Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: This Is the Comfort Between "Friends"

Miss Hero just felt that the energy called "Tsundere", which was running out these days, had finally been supplemented.

Only with this energy, could she feel that she was not a homeless little wild cat.

After rubbing Rin's chin, Emilia's whole body relaxed and silently felt the temperature from the other side.

After a while, her nose shrugged and suddenly she smelled something unusual.

The waste hero's eyes suddenly became dangerous. She grabbed Rin's clothes and checked for the scent all over his body. Seeing that, Christina, who was still shivering outside, was almost crying.

Finally, Emilia confirmed that the smell came from… Elise!

Thinking about it again, it's absolutely impossible for Rin to sleep so heavily, otherwise, she would have succeeded long ago.

Then there is only one possibility…

That stupid elk got there first!

Emilia was so upset that she didn't know what to do.

Fortunately, she had the guidance of the goddess.

She listened for a while, nodded slightly, then carefully checked Rin's pants. After a little relief, she began to check up.

'His neck is clean and there is no smell of the silly elk, but… there is her smell on his face!'

Emilia closed the distance there, and began licking like a kitten, trying to remove the smell and put her own mark in its place.

The kuudere girl was obviously very greedy. Later, she also began to occupy other areas, kissing on the left and right. Finally, she fell softly in front of Rin's heart, and her face was filled with peace of mind.

Christina shivered all over, and… she was really too scared to cry!

The hero's so-called mighty and admirable image has now disappeared, leaving only the word "crap" in her mind.

Suddenly, she felt that…Master Fenix was very pitiful. Sobbing.

After the waste Hero recovered her peace of mind, the itching feeling that had been suppressed in her heart rose again. Obviously, this alone is not enough.

The last thing she looked at was Rin's lips.

Miss Hero didn't hesitate like the foolish elk. Even though her heart was exploding with the same violent beating, she still clung to Rin's collar without hesitation, looked at his lips carefully, and wanted to kiss them.


The dangerous smell she had encountered before was approaching at this time.

She put Rin down instantly, pulled out her sword, and stood in front of him, ready to meet the enemy.

At this time, Scarlet Leaf was playing with a rope and straightening it from time to time with a venomous smile on her face.

"Son of a bitch, today I'll show you what a surprise is! If I don't hang you on a tree, I won't call myself Sha Ye!"

"Thank me for my kindness. If it wasn't for Suyu's sake, I would have burned you to ashes."

Yes, today is the perfect time for her to take revenge.

Just as Scarlet Leaf was imagining how to deal with Rin and approaching the tent, she suddenly felt a sword aura, and subconsciously jumped away.

She was very vigilant most of the time, but just now she was so excited that she didn't even have the vigilance she should have.

At the same time, Emilia emerged from the tent, holding a sword and looking sharply at Sha Ye.

She had noticed that Sha Ye had a problem, but last time Rin stopped her.

'Although I can't defeat Sha Ye… I must protect the tsundere!'

Sha Ye was also a little surprised when she saw Emilia. She quickly put the rope away, showing a harmless smile and raising her hand.

"I… just…"

As she spoke, she suddenly saw Christina on the other side, then immediately said, "I just came to find Christo, Miss Hero. It was just a misunderstanding."

Emilia's sword was still pointing at her, but her head tilted slightly.

"We're classmates, Hero Emilia, you don't have to be so defensive."

With these words, Sha Ye lifted Christina up and waved to Emilia, "Well, we're leaving, I hope we can be friends in the future."

With that, she left with Christo, and Emilia sheathed her sword and breathed a sigh of relief when they were far away.

Rin has woken up now.

Sitting on the mattress with a blank face, he saw Emilia pouncing on him. He instinctively blocked her while still in a daze.

Emilia knew that this was her last chance today, so she grabbed Rin's shoulder and wanted to get closer.

However, Rin suddenly woke up from his daze, looked around, and seemed to want to understand the current situation.

Then he felt a little cold feeling on his face, and then a warm feeling came. His eyes saw that Emilia's face was almost close to his face.

Rin's eyes widened in an instant. After a few seconds, a stream of steam burst out of his head. His whole face turned red. His pupils trembled violently.

"You… You…"

Trembling all over, he pushed Emilia away, covered his face, and moved his ass to retreat madly until his back was against the tent.

His other hand pointed at Emilia tremblingly, and his voice was almost broken, "You… you shameless, incompetent fool with no common sense, filthy waste… waste Hero, how… dare… dare you kiss, kiss… me! I'm finished… I… I must have mushrooms on my face… Maybe it's in the shape of a stupid cat."

Emilia was disappointed that she missed the target. Then she slowly crawled towards him and saw the other party turn his head aside and cross his arms to block her.

The kuudere girl knew that she could not achieve her goal this time.

So, Emilia tilted her head slightly, "Friendship, no, kiss?"

"Who… Who told you that friends can kiss… kiss each other!! Hurry up and get away from me! Get out!"

"But I have seen it."

"Nope! If… if a man and a woman want to do it… they need to fall in love first!"

"Well… then we…"

Emilia wanted to say, let's fall in love. After thinking for a while, she thought it was not the right time, so she had to retreat to the second place.

"Well, give me a hug and I'll go out!"

Rin immediately gritted his teeth. Without saying a word, he took out the magic book and was about to hit her on the head.

"Hurry up and get out of here!"

Emilia stared at him for a while. She had to turn around to leave. Her back was a little lonely.


Rin suddenly stopped her. Then he approached Emilia hesitantly. He gritted his teeth, turned away his face, and suddenly stretched out his hand to hold her.

It was just a gentle hug. In a few seconds, Rin released her.

Trying not to let Emilia see his expression, Rin said, "This is to comfort a friend. You… well, in short, this is my charity to you. Next time… in case you get hurt, I can… tsk, get out."

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