Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: Sneak Attack

The fitting room was already very narrow, and Rin was particularly nervous.

Originally, he wouldn't do it. However, Emila could only ask someone to help with the zipper on her back. However, there were few people in this kind of high-end clothing store. The store manager was a man, and now he is still eagerly entertaining another lady.

So now only he can come.

It's all right, it's all right. She's just a useless cat.

So he hypnotized himself, Rin shook his fingers slightly, grabbed the zipper and lifted it up.

During this period, there was some natural contact, which made his face a little red. On second thought, they had even slept together... so this doesn't seem to be very serious?

Rin regained his composure because of his said habit.

"Well, that's troublesome."

After Rin murmured a word, he opened the fitting room and went out. He found that the lady was looking this way with a meaningful look. He blushed and pulled Emilia out.

"It's all your fault, you idiot! We'll be misunderstood!"

While complaining, Rin was also evaluating her new clothes.

The light blue clothes really matches her complexion and long hair. The simple style makes her look young. It also compliments her kuudere temperament.

Emilia was dragged to the fitting mirror by him. She was also evaluating her new clothes. After a long time, she suddenly turned around and hugged Rin.

Rin hurriedly pushed her head away and lowered his voice, "No hugging in public."

Then he chose two durable chivalry skirts in college-style plaid.

Rin was worried about what trouble she might make, so he just compared and selected according to the sizes of her previous clothes.

Then he settled the bill and left with Emilia in her new dress.

They were also going to go for a walk and have dinner or something.

The silly elk and her sister seldom see each other. They will certainly have dinner with the eldest princess, so he and Emilia can only look for somewhere to eat by themselves.

On the way, Rin glanced at Emilia, who was following him closely. Suddenly, he remembered something and stopped to reach out to her.

"Where are my clothes?"

Emilia still looked at him with her head askew. She had no intention of returning them.

"You are a kleptomaniac! Those mage's clothes are not suitable for you!"

"Can't I want Rin's clothes?"

Rin's ears turned a little red again. After looking around, many people gathered around them, so he hurriedly dragged Emilia away.

How do you put it... it's kind of normal for friends to wear each other's clothes? But it's still a little strange....

But it's just a coat, not a close fitting dress. It's probably OK.

After pulling the waste Hero for a short distance, Rin was forced to stop. He pulled the waste Hero with his hand, but she didn't budge.

Emilia stood still and stared at a small stall on the side of the road without blinking.

Rin followed her eyes and saw that it was an ice cream and cold beverage street stall.

In King City, because many people can recognize him due to his badge, he's embarrassed buying cold snacks and drinks like a child.

Now... he couldn't help drooling as a strong desire filled his mind.


So they came. Rin ordered a blue popsicle while Emilia ordered a pink ice cream.

The two of them sat on a remote bench nearby. Rin licked the ice cream with some joy. Glancing at Emilia, he was stunned and exclaimed in his heart.

Is her mouth made of slime???

Emilia held the ice cream in her mouth and sucked it like a slime. She was not afraid of the ice cream's coldness nor its acidic sweetness.

It didn't take long to finish the ice cream.

Rin was shocked and inexplicable. It was like seeing his cat stretch out into a long noodle and go through crack of the extremely narrow door.

Then Emilia's lifeless eyes fell onto Rin's hands.

Rin was startled and hurriedly held up the popsicle to avoid the pursuit of the rotten Hero. He shouted, "I already took bites out of this one!"

But suddenly, the Hero sped up to her limits. She moved like a light blue shadow, and when Rin came back to his senses. She had the popsicle in her mouth.


There is still his saliva on it!

This... This is an indirect kiss...

Emilia spat out the popsicle and asked curiously, "Did it have your saliva?"

"Stupid! Don't say it! Let alone say something so disgusting!"

Rin, who had never turned back in surprise, was annoyed. He raised his hand angrily and was about to give her a blow on her head.

But Emilia was faster, so she grabbed Rin's hand and put the popsicle into his mouth.

When Rin stared with wide eyes and wide mouth, stunned and ashamed, she said calmly, "In this way, it's even."

"Uh... Oh!"

With a popsicle stuffed with sweet orange flavor, Rin's head was about to be scrapped, but he still looked very shameful.

Suddenly, two children's voices came from one side.

"Ah, big brother and big sister are dating!"

"Indirect kissing! How envious!"

"Are you going to kiss?"

Said by passers-by!

Rin could no longer bear such a blow. His eyes became dizzy and his head began to sway from side to side.

Emilia didn't mind. She even hugged him around the neck and quickly kissed him on the face, leaving a pink lip print of traditional ice cream coloring.

Miss Hero is very satisfied with this pigmented mark.


On the other side, Elise and Eve were together.

There were only two of them in the room, and Eve even let the guards and knights hide away.

She looks only seventeen or eighteen years old, with long pink curly hair, which is six points similar to Elise's face.

Of course, there was no ahoge hair on her head, and her expression was dignified. There was something decisive and fierce between her eyebrows, and her lake-colored eyes were very deep, as if they could see through people's hearts.

But at this time, her face was very kind. She touched Elise's small head, and her eyes were full of the desire to spoil.

"Unfortunately, little Rin doesn't want to come with me to see you," Elise complained angrily.

"It's little Rin again. How come every time I see Elise, you always mention your fiance's name?"

Being teased by her sister, Elise blushed, but quickly shook her fist firmly, "I don't care! I want to marry little Rin and have a baby!"

"Well, this is my sister! You must be quick and ruthless in this kind of thing!"

Eve said, coughing softly, and asked in a low voice, "What about the... I taught you last time?"

Elise's ahoge hair shook, "I just kissed him secretly. I'm not reconciled! Sister, teach others again!"

Eve smiled, searched the spatial ring, selected the books with pictures, and put them on the table.

"These are treasured by me, from dating to hugging to kissing, and even the last step! Is it great?"

Elise looked at the picture on the cover. She was in high spirits and rushed directly into Eve's arms.

"I knew my sister was the best!"

The two rubbed each other contentedly. Eve was still immersed in her sister's dependence and trust in her, and suddenly heard Elise's curious and adoring voice in her arms.

"My sister is so powerful. Are you very experienced in dating? Why haven't I seen any boy who is close to you?"

Eve's smile gradually disappeared, her face was stiff, and her heart roared as if there were ten thousand silly elks running by.

Damn, she also wants to fall in love!

But she had to work all day long. She's dying from being buried in documents and memorials every day!

She can only relieve the pressure by secretly reading these Pink Books...

If she had time, she would definitely have a sweet love, instead of projecting those wishes on her sister!

Damn, I envy you!

Sobbing, I really want to have a boyfriend.

I'm eighteen years old now, and I haven't even held a man's hand!

Those things that have been fantasized about countless times can only be... practiced by herself at night alone.

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