Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 64

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Chapter 64: Mutual Pity and "Nightmare"

Sha Ye took Christo back to their campsite.

If one looked only at her face, no one would realize that she was in a very bad mood.

It's not that she was afraid of the Hero. Even if Emilia is a Hero, she is only at Level 10 now. What can a Level 10 Hero do to her?

She gave up because she had a more important mission, and this identity couldn't be abandoned for the time being.

She was thinking about finding a chance to teach Rin a lesson next time. Christo, who was following her, took the opportunity to run back to her tent.

Sha Ye shrugged casually. This little girl was too timid.

Christina returned to the tent and sat in the corner, holding her knees in her arms. Her small face was pale, apparently she had not recovered from her previous continuous fright.

The unconscious Fenix, Her Royal Highness the Princess' kiss and the perverted Miss Hero.

Her world outlook... is collapsing.

By the way, Sha Ye also appeared... Obviously, she didn't come to look for me as she said. "I'm afraid..."

"Wow, the world is so cruel! Lord Rin is so pitiful!"

If she could, she really wanted to help him... Unfortunately...

Alas, I thought I was the most out of place.

In the team, Rayne seems to have a low status, but he is known as the greatest alchemist of this century. He is also a disciple of the honorary Dean, Master Wick. At the same time he has received the instruction of Serling, the president of the Magic Card Association and is very popular with students and teachers.

Victor's father was named count by virtue of his meritorious service. His father was also the commander of the garrison, and a new upstart in the army who had won the trust of the marshal and the queen.

Sha Ye supposedly came from a normal, civilian background, yet she was the most mysterious, which made her feel extremely dangerous.

As for her, her parents died, and she couldn't rise to her father's rank. All of a sudden, she fell to the bottom of the abyss and had to rely on her relatives. She had no talent in magic and was dull in studying, so she was always bullied by others.

She thought that Lord Rin's team should be the most perfect team. Moreover, Lord Rin was so dazzling and proud, but she didn't expect that he was actually...

Lord Rin was actually so miserable!

For a time, Christina's strong sympathy and guilt stopped her from getting rest.

After Rin drove Emilia away, he fell asleep peacefully, but he had a strange dream.

In his dream, Rin was in a muddle, unable to remember what had happened before and he found himself in an apartment.

It seemed that he was eating ice cream. When he walked onto the balcony, a pair of silk stockings fell upon his ice cream.

Rin looked up and saw a blond foreign woman standing on the next floors balcony. She waved to him, probably signaling him to send her socks up.

Rin had to take the elevator to her room and ring the doorbell.

When the door was opened and the woman's appearance greeted him, he was amazed.

The other party had a very brilliant long blond wavy hair, tied with a purple hair band at the bottom and wore a luxurious evening dress making her skin as white as jade.

She was about 18-20 years old, with a pair of golden eyes. Her appearance was a collection of all the beautiful features of Westerners. nobility and beauty coupled with a tall and excellent figure.

The most special thing was that she had a very special charm that made him unable to move his eyes away.

As if embarrassed to stare at others like this, Rin turn his head aside and handed her the silk stockings.

"Thank you, little brother."

With a sort of hook voice, the blonde woman took the socks.

"It's my pleasure."

After Rin replied, he turned around and was about to leave. Unexpectedly, he was held by his arm by the woman.

"Little brother, can you tell me why there is a pool of strange things in it?"

Rin turned his head and moved his lips. "It dropped on my ice cream. I didn't mean to do it."

With that, he wanted to shake off her arm, but the woman was so strong that she pulled him into the room and closed the door.

"Well, let me check if you are lying."

Rin was pulled hard and slammed against the wall, staring at the other side angrily, "You're already an adult, why are you so unreasonable? I'm not your prisoner!"

The woman approached him, her face red with excitement, and her fingers touched his face.

"How lovely."

As she spoke, the woman pressed her hand on his chest and fixed him to the wall.

Then Rin realized that he had been teased?

He immediately became furious. After struggling hard and fruitlessly, he was so angry that he grabbed the other party's arm and bit hard on it.

"Ah ~"

The blonde woman gave out a cry that didn't sound like she was in pain. The unnatural redness on her face became more obvious, and her breathing became rapid.

But instead of moving to the next step, she smiled strangely.

"Forget it. I can only see him today. I will have a chance in the future..."

Rin didn't hear what she was talking about, because he had woken up from his nightmare.

'Ah, after a night of abnormal nightmares, I'm sure I won't be in good spirits or have any good luck.'

After that, the two teams kept moving forward at a short distance from each other.

Sha Ye had the most skill in tracking, so she led the team hastily.

Rin, the waste Hero, and the stupid elk followed slowly.

Naturally, he wanted to start the mainline task directly. Elise and Emilia were completely centered on him and had no doubt about his decision.

The two teams encountered a goblin group on the way. After a fierce battle, Sha Ye was "separated" from them.

Rin knew that Sha Ye must have taken the opportunity to leave the rookie team, so he refused Rayne's request to look for Sha Ye together, staying away from them with the princess and Miss Hero.

After a day, they came to the central area of the Elle Forest.

The trees here were very tall, the tree crown was vigorous and broad, blocking out the sky and the sun, making the woods very dark.

Rin reached the thickest old tree and looked around.

The mark of the mainline task was here, but it was strange that there was no Rayne or enemy around.

The three looked around the giant tree separately. After a while, Elise's curious voice sounded.

"Little Rin and Emilia, come and see!"

When Rin and Emilia heard her speech, they came to her and saw that a thick pile of leaves, which had been covered by new leaves and dead leaves, suddenly sank into a hole.

Squatting down and looking into the hole, Rin could see the sparkling water reflecting some light.

"Let's go down and have a look."

When Rin made his decision, Emilia jumped first.

The sound of falling into the water came from the cave, and soon the light of the lamp came out, and Rin and Elise jumped down immediately.

The hole was not too deep, only more than two meters away from the water surface, and the depth of the pool could barely let them pass through.

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