Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Mom, My Classmate's Brother Is So Great!

Rin was a little scared and even prepared for the other party to scream, scold him and call the police.

It's just... the blonde looks familiar.


Isn't that the abnormal girl in the last nightmare!

It's over. Being regarded as a pervert by a pervert, my dignity is gone...

Rin was still thinking in his head, but the other party didn't do what he imagined.

The blonde woman held the bath towel in one hand, snickered with the other hand over her mouth, and then walked closer to Rin.

Rin could not help but step back and explained, "Well... for some reason, I'm here. I'll leave now!"

"Don't worry."

With a smile, the woman reached out and patted him on the shoulder. She had a beautiful and outstanding appearance. Because of such a smile, she looked more bright and charming.

Rin shivered and dodged her hand, "You... What do you want to do?!"

As he spoke, his feet had moved and he was ready to run away. There was no need to explain anything.

The blonde suddenly changed her look. Her whole face softened and her tone was very gentle, "Last time, I scared you. I apologize to you. Don't be afraid."

"Who wants you to apologize, sick woman!"

When he thought of being pressed and teased last time, Rin could not help grinding his teeth.

The little-hamster-like cute action made the blonde's heart itch. She couldn't help but want to have fun again, but she resisted when she thought of her ultimate goal.

She radiated the light of tender motherhood.

"I'm really sorry. In fact, it's because I really want a brother as lovely as you. I was so happy to see you yesterday that I lost my sense of propriety. I'm here to apologize to you. Please don't be angry, Ok?"

In her gentle manner, there was more apology and expectation. Rin was embarrassed by her golden eyes, so he had to put aside her head and cross his arms.

"Well, since you have said so. Forget it. I forgive you. Well then, I'm leaving!"

The woman sighed and gently touched his head, "Little fool, haven't you found out? This is your dream. Where can you go?"

Rin was stunned, and the things he could not remember also returned to his memory, which suddenly made him realize.

No wonder he always felt hazy and unreal. It turns out that this is his dream.

"Also, let's get to know each other again. My name is Freya. I'm your dream guardian."

Rin immediately looked suspicious, "What the hell is this? Is it possible that this dream guardian is also what I dreamed of?"

Freya smiled and continued to say softly, "I'm real, living in the dream and can only exist in the dream. When someone's dream is disturbed by others, we dream guardians will appear. Of course, this is a rare probability. It's really lucky that we can see each other twice."

Rin was still a little confused. He felt Freya's hands fumbling on his head, so he subconsciously avoided her hand, and asked strangely, "So, my dream has been disturbed... Wait, I know who it is!"

Rin immediately gnashed his teeth and said viciously, "I heard that the demon can enter people's dreams. It must be that stinky bat!"

Freya's smile became brighter, "But not in the future. I will protect you. If you have any troubles, just tell me. I only exist in your dreams, and you just need to be your most real self."

Rin dropped his guard slightly. Perhaps because the sentence "I only exist in your dream" made him feel that the guardian seemed to be his own possession, he put down his guard instinctively.

He also forgot the previous unhappiness.

"Come on, you can tell me if you have any troubles. I will comfort you."

Rin shrugged dismissively and said, "There are worries, but I am too lazy to talk to a dream guardian."

"Well, let me comfort you."


Freya suddenly looked sad and frightened, "But, this is the responsibility of the dream guardian. If I can't comfort you in your dream, I... I will disappear."

Rin's look changed and he looked away, "So serious? Oh... Well, since you begged me so much..."

The goddess snickered when he wasn't paying attention, then pretended to be favored and took his hand.

Rin wanted to get rid of it. On second thought, it was just a dream and there was no one else, so he didn't do anything.

Under her guidance, Rin was lying on the sofa in the living room, a little nervous.

"Relax, it's just a massage."

Freya's face again showed an unnatural blush, showing a different smile. She held Rin's back neck in her hand and kneaded it properly.

Then she moved her fingers down and kneaded them along the sides of Rin's spine.

Both strength and angle are perfect.

Rin felt a little crispy and comfortable. He relaxed his whole body, and his face was lying on the pillow. He narrowed his eyes, and his face was flushed with comfort.

It's strange that he was in a dream and should have no feeling, but now he could clearly feel the comfort spread all over his body from his back.

"How do you feel?"

Suddenly there was a warm breath blowing in his ear. Rin immediately shivered comfortably, and his head trembled with satisfaction.

"Very good."

Freya chuckled, pushed her palm to his waist, and said, "Well, can you call me Sister Freya?"

At this time, Rin's head was in a comfortable empty state, and he couldn't think of anything.

So he shouted without thinking, "Sister Freya!"

The goddess squinted her eyes with a lovely smile. She just felt her heart melted and even her breathing became more intense.

How could... How could there be such a lovely little boy!

God, she thought this creature would only exist in legends!

He looks like a tsundere, but actually is very obedient. This kind of cute little boy is really great!

Sorry, Ling Wuyue, I have decided that we will be a family in the future.

Holding this idea, she sent Rin away after the massage. Freya covered her red face and gave out a terrible smile.

"Great... Great..."

Unfortunately, she is too busy with her work and can't stay with Rin all the time. Otherwise, she would be very excited to meet him in his dream every day.

The goddess who had separated from the dream was about to have a good aftertaste when her mobile phone suddenly rang.

She looked at the caller ID and picked it up.

"Hey, mom, I'm fine... No, I don't need you to introduce someone to me. I already have someone I like."

"yeah, really, it's my classmate's brother. He's great!"

After hanging up the phone, Freya suddenly thought... if what she just said were to reach Ling Wuyue's ears, wouldn't she be exposed?

On second thought, by the time that homegirl hears about it, she will probably have done eveything she could do.

Besides, we are friends, aren't we? Friends should share their likes.

At the most, I will allow her to hug my husband and watch us kiss... I'm a little excited thinking about it.

How can other women be so generous? Alas, that's the reason why we are good friends.

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