Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Elder Sister, Saves Me... What a Curse

There was an egg in the tree hole, which was the size of an oval volleyball. It looked like a craft egg, but it was smaller.

This should be the dragon egg that was in the original story.

Who knows why the dragon mother threw her baby here.

"Ding, error, the protagonist and the heroine deviate from the plot. There is a major deviation from the main storyline. Now opening the third set of verification formulas.

Congratulations to my dear master. Although the process was inexplicable, You still got a cursed ending. Congratulations.

Unlock the villain's achievement: Show Your Strength.

Reward skill: Primary Hidden Sword Skill (Book). Consumes medium magic power. After release, a long metal sword will be drawn from any book, and release the strongest sword skill attack corresponding to the releaser's level.

"Please my dear master perform more in the next main task to win better rewards. "

Great, now you don't even care about the process. As long as I'm tossed around, it will be deemed as a successful mission, right?

'Tell me what kind of curse I'm suffering from!'

Rin was so disgusted that he approached the tree hole and kicked the dizzy "smelly bat" in the way.

He took out the craft egg Yuki had given him and was preparing to take out the real dragon egg. But as soon as his hand approached, he found that the dragon egg suddenly shook, and then a strong suction occured.

The mana in his body began to rush into the dragon's eggs. However, the huge suction force made him unable to get away. He had to throw the craft egg on the ground and take out the magic potion to replenish his MP.

On the other side, Sha Ye also recovered from dizziness. Her first reaction was to rush directly to the body of the demon and search it.

"Strange... No, isn't it..."

Sha Ye looked at the severed arm of the demon and guessed that it might have been placed in the spatial ring, and then cut off with his hand.

"Bad luck."

Sha Ye gritted her teeth and spit. She was thinking about how to explain it when she went back. Suddenly, she saw Rin.

At this time, the dragon egg had absorbed all of Rin's mana, and directly let him go.

Rin had almost no strength left in his body. He felt extremely tired and his brain hurt due to his mana being drained. He gritted his teeth, took out his bag, and stuffed the dragon egg into it.

Sha Ye rushed over, picked up the fake egg on the ground quickly, and said with a bad smile, "This thing is mine now."

"What are you talking about? It's mine."

Rin's arrogant voice had become feeble at this moment.

Sha Ye glanced at him and continued to pack the fake egg happily, with pride written on her face.

"Humph, dwarf, you refuse? It's useless!"

"Idiot, that thing..."

Rin just scolded her, but he saw Sha Ye unfolding the bat wings behind her. The originally small wings suddenly became larger.

Then she picked up Rin, put him on her shoulder, and flew to the hole high above her head.

"I've finally got a chance. I'm going to hang you on a tree today."

Rin really had no strength to break away, so he had to let her take him out of the cave.

At this time, Emilia was still waiting at the entrance. Christo had sharp eyes and saw Sha Ye and Rin immediately.

They rushed in Sha Ye's direction.

However, they couldn't move faster than Sha Ye who could fly. Soon, they lost Sha Ye's trace.

At this time, Sha Ye had already flown far away. She was about to find a tree to hang Rin up. Suddenly, she felt a chill on her back and her hair stood upside down. She quickly flew away to dodge the possible attack.

A sword light rose to the sky and almost hit her, and then several sword lights came one after another.

Sha Ye dodged several times, but she could feel the pain of the sword stabbing her wings. At last, she couldn't dodge, and accidentally dropped Rin to the ground.

She looked at the girl holding a sword on the ground, gritted her teeth, turned and flew away.

Yuki didn't continue to pursue, but stretched out her hands to firmly catch the falling Rin in the air.

Rin's heart was pounding and he almost thought he was going to die. Until he was hugged by Yuki and looked at her familiar face, he finally breathed a sigh of relief.

Naturally, the swordmaster's arm was strong, but it also affected the wound on her abdomen. She frowned slightly and put Rin down without saying anything.

"Brother, what's the matter? Are you hurt?"

"Nothing... I just ran out of mana. My stupid sister, why are you here?"

Yuki was anxious to check on Rin. She didn't stop until Rin broke away from her hands, ashamed and angry.

"I'm chasing

after a demon, but it's difficult to find the demon in the forest. I was looking for him and saw you caught by the... succubus."

Rin suddenly came to his senses and pulled Yuki's arm, "Tell me more about the demon. I also have some problems here."

Yuki was distracted for a moment by Rin's action. She resisted some emotion and told him about her task. Of course, she didn't tell him that she was injured.

This time, Rin understood the cause and effect and made a complete guess.

It must be the smelly bat who came here and was detected by the demon. In order to defeat Sha Ye, the demon used that cruel means to absorb human lives and convert them into a strange explosive force.

This made the plot begin to deviate. When Yuki met the demon, the other party ran away. When he met Scarlet Leaf, he knew that he couldn't run away and had to use that kind of evil force.

So... has the thing Scarlet Leaf was looking for been found by Yuki?

Rin was about to ask, suddenly saw a touch of red and was shocked.

Yuki's belly was bleeding. She must have been injured and in order to save him, the wound cracked.

"Idiot swordmaster!"

Rin could not help scolding, and reached out to tear off her clothes.

Yuki suddenly looked unnatural. She covered her abdomen with her hands and calmly said, "It's OK. It doesn't matter."

"Let go! I want to see!"

The girl was a little scared by Rin's fierce and domineering tone. Her eyes dodged. Finally, she let go of her hands and turned her head away.

Rin glared at her fiercely, lifted her coat up, and immediately saw that the bloody gauze had been misplaced, and the cracked wound was very terrible.

"What did I tell you before? Did you fail to understand or deliberately oppose me! I asked you...."

Rin was so angry that he almost lost his mind, pointing at Yuki and yelling.


Suddenly... his heart seemed to be held and pinched by someone. Rin widened his eyes, covered his chest, and knelt down on the ground.

Is it... the curse?

A strong chill mixed with a hot breath immediately surged from the heart and rushed directly into his mind.

At this time, Rin, who was already very tired, suddenly lost consciousness and fell to the ground while covering his chest.


Yuki screamed and hurriedly took Rin, who had fallen to the ground, into her arms.

Looking at her younger brother in her arms, he was hot all over and his face was flushed. A flirtatious line appeared around his neck.

"Is... this a curse?"

Yuki took off his collar and looked at it carefully. She thought it looked familiar and recalled the relevant lines she had seen.

Suddenly, the girl's heart began to thump in anger, and her face was covered with blushes. The stars in her dark red eyes flickered and danced with a bit of fog.

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