Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Preparation

"Brother, brother..."

Yuki reached out and touched his forehead, feeling the hot air on his forehead.

She was so nervous that she began to sweat. Even the pain from her abdominal wound had completely disappeared.

What... What to do now?

My brother's curse seems to come from a succubus?

She still remembered that she once went to a village and killed a succubus for the villagers. At that time, she saw similar lines.

It may be different, but in general, the curses of the succubus are displayed in bright and incomparable patterns.

Living in a peaceful era, most people don't know this thing.


The curse at the beginning should be easier to suppress, right?


Listening to the low and soft voice made by Rin subconsciously, Yuki nervously clenched her fist, raised her neck, and swallowed.

"Ding, congratulations to the shameless master for forcing Yuki to make such a scandal."

Unlocked the villain achievement: Human Scum (middle)

You have received the villain reward: inferior magic mending skill. When you exchange saliva with others, the magic mending efficiency will be greatly improved.

"Please make more effort until the end!"

It's a pity that no one could hear the sound.

Coincidentally, within a few seconds, Rin, who was sick and feverish, opened his eyes. A strange red light flickered in his eyes.

He stared at Yuki like a bobcat staring at its prey.

Then... Rin began to rub around Yuki like a cat. He didn't know what to do. His red face was full of pain.

Seeing that the red lines began to spread, Yuki knew that she could not linger.

She coughed and looked around to make sure that no one would come into the dense forest for the time being, then she touched Rin's face with her hands.

"Sorry, little Rin, forgive me."

Then she took her brother's face and moved closer with trembling hands.

When they were stuck together, her heart pounded so fast as if it was going to explode, and a sense of contentment that had never been felt passed through her body like an electric current.

That kind of happiness made her completely forget the guilt of kissing little Rin.

Rin instinctively hugged Yuki. He was still at a loss like a kitten. He didn't know what to do.

Yuki felt itchy and flustered between her lips, so she had to pat his back gently to appease him.

After a long while, because of the kiss, the red lines that just appeared on Rin's neck gradually faded, and he slowly calmed down because of the comfort. He narrowed his eyes and fell asleep again.

At the end of the kiss, Yuki's breath grew out. Her face was still red, and her dark red eyes were shining.

The feeble electric-current-like feeling was still throbbing in her blood and heart. Her brain was blank and empty.

After a long time, she came to her senses, put her hand on her chest, and showed a touching smile on her stereotypical face.

She knelt down on the ground, gently hugged Rin and continued to pat his back. Only when she saw that Rin's clothes were stained with the blood of her wound did she frown.

Because this was the beginning of the curse, such behavior could alleviate it. But as time goes on, it will not be able to be solved by kissing.

She must untie the curse for her brother, and before that, she was the temporary antidote for little Rin.

But... She doesn't know anything!

Although she knows that kind of thing... she doesn't know the steps and key points!

And little Rin, he is even less likely to know. He was just arching around, and his mind was as pure as a piece of white paper.

"Oh, fortunately, the curse just began. Otherwise, it would hurt Little Rin."

No, this is her dereliction of duty as little Rin's sister!

So the swordmaster blushed again.

After going back, I must look up relevant knowledge and satisfy my brother!

For little Rin, I will do whatever I can!

Because he... is my own future!

The swordmaster, who had drawn up a learning plan, was full of strange thoughts in her mind.


Rin's voice sounded dull in her arms. Yuki came back to her senses and asked with concern, "Brother? How are you?"

"I just..."

Rin covered his head, then remembered the pain, and quickly rubbed his heart. He found that the pain was gone, then he was relieved.

So... Does that curse hurt my heart? It feels terrible!

Fortunately, Yuki is with me. Otherwise, I may have been eaten by beasts.

Thinking of Yuki, Rin realized that he was still in her arms, and Yuki was like comforting a child, putting her hands on his back.

Rin's face turned red instantly. He raised his head and shouted at random.

"I... I, you, you... Why am I in your arms? Damn! You... you can't do that!"

Yuki was amused, but she didn't tell Rin what happened. Because Little Rin would be very uncomfortable for a long time.

She held Rin's arm tighter and still patted him on the back.

"My brother, be good. I am worried about you."

"Worried about me..."

Rin curled his lips, "I don't need it! I'm all good. I just fainted due to the exhaustion of my mana. You might as well care more about yourself."

Then he patted his head and burst into a rage again, "I almost forgot! You pig! I told you to use the potions quickly if you're injured! How dare you not use it!"

As he spoke, he began to struggle violently.

Yuki quickly released him and lowered her head like a child who had made a mistake.

"Sorry... Sorry, I can't bear to use your potion. After all, it's a gift from my brother."


Rin admitted that his heart was hit at this moment, and he suddenly felt that he was not angry anymore.


He turned his head and touched Yuki's head with a disgusted look.

"Don't do stupid things in the future, because if you are injured, I will be worried... Of course, I will be only a little worried. After all, you are my nominal sister, and you will be loyal to me in the future... Well, in short, remember what I said. There will be no next time!"

After that, he took back his hand and coughed softly, "Take out the potion quickly! Elise isn't here, I can only manage to help you with your wound myself."

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