateful brother? How dare he not let his sister into his room!"

"Does he really think his sister, an Evil God; only knows how to write novels, and play games every day?

"I worked hard to write that masterpiece! It's ok if he did not praise me, but he actually dared say that he preferred the villain to the protagonist! What bullshit!"

"He was too much! He didn't even say he liked me! Since you like the villain so much, then I have to send you to be the villain!"

"I’ll only reluctantly forgive him when he has been bullied enough and comes back, swearing allegiance to his best, prettiest, and cutest sister-sama!"

After whining, Lin Wuyue threw the pillow away and looked at the strange behavior of the number one Heroine and number three heroine with a suspicious look on her face.

Why do I feel that there is something wrong with those two girls?

Then she looked at the kuudere girl who was sitting on top of Lin, she was instantly pissed off.

"This bitch! I'm going to destroy that world!"

"Master, master, please keep your calm! Master, you can't violate the rules and meddle in this world's affairs again!"

Lin Wuyue, with a face full of reluctance, leaned back in her chair and looked at the clock.

For her, it was the eighteenth minute of her brother's absence, but she already missed him. (In the original text, it is "minute" but not "hour". The speed of time in the two worlds is different.)(1 hour of MC time = 1 minute for MC's sister, straightforward ratio)

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