Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: The Roar of The Villain

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Although Rayne couldn't accept the fact that he was saved by the evil villain, no matter how bad it was, he was indeed saved by Rin.

After Rayne extinguished the fire on his body and extinguished the fire on Victor's body, he set up a muzzle to aim at the demon.

"Bang bang". Several shots were fired, but they didn't cause any impact. They were soon annihilated by the black fog.

Emilia had taken Christo out of the field, and then looked at Rin who was still in the fight.

When everyone else was out of danger, Elise transferred all the Holy Light Shields to Rin and shouted, "Little Rin! Come out quickly!"

"You're so noisy!"

Rin replied, releasing a flame aura.

His flame aura was not as versatile as Sha Ye's. It was only used to isolate the field and make him feel better. He could clearly feel that the mana in his body was declining, and it was difficult to cast spells.

Even worse, the black fog was still spreading, and soon even the girls were in danger.

"The stupid bat over there, can you do it?"

Sha Ye was fighting with the giant snake condensed in the black fog. Hearing the words, she was stunned and quickly evaded the attack from the snake's mouth.

The dwarf knows her identity!

But this is not important. Maybe Suyu trusted him too much and told him her identity.

"I don't know. Don't talk nonsense. I can't see anything in this dark fog, and his turtle shell is too hard. I need time to chant more aggressive magic."

Rin glanced at her with disdain. He sighed, "Don't you know to bring a magic card with you when you go out?"

That's right. Now the position Rin was standing at was the best distance to use the magic card.

After all, compared with magic, magic cards are easy to use, but the effective range is way lower.

At present, Sha Ye must be given enough time to chant. If he could, Rin wanted all the people outside to go away, because it was too dangerous to stay here. Unlike him, who had a life-saving mechanism.

This demon must be caught here and should never get the chance to run away!

"Elise, Emilia, get out of here with those smelly fish and shrimps!"

With a shout, Rin quickly took out the 100 pieces of "Fire Tooth" magic cards and threw them at the demon, so as to disrupt his attack on Sha Ye.

"What about you, Little Rin?"

The two girls spoke at the same time, In exchange for Rin's more impatient voice, "I have the means to get away. Don't stay and drag me down!"

Elise was so worried that she almost said the lines of "No, I won't go" and "I won't leave you" found in some traditional film and television works.

But as her ahoge hair turned around, she suddenly realized something. She looked solemn and shook her fist, while Emilia, who was beside her, heard the guidance of the goddess and nodded slightly.

"Let's go first."

"Let's go."

Elise and Emilia's tone was affirmative. Rayne was immediately surprised. On the other hand, Christo suddenly summoned up her courage, "But, we can't leave Master Rin..."

Elise smiled, "Little Rin won't risk his own life."

Yes, Rin could escape, because there was that succubus-like girl.

They... know each other.

The reason why he stayed was very simple, he wanted to kill the demon here, and if they really wanted to make little Rin safe, they couldn't drag him down here.

Rayne and Christo could not refute it at all. The former dragged Victor, while the latter turned around as she walked, and finally gritted her teeth to keep up with the others.

Seeing that the others had left, Rin was a little relieved, taking out the black magic card Suyu gave him. He couldn't explain how he got it if he used this in front of others.

After the last meeting, he studied this card carefully. Finally, he saw its introduction in a book called "High-level Black Magic Card Index" at home.

It was a White Golden Magic Card, called "Lock of Dark Law", which was applicable to high-level enemies above Level 50. After release, it would form a double bondage chain of spirit and body, making the enemy unable to move for a period of time.

But the dark power needs to pay a price. After using it, he will get a curse at random.

This is...

But he didn't mind the curse, because Suyu was one of the world's top three experts in solving curses.

Whether the demon wanted to die together with them or had other means to escape, he must die here and Sha Ye must also live. This was a necessary step to gaining trust from Suyu.

For Yuki.

After just hesitating for a few seconds, Rin still crushed the magic card.

It took time to release the magic from the card. Sha Ye reacted, flew to him, and took the initiative to stop the attack for him.

The purple chain flickering and flowing on the back of the card began to grow slowly at the moment when the card was broken.

The demon also felt danger and began to attack madly, but his attacks were all blocked by Sha Ye.

The chain was like two purple scales reflecting snakes, breaking the black fog at a speed that was almost difficult to capture with the naked eye, and quickly winding around the body of the demon.

The chain encircled him round and round, and the chains became tighter and tighter. The black fog snake that had attacked Sha Ye immediately disappeared, leaving only the black fog field and the unwilling roar of the demon.

Sha Ye immediately began to chant.

"The annihilating Red Lotus is a sharp sword that runs through the burning full moon. Be angry, the ancient messenger of fire..."

The chanting lasted for more than ten seconds.

"Red Lotus Sword!"

The magic sword in her hand suddenly became a scarlet flame sword, and the hot air turned into heat, even dispelling the surrounding black fog.

The oncoming heat wave directly knocked Rin away. He hit the ancient tree and fell to the ground.

The red aura spread rapidly and was very dazzling. Rin could only feel that there was a powerful force running through the demon's body.

The flames collided with the dark fog around the demon, and soon broke it. However, the huge force formed also blew Sha Ye away.

The black fog was wiped out by the Red Lotus, revealing the demon's broken and penetrated body.

"No... I can't..."

His throat made a clicking sound, and then his whole body began to swell.

"He can explode! Go!"

Sha Ye shouted and was about to get up and grab Rin.

Rin didn't say a word, but directly gave out a "Fierce Tiger's Roar".


An earth-shaking sound wave immediately spread, and the whole cave shook. The invisible sound wave hit the demon, which made his body expand and contract in turn like a balloon.

Rin blushed, angrily covered his mouth, then took out a tear gas bottle and threw it over.

Under the double buffs, the demon's self-exploding was interrupted. Like a deflated ball, he fell and died.

After that, Sha Ye, who was just in front of Rin, was blown away again, fell to the ground and became dizzy.

Rin stood up and felt a damp, cold and inexplicably hot breath enter his body. He knew that the so-called price had come.

After that, there was no special feeling. Looking left and right, he suddenly noticed a hole in the side of the ancient tree. There was something round in the hole.

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