Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4: At midnight, the Hero visits the window.

Elise took small bites of the cake while stealing a few glances at Rin's face from the side.

Before she only had some fantasies about her childhood friend and fiancé, but now, she became interested in him.

It was a very different feeling from when they were children.

Thinking so, she reached out and handed the cake to Rin, whispering, "Little Rin, eat some too."

Rin looked at her goofy smile, the cream on her mouth, and the cake that was nibbled. The corners of his mouth twitched.

Give back the dignified and elegant looking Princess!

"Idiot, wipe your mouth first, it's too embarrassing to sit with you."

Elise puffed up and continued to gorge on the cake with a very cute "fierce look".

Rin also did not care, he lied on the table intending to sleep.

Today, he is off work.

Yes, no more acting, he doesn't need to perform today!

He didn't know how long he had slept, in a daze someone was pushing him.

Bewildered, Rin opened his eyes and stretched his body, still feeling groggy.

He had relatively severe hypoglycemia, which actually didn't change even after transmigrating into another world.

"Little Rin, look, it's the Hero!"

"What Hero… what are you talking about? This isn't a fantasy world."

He vaguely murmured, until his mind gradually recovered.

Rin sat up sharply and looked at what was happening in front of him with his eyes opened wide.

On the stage, the kuudere young girl's hand was placed on a crystal ball, which burst out with a light brighter than diamonds.

At the same time, a text was projected.

Class: Hero; Level: 11.

Her talent and skills didn't appear, because only extremely rare items could detect them. This crystal ball was just a simple testing item.

But just her "Hero" class was enough to make everyone in the auditorium dumbfounded.

Everyone knows what this means!

She has a cheat!

With the "Hero" class, she can obtain more EXP, all of her stats are enhanced, and she can learn any type of magic and martial arts that she wants to learn.

What's more excessive is that the "Hero" class provides various passive skills.

"It's the Hero…"


Soon, cheers broke the silence, and the entire room was invigorated.

"I didn't expect that the Hero would come to our academy too!"

"What? Haha! Our kingdom truly is very prestigious! Even the Hero has come to study here!"

"The news was really tightly covered. I never heard any rumors before this."

Emilia withdrew her hand and was slightly troubled by the cheers of the crowd.

But she knew that she was going to be surrounded by compliments and many inexplicable requests for help again in the future.

That's how it used to be.

But …

Her somewhat dull eyes fell on Rin.

Rin gave a jolt.

'Why is the Hero looking at me?'

'Is she holding a grudge?'

I just bought a magical card before you bought it, it was not a robbery!

Of course, he still needed to continue his acting.

Rin crossed his arms, hummed in a disdainful manner, then turned his head away.

"Students, Lady Emilia is a valued guest of the kingdom. Please don't make any trouble for her in the future."

The school leader said a few gentle words and let Emilia go down, and continued with the next person's test.

Emilia sat back in her seat and while looking stoic, no one knew what she was thinking.

The students wanted to come up to her, but since it was still the opening ceremony, they could only hold back their admiration and whisper to each other.

After that, it was Elise's turn, her class was a rare Holy Healer, which also drew warm applauses.

In comparison, Rin was just a simple Fire Mage, nothing remarkable.

It's just that his surname Fenix, and his family's "phoenix" talent were still very noble. No one dared to underestimate him.

But there were more rejection and strange looks than admiration when people looked at him.

At least, not many people had applauded or welcomed him …

Well, except for that "silly pink hair" below, and a few flatterers who wanted to cling to the Grand Duke.

'Hey, Elise is really a kind little angel. Don't you find that others are looking at you with strange eyes?'

Rin kept up his high and mighty attitude, went down, and sat back in his seat.

As for Emilia, she silently observed the inexplicable atmosphere, and her eyes flickered, thinking of something.

"Little Rin is level 10. Not bad, not bad."

Elise complimented with a dimpled smile.

"Little Rin should be good at studying!"

"It doesn't matter anyway."

Rin replied, then listlessly waited for the ceremony to end.

Speaking of which…

Although the original Gur Fenix was a villainous young man, he was actually good at studying.

He just felt jealous of the people who were better than him.

Because the protagonist was better than him, he often couldn't help but provoke the protagonist.

In the end, he failed miserably.

He never put others in his eyes and often challenged the protagonist, but failed. So he gradually became an ignoramus in the eyes of others.

In any case, in order to stay in character, Rin should study hard.

Sigh, it's really difficult to follow the plot!

Returning to his dormitory, Rin strolled back and forth in his room very satisfied.

After all, it is the top academy in the kingdom. The dormitory is simply a luxurious foreign pavilion.

Though each dormitory is smaller than a luxury hotel room. It is still a very good room with no other problems.

After a nice shower, Rin went to the desk and looked at the textbook he had prepared.

Opening a magic card introduction book, he took out a pen and carefully added notes to it.

He has two main hobbies. The first is to read books, and the second is to practice writing, which helps calm his mind.

While writing, he can also review the previously learned knowledge in his mind.

Before he knew it, the sky was completely dark.

At this point, it was long past bedtime, indulging in the sea of knowledge, Rin had lost the concept of time.

"Deconstruct the third to fourth types of magic styles, which can be found in the medium…"

"Click …"

"The medium is Camul's …"

"Pta pta pta."

A wave of unknown anger suddenly rose to his heart. Forcing himself to ignore what was going on outside of his room, he continued transcribing.

"Camul's Neutral Element …"

"Heh heh heh heh!"

The pen tip was bent, leaving a cloud of ink on the paper.

Rin stormed out and pushed open the window with an angry cry.

"Hero! Does your brain not function properly? What are you doing in the middle of the night?!"

Rin pointed his finger to the attached rope outside his window.

The attached rope, one end was tied on the rooftop fence above the edge of his own window, and the other end was tied in one of the rooms of the girls' dormitory.

Just now, the kuudere girl had just used the rope to jump over and was now stepping on his own window sill, preparing to climb onto the rooftop.

Emilia's eyes moved from Rin's fingers, down to the rope in her hand.

She gave a slight tilt of her head.

"Because I can't jump that high in one motion."

What the hell?

Rin was dumbfounded for a moment, and it took him several seconds to comprehend her thinking.

"I'm not asking why you're using a rope, I'm asking what you're doing here in the middle of the night!"

Emilia was silent.

"As you can see."

Yes, that's what I'm asking you!

Rin almost passed out in anger.

Had this woman's brain cells been dug out with a hoe?

Can we communicate like ordinary people?

At that moment, an annoying voice came from the next room.

"Who is it?! What's all the noise?! What are you doing?!"

Emilia blinked her blue eyes, and then with a flash, she tumbled in directly from outside the window.


Rin was immediately pushed down by her, making the back of his head hit the ground.

Looking at Emilia who was sitting on top of him, with no expression on her face.

Rin had only one thought.

'This damn heroine, forcing me to play an extra act with her in the middle of the night?!'

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