Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Cheer Up! Just a First Kiss!

That's right. The waste Hero and the silly elk were looking for Rin everywhere and ran all the way along the direction of the succubus' flight path.

In the middle, the stupid elk was even too tired to run, and she released a lot of recovery magic on herself.

The road was full of lush trees, and even their eyes turned green.

Either under the guidance of the goddess or because of Elise's ahoge hair's luck, they found Rin.

The moment they saw Rin, they felt that the dark sky in the evening was very bright.

At that time, Elise began to cry with a whoop and bumped into Rin's arms.

"Sobbing, little Rin, I was worried to death! Sobbing! Little Rin, little Rin, little Rin."

The silly elk was crying loudly, and her snot and tears rubbed against Rin's clothes. She hummed and was almost out of breath.

Looking at her, Rin was very moved and could not push her away.

He touched her head, patted her back, and said with a little disgust, "Well, well, what's that look? Don't worry, I'm not dying. You look so ugly when you're crying, silly elk!"

"But I was worried!"

Elise raised her head and looked at Rin dimly with tears. Her small face was wet and her eyelashes were full of tears.

Rin was about to say something when he suddenly felt a squeeze behind him. It was Emilia.

She couldn't push Elise away under such circumstances, but she could express her worry in this way.

Silently holding Rin, tightly clinging to his back, with her head resting on Rin's shoulder, Emilia and Elise looked at each other, and they turned their heads aside.

"Enough! You two! It's so crowded!"

Rin twisted unnaturally. He felt that he was almost out of breath and had to raise his head.

Yuki looked at the scene, suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, and couldn't help but put her hand on her heart.

I'm... just a sword. Don't think too much. As long as my brother can be well, as long as I can do something for him, and as long as I can follow behind him, it's enough.

Yuki comforted herself so. The uncomfortable feeling was slightly relieved. She touched the bandage again, showing a smile.

Yes, that's enough.

As a possession, I only need to be dedicated. The greedy expectations must be restrained.

However, Rin's other sister in another world had a totally different mood.


At this time, the evil god, holding her knees, squatted in the corner of the wall, facing the wall.

"Why, why?"

Her mouth just kept repeating these words. The bedroom behind her was like a void space, full of black dots, with countless black fog shuttling back and forth.

The temperature in the room was so low that everything around it began to freeze, and the prohibition of the whole house was almost unsustainable, and black gas came out from the cracks.

Passers-by who were contaminated by the black gas suddenly thought of their sad past. They were either dejected, beat their chest and feet, or cried loudly.

Qiuqiu was already scared. Looking at Ling Wuyue, who was just facing the wall and repeating the same things with a ghost-like murmur, she was shivering all over.

Although it was fun to watch it, it was the most painful problem for an AI to comfort her master.

Recently, she had experienced this sadness and joy too many times, and she was almost schizophrenic.

Maybe it was like people who are very happy when watching videos but, after turning off their mobile phones, they suddenly recall that their homework has not been completed?

In short, this was the mentality.

"Oh yes, destroy the world."

Ling Wuyue seemed to suddenly think of something. With a very strange grin, she stood up, her hair dancing like Medusa's snake head, and her face was covered in black fog.

"Anyway, my brother's first kiss is not mine. Why do I hesitate?"

"Hmm? What if my brother is killed?"

"It doesn't matter. Just mold him again. Then he will be a clean and brand-new baby again."

"What if I'm punished? It doesn't matter. I would probably only be locked up with my brother for hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of years. Oh, I'm a little happy imaging the scene."

She talked to herself, staggering like a walking corpse, moving close to the computer.

While sitting on the chair, her face became more gloomy. She looked at Rin, who was still "sandwiched" on the screen, and showed a strange smile again.

When she was going to do something, the chat software suddenly rang.

Ling Wuyue looked at the other party's name, hesitated, and finally opened the window.

"Freya: I thought of a way. I checked the rules of dreams and found that there are rules to follow."

"Evil God S: What?"

"Freya: According to my level, I can apply for a dream escrow agent to intervene. As you know, dreams can be assimilated."

"Evil God S: Do you mean I should go? I do have a... dream-related power, but it's about nightmares."

"Freya: You're too powerful, they will not agree... Let me see... Let me observe for you and figure out the most secure way."

Seeing this, Ling Wuyue felt touched, and then she was depressed.

"But... But, oww-oww, Freya, my brother's first kiss is gone."

"Freya:!!!!!!!!!!!! Who moved so fast?"

"Freya: Faster than you?"

"Sob sob, I just wanted to see my brother's performance. Unexpectedly, my brother was cursed by a succubus. Yuki... Yuki, I trusted her most. Sob sob, although I know it can't be blamed on her, but..."

Ling Wuyue sobbed and sighed, "So, I have decided to destroy the world."

"Freya: Stop it. I heard that a new law is about to be released. It seems that a group of old gods has sneaked into a lot of worlds to commit crimes and wreak havoc. In the future, the relevant regulations will only be stricter. Once you do something, the price is not something you can afford."

"But... But, my brother's first kiss..."

"Freya: Cheer up! It's just the first kiss! Just find a chance to wash away this history in the future! The key is to prevent the thing that is more dangerous than the first kiss!"

"Yes... Yes! Thanks for reminding me."

Ling Wuyue gradually calmed down, and now her head was finally working.

Obviously, she couldn't just count on others, or she had to watch her brother being "eaten" by other women.

When she was chatting just now, she suddenly remembered a power she didn't use very much as an evil god...

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