Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Ah, This Is the Story of the Villain and the Protagonist

The groundwater was freezing. Rin steadied his body a little and headed upstream.

Emilia was already on the shore, reaching out to him.

The waste Hero wasn't afraid of water. On the contrary, she swam very well. It was said that she was born in a small village on the coast.

Rin took the waste Hero's hand, went ashore, and stretched out his hand to pull Elise up.

Elise's pink face was pale, she was shivering all over and looked very pitiful.

She pounced into Rin's arms with tears, "Sobbing, Little Rin, it's so cold. Sobbing, it's so cold!"

Elise's thin clothes were saturated with water. Rin's warlock robe was open, and there was only a shirt inside, so he could feel the temperature of her skin.

Emilia's eyes opened wide. She immediately jumped on Rin's back and hugged him in the posture of an octopus or a koala.

"Emilia, go away! Don't stick so close to little Rin!"

Elise pouted and wanted to drag Emilia away, but the waste Hero was so strong that Elise could do anything thing to Emilia with her strength. She was so angry that she stretched out her hand into Rin's shirt.

The waste Hero's eyes were also very sharp. She also reached her hand into Rin's shirt and grabbed Elise's hand.

"No, steal."

"Steal? I'm touching my fiance! I'm not stealing, Emilia is stealing!"

"You two..."

Rin gritted his teeth and knocked their heads, "Is this the time to play? Idiots! If you like to talk while wet, you can go into the water and continue your talk!"

With these words, Rin got rid of the two fools who were covering their heads. He sighed and summoned a fireball to dry their clothes.

Only then did the three return to their best condition.

"Little Rin is the best."

The silly elk hugged Rin from behind and rubbed herself against him. Her voice was soft, but Rin soon broke away.

"Idiot." Rin glared at her. "Let's go quickly."

Emilia glanced at Rin's face and felt that she had the advantage, so she didn't care too much. After handing the magic lamp to Rin, she walked ahead as usual.

When falling in love, you should not only take the initiative, but also show your reliability. This was what the goddess told her. The silly elk only knew how to play coquettish, she clearly didn't understand this.

This was a deep tunnel in the grottoes. It was long, some places were spacious and some places were narrow, but it could be felt that it was down a gentle slope.

After passing through the tunnel, it was obvious that the view became quite spacious, and even the air became fresh, indicating that the other end of the underground cave was connected to the ground.


The cave suddenly vibrated violently, followed by a small tremor.

Rin sped up and rushed inside. After crossing a large rock wall crisscrossed with tree roots, what appeared in front of him was a naturally formed arch-like rock.

Behind the rock arch, there was a large and wide site. There was a hole above to see the sky from a very high place, and on the ground was a huge tree whose leaves were shining like bright sapphires.

There was a faint blue light band around the giant tree.

The point was that in front of the tree, there were two men fighting each other, and there were several fallen beside them.

Standing at one end was a guy with a black hood and a missing arm. His evil smell had condensed into visible black. He should be a wounded demon.

The other one was a woman with short red hair, a pair of black wings behind her, a fiery red short sword in her hand, and a thin strange tail.

The woman looked only sixteen or seventeen years old. She was very beautiful, her dark red eyes contained a strong attractive charm, and a beauty mole in the corner of her eyes added a little more beauty to her appearance.

However, the expression on her face was not as good-looking as her appearance. The ferocity of that evil girl and the disdain of her frown gave others a feeling that she was very antisocial.

Although her appearance had changed greatly, Rin directly recognized that the woman was Scarlet Leaf.

The one who fell down was Rayne's team. Looking at the light red fire halo around their bodies, they were both protected and controlled.

At this time, Sha Ye had cornered the demon. She played with her magic sword and said with a sneer, "Where is that thing? Tell me, and I will spare your life."

The demon looked from left to right. Suddenly, he laughed and grasped the necklace on his neck. There was a pure black crystal under the necklace.

"Scarlet leaf, what a famous name, ah... Aren't you the subordinate of the fleeing predecessor Demon King? Go to hell with me!"

Sha Ye had a very bad feeling, quickly raised her sword, and was about to interrupt him.

But the demon had crushed the black crystal when he spoke.

Then, the crystal burst out numerous tentacles of black smoke, all of which plunged into the demon's body.

The killing intent of his body immediately rose and expanded, and the black smoke also spread outward, covering the spacious cave in an instant.

Sha Ye frowned, pointed her sword at the sky, and began to chant in a low voice.

A mass of redness spread on the tip of the sword. The scarlet flame was entangled with the black smoke, making a harsh sound like the cry of the dead.

"It turned out that the vitality of those villagers was absorbed and polluted by this container, which was used to temporarily enhance his strength."

Elise looked seriously at this scene, while Emilia beside her turned on her "Observation Eye".

"The demon's level has become Level 56 in an instant."

The black fog was obviously very dangerous. Although Sha Ye's unique flame was protecting Rayne and the others who were fallen nearby, obviously it couldn't last long.

Looking at Sha Ye. While maintaining the magic field, she was also attacking the other party.

She was good at magic, but also had the melee ability of the demon race.

But her attack couldn't penetrate the dark fog.

On the contrary, the erosion of the black fog became more and more serious. Several condensed smoke snakes directly shot Sha Ye out.

"This useless smelly bat!"

Rin was full of contempt. At least you're a minor boss of the previous Demon King, you can't even deal with such a demon NPC? What use do you have?

But right now, he didn't have time to think too much. He and Emilia had rushed down.

The silly elk buffed them with Holy Light Shields, and at the same time, she managed to open a small passage between the red flame and the black fog.

As soon as Rin entered the circle, he felt that it was difficult to walk. A mixture of thick, disguting, sticky, scorching hot and burning sensations was constantly pulling on his body.

Elise's Holy Light Shield's level was too low to cope with this situation. Fortunately, Rin had rushed in front of Rayne and Victor.


While struggling, Rayne saw Rin standing in front of him. He was shocked and suddenly, he felt... maybe he misunderstood Rin? Maybe he is not a bad guy?

But the next moment...

"Emilia, wind!" Rin shouted.

Emilia slashed her sword suddenly. The wind created by her sword blew up the unconscious Victor and Rayne. Rin summoned two fire arrows and directly hit the two people, blasting them off the field of the red flame and black fog.

Rin also called out with disdain, "You guys, don't try to steal the experience and treasures! Get out!"

Rayne, who fell to the ground and had to roll around to put out the fire on his clothes, sighed that it was a delusion just now. Fenix was still that hateful and evil villain.

That's right. All good impressions before must be his delusion!

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