Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 76

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Chapter 76: I and Rin

On the way to the restaurant, Rin felt very uncomfortable.

It's not because of the indirect kiss before. He could adjust his mood and forget that shameness in half an hour.

But... Along the way, they seem to pay too much attention?

Although the waste Hero is attractive enough, people on the road seem to notice more about him?

Everyone looked inexplicable. Some were jealous and others smiled.

Is it... Those two little kids spread their rumors so quickly?

Or there are not the silly elk here today, they are regarded as... Dating?!

Probably the latter.

Rin resisted the urge to grab his hair, crossed his arm, and tried his best to pose arrogantly. He almost said, "How dare you look at me".

Passing by a restaurant, Rin ignored the others and went straight in.

He found a table and sat down face to face with the waste Hero. The waitress had already met him. When she saw Rin, she was stunned. Then she couldn't help laughing with her mouth covered and her head turned aside.

"Hey! What's the matter with the waiter here? Why do you laugh when you see me?"

The waiter turned a straight face and resumed her cordial expression, "You misunderstood me, young master. We have received professional training, and smiling is only a necessary accomplishment. So... What do you need?"

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that something went wrong. He ordered something casually and rushed into the bathroom.

Ten minutes later, he stormed out, walked over to Emilia without saying a word, held her face in his hands, and pulled it wide.

"Well, you insidious, cunning, smelly cat, left your dirty mark on my face. Let me be surrounded and watched by people. Your black heart and rotten lungs will be pierced!"

Emilia's face was pinched red, but her face was still expressionless, "Rin, pain."

"Stab you vicious smelly cat to death!"

"It hurts."

Rin loosened his hand and sat opposite her angrily. He said in a fierce voice, "I'm warning you, don't do this in the future. Real friends won't do those things!"

Emilia reached out and rubbed her face. "So, what do real friends do?"

"Such as chatting together, eating together, and going out to play together..."

Rin felt that this was a good opportunity to educate the waste Hero, so he told her what he had seen and heard from his classmates.

With that, he nodded to himself, "Well, that's about it. Stupid Hero, do you have any questions?"

Emilia thought for a while and raised her little paw, "Rin, the book says, good friends can sleep together..."

"Shut up! That's not what heterosexual friends can do!"

The two of them quarreled until the dishes were served.

Rin took a piece of meat and handed it to the waste Hero bowl, trying to block her mouth. He was disappointed and thought that today's teaching... was very unsuccessful. The waste Hero seemed to have something stranger.

When they returned to the hotel in the evening, Elise hasn't come back yet. It is estimated that she will probably be with her sister in the evening.

Rin didn't care too much. The first thing he did when he returned to his room was to study. The assessment period was coming soon.

In the early morning of the next day, Elise came back and mentioned that her sister was busy on official business. She left to patrol the troops in various places early in the morning.

The students came back one after another. Fortunately, except for a few people who were injured or poisoned, there were no casualties.

It was Rayne who found Sha Ye. She claimed that she was frightened after being separated, so she left the team ahead of time and went back to King City.

After handing over the tasks to the adventure guild, the students and teachers planned to return to the academy one day in advance.

Oh, by the way, the students in this practice activity have no remuneration. The money will be directly given to the school by the guild.

When they got on the return carriage, there were three people when they came and four when they returned.

Among them, Yuki was sitting next to Rin.

Elise and Emilia sitting opposite were full of envy in their eyes.

After the carriage left Luna Town, Rin stared at Yuki.

Yuki touched his head and asked softly, "What's the matter, brother?"

Rin dodged her hand and said, "My stupid sister, is your memory as poor as a fish? It was... agreed!"

Yuki tilted her head and thought for a while, then suddenly realized something. A smile appeared at the corners of her eyes.

"The check exam?"

When Rin heard the speech, he was in high spirits and said triumphantly, "Whatever you want to take the exam! If I can't answer them, you will win!"

Yuki's eyes were more spoiled. She randomly asked several questions, and Rin answered them smoothly.

He was so proud that he could write "Genius" on his face.

At the same time, Yuki also noticed that Elise's eyes were always on Rin, ignoring everything else.

After all, they were an unmarried couple. Yuki felt very happy about this, as her brother doesn't have to worry about any bad feelings after marriage.

Miss Hero...

According to Yuki's sharp insight, almost all of Emilia's sights were on Rin, but her eyes were not focused, so it was difficult for to pay attention

The other quarter were in a daze.

Yuki thought about it. It seems that the relationship between them is better than expected?

So Yuki stopped the check and asked, "Hero Emilia."

"Sister Yuki, please call me Emilia."

"I beg your pardon. What is the relationship between Emilia and my brother?"

Elise and Rin are nervous about this question.

Emilia paused and used the newly learned idiom, "The true friendship between stone mortar and pestle."

She thought about the literal meaning and added, "Rin's blunt instrument..."

Rin on the other side was furious.

"What blunt... ! Idiot, don't talk nonsense! That doesn't mean blunt!"

For a while, the carriage became lively again.


On their way back to King City, the evil God called her best friend several times and found that the other party was too busy to call back.

The evil NEET God, who hasn't left her house for many days, decided to visit her friend today to discuss countermeasures.

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