Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 77

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Chapter 77: I, the Evil God, Never Change My Words

In the narrow room, the curtains were closed, and the light could only shine on the desk, while other narrow corners piled up with books were still very dark.

Suyu leaned back on the large chair, supporting her face with one hand and a book in the other, watching with interest.

The light outlined soft and beautiful lines on her face. Several strands of long black hair hung down, but she didn't pay attention to them.

From childhood to childhood, the Demon King's greatest hobby is reading. Basically, she has read more than 80% of the books in the world. Especially when she comes to human territory, she will change her identity and hide in various schools or associations within a few years.

She has visited all the famous libraries in the mainland.

So it's right to put the title of "Extensive reading" on her.

Suyu's rank is Demon King. She is proficient in all magic except the light system, and plays it to the top. At the same time, her swordsmanship and gunshot have reached the master level.

In addition, Suyu has a master level in alchemy, magic card making, spells, runes and other fields.

She can be said to be a 100% Almighty Demon King.

In the world today, only the "Usurper Samuel" with super magic can defeat her, but this is also because she has not completely obtained all the power from Lucifer's blood.

Once she gets all the power like her most powerful Demon King ancestor, only the hero can fight with her in the future.

Of course, she is just a poor, weak, and talented student now.

"It's another rubbish formula. It hasn't been verified and just because it comes from the mouth of a noble, it's regarded as the truth. Oh, it's boring."

Suyu closed the book, threw it on the table, pull her hair back, raised her head, and looked a little confused.

She was a little tired recently, and she really couldn't lift her spirits by reading such nonsense books.


If only I had a pet-like hamster, I could knead it.

Thinking of this, Suyu propped up her chin and narrowed her eyes slightly.

It seems that I haven't seen the "little hamster" for a long time.

Yawned lazily, Suyu took out a nail clipper and polished her nails.

Her hands are slim and slender, smooth and meticulous. When straightened, her fingertips will curl up in a good-looking arc, and the shape of the pink nail cap is just perfect.

Suddenly, her hand paused and she looked at the door.

"Sha Ye, are you back?"

After hesitating for a while, Sha Ye at the door finally pushed the door in and knelt down on one knee after taking a few steps.

"Demon King, I failed."

Suyu stared at her, "Tell me about the situation."

Sha Ye had no choice but to tell all the things after she went to Luna town. Of course, her quarreling with Rin would not be mentioned.

Suyu listened attentively for a while but didn't say a word. The room fell into quiet.

Sha Ye, with her head bowed, was a little afraid.

She knows that Suyu has a bad character and is black-bellied. She used to toss her around a lot. Maybe she is thinking about how to punish her now.


The Demon King made an ambiguous sound between her lips and looked at the package on Sha Ye's back.

"That's the dragon egg?"

Sha Ye cheered up, quickly opened the package behind her and presented the egg to Suyu with both hands.

Suyu just glanced and sighed.

"Stupid, that's just a craft egg. You've been fooled."


Sha Ye's startled voice was enough to make the room shake three times. Her face turned blue and white. She was so angry that she wanted to go back and hang Rin for three days and nights.

However, at the thought that she had completely failed this time, Sha Ye felt cool again and lowered her head again to wait for punishment.

Suyu stepped up to her, leaned over slightly, held her chin and lifted it up. A faint smile appeared at the corners of her mouth.

"Little Sha Ye, don't be so afraid. It makes me like a fierce monster. In this way, I can't resist my desire to cast a Sense Enhancement Spell on you and smear your body with balm."

Sha Ye immediately trembled, smiled reluctantly, and stood up honestly.

"However, I am really interested in him... Well, let's count him as a pet."

Suyu seemed to mutter a few words, and then pondered, "The demon's arm was cut off by a sword, and there was sword Qi remained on the organization. She must be an expert with a sword. The biggest suspect should be the swordmaster of that kingdom. She may have the thing in her hand."

Naturally, Sha Ye knew it, and said, "The swordmaster is hard to get close to, but she is that damn... She is your little pet's sister. We can start from this."

Suyu glanced at her and said lightly, "I'll deal with this matter. You have another job. Continue to get information from Rayne about Wick and get close to him. I'm bound to get that body."

"Yes, the Demon King."

After Sha Ye left, Suyu reached out her hand and shook it in vain. She lifted the egg out of thin air, sat back on the chair and stared at the egg. She didn't know what she was thinking.

Finally, she chuckled, "It seems that when he comes back, I will get close to him more. If he forgets me, I will be... sad."


When Ling Wuyue arrived at Freya's house, Freya's door was just opened, and a middle-aged woman who looked very kind came out.

Seeing Ling Wuyue standing at the door, she smiled, "Oh, Little Wuyue... Freya! Your friend has come!"

"I see."

The blond and beautiful goddess came out and saw Ling Wuyue. She was in a daze, but soon recovered as usual.

"Come in, good sister."

Her mother said with a smile, "It's just that Freya has a crush on a man recently. Little Wuyue, please help her see if they can get married as soon as possible."

She nodded with satisfaction.

"I heard it was your classmate..."

"Mom, come on! Stop talking. We have something to discuss."

With that, Freya pulled Ling Wuyue close to the door and quickly closed the door with a bang.

Ling Wuyue, stunned, finally asked strangely, "Do you have someone you like? One of our former classmates?"

Freya smiled and nodded, "Yes, I'm a little fascinated!"

"Who is it?"

"Guess ~"

Ling Wuyue thought for a while. There are two or three men in the class who are good-looking and have good personalities. However, she can't guess who Freya likes.

Freya covered her mouth and smiled, "Well, let's solve your problem first. You are my good friend, and I have been trying my best."

The Evil God immediately patted Freya on the shoulder; "Good sister! Don't worry. I'll help you catch whoever you like. Even if I have to tie him, I will tie him to your bed!"

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