Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 74

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Chapter 74: Miss Hero and the Fitting Room

The next day, when Rin got up, he felt refreshed.

Rin had to admit that the dream guardian's technique was really good. Massaging him in the dream could even affect reality.

At this point, all the unhappiness of the first meeting vanished.

"Good morning, Little~Rin~"

"Meow ~"

The sound of the silly elk and waste Hero came from behind. Rin habitually avoided Elise, and blocked the waste Hero who was going to hold him.

Well, that's good. Everyone was still so lively this morning.

Look at Yuki again. She was staring at the morning light with her sword. When she heard them, she came back to her senses. She turned her head and nodded at the three, then couldn't help smiling at Rin.

The sunlight passed through the woods with mottled fragments and shone on her, as if she had come out of the painting. Especially the last smile made the three stare at her for a few seconds.

However, the smile disappeared quickly. Yuki was still not used to smiling.

"Brother, have you had a good rest?"

Yuki lifted her sword and hung it at her waist. She walked to Rin and took care of his clothes naturally.

The princess and Miss Hero were a little envious, but there is nothing to be jealous of.

After all, they were brother and sister.

"OK! Let's go back to the city today. I really want to leave this damn place and go back to the King City as soon as possible."

Rin murmured, then asked others to clean up the campsite together, and finally set out on the way home in the light of the early morning.


On the afternoon of the third day, they finally returned to Luna town.

When they came back, Yuki went to check the students' situation and reported the death of the demon so that she could make a great contribution for her brother.

Of course, she wouldn't say a word about the black magic card. She just mentioned that Rin had a precious platinum magic card, and she didn't mention the succubus.

As soon as they got back to the hotel, Rin and Emilia took a bath in their bathrooms.

In theory, Miss Hero and the princess don't need to take a bath, but... After all, they are human beings. Taking a bath can make people relax and subconsciously make them feel clean. This feeling can't be changed.

Rin was still reading while drinking tea in the hotel. There was a knock on the door. When he opened it, it was Elise.

Elise smiled sweetly at Rin, "Little Rin, I'm going to inspect the treatment of the villagers. Do you want to go together?"

Rin can't stand it even just thinking of that fat and stupid Viscount, the flattering officials, and sinister businessmen.

Of course, he thought he would go with Elise to avoid being cheated.

However, Elise's words made Rin give up the idea.

"By the way, my elder sister is here too! She is waiting for me!"

The eldest princess has always been worried about her sister, so she came here in person...

But Rin didn't want to see the princess at all. Her appearance was vague in his memory, but the original Gur Fenix was very afraid of the princess who seemed to have insight into people's hearts.

The princess was recognized by the public, both politically and militarily.

By the way, the elder princess seems to be called Eve.

Eve, who was trained as the next queen since childhood, naturally has a very outstanding mind and means. She is the only one Rin doesn't want to provoke.

Rin has a hunch that he and Eve will be in a mess when they stand together.

So in the end, Rin refused Elise. The silly elk was a little unhappy and pouted while walking away.

Rin was about to close the door when the other door was opened. Emilia came up to him and stared at him expressionlessly.


Emilia grabbed her clothes, opened her mouth and made a soft, low voice, "Meow?"

Sadly, Rin couldn't understand what she was mewing, but he still habitually speculated and observed.

So, he soon saw a hole in Emilia's clothes. The place was originally covered by light armor. Now, when she took off her armour, he could clearly see the white skin on the side of her belly.

Speaking of it, it seems that the waste Hero doesn't have too much clothes. She has been wearing this blue knight dress since she left the academy. She wears a school uniform in the school.

Rin probably understood what she meant, rolled his eyes, and said impatiently, "Well, I'll take you to buy clothes. What a useless kitten."

Emilia still had no expression on her face. No one could see whether she was happy or not. She just stood still and stared at Rin with lifeless eyes.

Rin understood her meaning this time and waved his hand, "You idiot, just put on light armor again! You can't go out like this!"

"Light armour, broken, throw it away, meow ~"


Rin thinks that sooner or later he will have high blood pressure.

He turned around in the spatial ring, and finally turned out a large mage robe and threw it to Emilia.

Emilia's eyes twinkled, she immediately took it and quickly put it on. Her fingers were still sliding on it unconsciously.

"OK? Let's go! If you weren't easy to be cheated, I wouldn't care about you."

"Meow ~"

"Stop meowing!"

"Meow ~"

"OK, I'll settle the bill. This money should also be recorded in the IOU. You'll continue to be a cow and a horse for me in the future!"

The two of them came to a ready-made clothing store. Rin had been waiting for the waste Hero to pick up clothes and check out. Seeing Emilia standing in front of the shelf and her appearance of not knowing what to do...

He felt like grinding his teeth again.

He looked at Miss Hero with disdain. According to his previous experience in chosing clothes for Lingg Wuyue, he chose a simple dress in light blue and white and handed it to Emilia.

The waste Hero held the clothes hanger and looked at Rin with her head tilted.

Rin took a deep breath and pointed to the fitting room behind him. Only then did Miss Hero find the next position.

However, within three minutes of entering, Emilia's voice sounded.


"So what?"

He replied impatiently. Taking a few steps towards the fitting room, he heard her say "Come here", so he went directly to the front of the fitting room.

He was about to ask again when the door of the fitting room suddenly opened. Then a white jade-like arm stretched out, grabbed his tie, and pulled it hard.

Rin was directly pulled into the fitting room, and the back door was locked.


"Help me."

Rin's brain was confused and his heart was still shaking.

This stupid cat pulled him into the fitting room?

Fortunately, Emilia's dress is still... still intact, but she can't reach the zipper behind the dress.

At this time, she turned her back to Rin, revealing a piece of bright white skin and a section of the blue belt behind something, and said again, "Tsundere, help me dress."

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