Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: I... Of Course Is My Brother's!

Yuki hesitated for a moment and then felt that her brother was more precious than the potion itself, so she had to take out the potion.

"And the most advanced wound ointment I gave you?"


Yuki glanced at the left and right, hesitating.

It was the most precious thing in her eyes. Not for the price alone whereas, her brother was willing to give her such a precious thing. Its value could not be replaced by the price.


Rin ground his teeth, stared at the stupid swordmaster, and took out his spatial ring.

Finally, he found a bottle of ointment that seemed to have a good effect and put it aside.

Rin first took out the advanced recovery potion, handed it to Yuki, and said, "Drink it."

Yuki was still kneeling with her hands on his legs. Her eyes were full of supplications and hopes, like a big dog begging for small snacks.

Rin fiercely opened the bottle, pinched her chin, gave her medicine, and said impatiently, "I think sooner or later, you fake swordmaster will die because of your foolishness."

However, when his fingertips touched Yuki's lips, his fingers trembled and his ears turned red like touching a weak current.

After drinking the recovery potion, Yuki's originally pale face began to recover gradually.

Next, Rin squatted down, got close to her, and untied the bandage that looked terrible.

Even though he had been very careful, some places and wounds were growing together. When he untied them, Yuki's body would still shudder instinctively.

Rin's heart suddenly felt the same pain when looking at the shocking wound. His eyes were almost reddened.

He had to put aside his head and took a few deep breaths, managing to regain his composure.

Looking at the wound again, he took out the scissors and gently disposed of the bandage. He could not help asking softly, "Does it hurt?"

"It's OK. I'm used to it."

Yuki was silently observing Rin's appearance. Seeing that his clean eyes were full of worry and his lovely face was wrinkled, she immediately felt a surge of heat in her heart.

"You should pay attention to yourself. I can't give you medicine in time every time. If you get hurt, you should treat it immediately. Do you hear me?"

Rin applied the external plaster while cleaning her wound with a restorative.

Such a deep wound must be sutured. Fortunately, this world has magic and various powerful potions.

Yuki reached out and touched Rin's head with a doting look, "I will be careful in the future. After all, now, my body doesn't belong to me."

Rin quickly shook off her hand and opened his mouth to reveal his canine teeth, "Doesn't... belong to you?"

"My body is yours, of course."


Rin's head steamed with heat, and he could no longer help but blush. He retreated and finally sat down on the ground with his legs soft.

"You... don't say that strange... strange... What, what do you mean... mine, I... I don't want it!"

As he said this, his head shook dizzily from side to side, almost fainting.

Yuki looked at her shy and stupid brother. Her heart was soft and messy. She didn't make a sound, but just enjoyed it quietly.

After hesitating and saying something that no one could understand, Rin finally clenched his fist and strode towards Yuki.

He was coming with great momentum.

However, the tone of voice was not so strong.

"If you say that kind of dis... disgusting words. I will be angry, and I won't help you anymore."

"But... I do..."

"Stop saying 'but'!"

He fiercely interrupted Yuki's words. As soon as Rin remembered the sentence "My body is yours, of course.", his head was buzzing and dizzy again.

He reached out and secretly pinched his waist. After forcibly waking up, he found a clean gauze and bandage to bind Yuki.

However, when his arm passed Yuki's waist, he felt some softness and a faint smell of medical plants... Rin's face became more unnatural.

This fake swordmaster... seems to really take herself as his possession (sword) and say those kinds of... unbearable words.

Damn, how can I let her recognize herself, find herself, and live for herself?

I feel... it's more difficult than telling the silly elk and Emilia what friendship is.

Because he is also confused!

But he wouldn't say it.

After tying a bandage knot behind Yuki, Rin breathed a sigh of relief. Then he felt that the two were sticking together. He quickly stepped back.

He didn't dare to look at Yuki, but turned around and looked around, "By the way... the stupid elk and waste Hero should still be looking for me, right? It's all the fault of that smelly bat!"

You dirty bat, don't let me find a chance, or I will kill you.

I have written down this revenge today.

By the way... the gift egg, the dragon egg?

Rin suddenly reacted, saw the package that had fallen to the side, ran to it in a hurry, opened the button, and took out the dragon egg.

The dragon egg shell was very strong without any damage.

Yuki could not help touching the bandage, as if she could feel her brother's temperature on it. Her eyes flickered, and her eyes moved back and forth with Rin.

Seeing the egg in Rin's hand, she was happy at first, and then had some doubts.


Rin subconsciously raised his chin, but this time, he looked a little unnatural, and his tone was also a little guilty.

"I... well, cough, I accidentally lost the strange egg you gave me... No, it was snatched away by a bastard. She thought it was a dragon egg, and then... well..."

After thinking for a while, he talked about what happened in the cave. He trusted Yuki and didn't hide the Dark Magic Card he used. The previous curse of heart attack was also due to the compensation of darkness.

Yuki frowned, but her focus was not on the dragon egg.

She thought that the succubus that flew away before was the enemy who captured Rin and cursed him. Now it sounded like it was another enemy.

But she was more worried about the person who gave the card to her brother.

"The person who gave you the card..."

Rin's look became serious, "Don't ask and don't take care of it. I'll tell you when the time comes."

Yuki naturally obeyed unconditionally without hesitation.

Rin was about to continue to ask how to deal with the dragon egg. Yuki suddenly looked up and stood in front of him. Her red eyes lit up and she looked through the woods.

Just for a moment, she relaxed her vigilance.

"The Princess and Miss Hero are here."

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