Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: I Like Little Rin Best!

"You two, how long do you want to hug me? If you don't let go, I'll give you a punch."

Rin couldn't stand it. These two girls could hug him for more than ten minutes. He was sweating all over!

Mainly, he felt itchy in his heart and didn't dare to continue.

Fortunately, he was not alone. Yuki stood up immediately after hearing his words. Her face was as calm as ice, and her voice was still cold and rigid.

"My brother was exhausted before. Now he must be very tired. Please your highness Elise and Hero Emilia let him have a good rest."

The foolish elk just reacted. She let go of Rin, touched him up and down, and asked anxiously, "Little Rin, Little Rin, have you suffered..."

Seeing the blood on Rin, the foolish elk couldn't help crying and trying to cure him.

She had spent a lot of mana on the way. It was already the best she could do.

Emilia glanced at the silly elk and felt that she had more advantages. She looked at Yuki's abdominal wound and understood the situation.

Rin reached out his hand and grabbed the silly elk's ahoge hair. "Idiot, the blood is not mine but the fake swordmaster's. I was just treating her wound."

Elise stopped her tears and said pitifully to Yuki, "I'm sorry, Sister Yuki, I... I have run out of mana, and I can't use the potion for the time being."

"No harm."

Yuki wanted to keep the wound for a while. Naturally, she would not be unhappy. After thinking for a long time, she suddenly asked, "Are there only you two? I heard from my brother that there is another team."

Emilia reached out, grabbed Rin's clothes, and said faintly, "I asked them to find their teammates, who had been separated from them before."


Yuki looked at the sky and said, "Today I'll find a place to camp. Tomorrow I'll take you back to the city. If you meet them, you can go with them."

Naturally, the other three would not object.

When they were drinking soup around the bonfire at night, Elise couldn't help asking, "Little Rin, how did you deal with that demon? And that... succubus, what's the situation?"

Rin shrugged his shoulders and said proudly, "Humph, no demon is a match for me, but..."

He thought for a while and said, "I do know that succubus. Although we don't get along very well, we have the same purpose."

Emilia suddenly raised her head. "But she is a demon."

"Yes, not really. Half of her blood is human. I can only say that she won't be hostile to us for the time being. That woman... we must beat her hard when our levels are higher!"

As he said this, Rin suddenly became vicious and bit a piece of dried meat with great strength. He was very angry.

Seeing that little Rin had no close relationship with that succubus, Emilia, Elise and Yuki were all relieved.

Irrelevant of her hostility, it was good that she wasn't a rival.

As long as she didn't eat humans, they could tolerate her.

The silly elk with the cowlick turned around. She grabbed Rin's arm coquettishly and said, "Little Rin hasn't said the key point yet. Did you win? How did you defeat the demon?!"

Emilia also stopped drinking her soup and listened.


Rin's eyes wander between Elise and Emilia. How to say it... Although they are a little troublesome at ordinary times, they are still 100% trustworthy.

So he just hesitated for two seconds and repeated what he said to Yuki.


The two girls were all worried. Elise waved her fist anxiously, "Ah, ah, I'm out of mana, I can't use my 'Purification' spell now!"

Emilia, on the other hand, with her Observation Eye, found the red "Cursed" status above Rin's head, and clenched her fist.

Yuki said in a cold voice, "The 'Purification' spell can't purify this kind of curse. You must have the corresponding skills to remove the curse."

Rin had an upbeat attitude. "I know who can help me. Don't worry, it's fine. It just hurts."

The two girls were comforted, and the four chatted with each other for an hour after that.

When it was nearly time, Rin urged Yuki to go back to the tent to get some rest.

Yuki didn't bring a tent, so Rin decided to let her sleep with Elise. After all, the silly elk's sleeping position was much better than that of Emilia.

Yuki had to go back to the tent to rest.

She knew that the second curse wouldn't be so fast, so she didn't need to worry about her brother for the time being.

After she left, Rin immediately moved out the small bench and books and continued to study and do his homework.

He didn't forget the appointment with Yuki.

If I don't accomplish the goal, I will leave Yuki with a bad image. If that happens, how can I make the stupid swordmaster obedient to me?

Emilia was also very tired. After a while, she thought that everyone should have no other thoughts today, and Rin also needed a good rest, so she yawned and went back to her tent.

Only Rin was left with the silly elk sitting on one side dozing off.

Rin finished his studies, took back his books, and glanced over the package containing the dragon egg.

Something suddenly occurred to him.

Although this dragon is precious and rare, it is difficult to raise.

It is not said in the book that it can absorb mana, but it is often mentioned that this rare multi-attribute dragon needs to eat countless crystals and magic gems during its growth.

This is a bottomless pit! How many people can afford it?

Rayne barely raised it by selling props and potions in the book.

The key is that this "rice bucket" has no attack power until the later stage. Only in times of crisis can it show strong defense.

Even at the end of the novel, it had not grown up yet.

Humph, my money will be used to raise the swordmaster and the waste Hero. There is no extra money to raise this thing.

Should I... give it away?

Rin thought for a while and thought it was feasible. Finally, his eyes fell on the silly elk who was dozing off.

This damned rich woman must be able to afford it.

Besides, she is just a Healer. She needs more protection than Miss Hero and the swordmaster.

So Rin poked Elise.

The silly elk suddenly woke up, looked at Rin dimly, and showed a silly smile with a kind of flattery.

"Little Rin, don't drive me away."

"Who wants to drive you away? The IOU hasn't been paid off yet, stupid elk!"

Rin rolled his eyes, stuffed the dragon egg into her arms, and waved his hand as if he were driving her away.

"This dragon egg is for you. Be careful. It may absorb other people's mana. In the future... It will cost a little more to raise it... I'm not kidding! But I think you can afford to raise it, and it can protect you in the future!"

Elise looked at a section of colorful eggshell exposed in the bag and suddenly, her face turned a little red. Her ahoge hair fell down and her eyes became wet again.

After a while, she put the dragon egg aside, suddenly hugged Rin's back, and put her face on his shoulder.

"I like little Rin best."

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