Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Starts With the First Kiss Here!

Rin was surprised.

The silly elk was usually careless. She never paid attention to her image, but now she felt embarrassed.

Well, that's right. The last time I tried my magic skills, I kept away from others and was afraid of losing face. I can understand her mentality.

Rin curled his lips and waved to her.

Elise smiled, but her small hands nervously grasped her clothes and kneaded them around, walking in without hesitation.

Because she was too nervous, she forgot to zip up the tent.

Rin took a seat in the middle and said in a loud voice, "Ok, silly elk, let me see your useless Requiem Mantra."

Elise pursed her lips, put her hands on her chest to pray, and chanted softly.

Rin found that the tone of the Requiem Mantra was like a cantata, and Elise's soft voice became holy and solemn through the mantra.

Strands of white light intertwined with each other and revolved around Rin's body.

For some reason, Rin suddenly felt very sleepy.

When he was about to say something, the light around his body spread into light spots. Rin fell directly on the mattress and fell into a deep sleep.

The Sleeping Mantra is very similar to the Requiem Mantra.


Elise breathed a long sigh of relief and patted her chest. Her face, which was already pink, has now turned red.

She looked at Rin lying by her side and became more nervous. Her heart was pounding, like 10000 little Rins jumping on a trampoline in front of her chest.

"Little Rin, goo hey hey."

With a silly smile, Elise finally overcame her guilt and nervousness and waved her small fist to encourage herself.

Then she knelt down in front of Rin, supported her chin with both hands, and stared at Rin. Her ahoge hair shook left and right happily.

Elise couldn't help but reach out and poke Rin's face to get a closer look at his lovely and handsome face.

Touching Rin's head, the silly elk smiled again. Her fingers slipped from his forehead, over his eyelashes, pinched his nose, and finally landed on his lips.

With her fingertips gently stroking along the thin pale lips, Elise felt that the heat on her face had begun to spread to her whole body.

The warm breath patted her fingers. She shrank her fingertips, then lay down, retracted into Rin's arms, hugged him, and rubbed herself against him.

The warm and comfortable feeling soon wrapped her whole body. She could clearly hear Rin's heartbeat compared with her own intense heartbeat.

The silly elk shrank in his arms and felt comfortable for a while, but soon she felt dissatisfied.

She suddenly reached out and held Rin's face, holding her breath. Her eyes became misty, and her eyelashes trembled, slowly approaching.

Elise's heart was about to jump out, and she was even feeling the temperature of her skin. She finally gently rubbed her face on Rin's face, and then her head was dizzy as if she were drunk.

Shaking her head, Elise took a few deep breaths and hammered her chest.

Just… Let's start with a kiss on the face first.

Nope, my heart is pounding too fast! I won't kiss… I won't kiss his lips. Anyway, Rin's whole body is mine!

Elise finished her phased goal with great happiness. Then she remembered another important thing, that is… kiss mark!

Let's move our sight to other places.

At this time, Christo was also very nervous. His lovely and beautiful face was wrinkled and he bit his lower lip hesitantly.

"He" was holding a plaid handkerchief, which was thrown to him by Rin when he wiped his face.

Christo had cleaned it thoroughly, but he hadn't found a chance to give it back to Rin yet.

Actually, "He" was too nervous to go.

"He"… Well, let's stop speaking in riddles and use "She" directly here.

Today, Christo, no, Christina decided to return the plaid handkerchief to Lord Fenix.

After she made up her mind, she walked out of the tent, carefully looked at her teammates, deliberately avoided Sha Ye's tent, and walked around in a big circle to Rin's campsite.

At Rin's campsite, there was only one tent with lights on, right in the center.

Christina intuitively judged that the tent belonged to Fenix, so she nervously hesitated in place for a while and summoned up the courage to approach again.

When she came to the tent door, Christina saw the scene inside. Her whole body froze in place.

What did she see?

The Pearl of the kingdom, her Royal Highness the Princess, who should be dignified, elegant, kind and lovely, … she was doing…

Like a sneaky cat, she blushed and approached Rin's face. After a while, she raised her head with satisfaction.

Christina thought this was already too much, but she didn't expect that her Royal Highness the Princess would even get close to the sleeping Rin's neck…

"Your… Your highness Elise!"

Maybe it was because of shock or something else, Christina was screaming.

This move frightened Elise. She immediately jumped up and looked at "Christo" outside the tent. Then she looked at Rin nervously and found that the other party didn't wake up. She was half relieved.

Elise, who was a little disappointed, went out of the tent, put on her shoes, and nodded slightly at the other side.

Elise still had a very kind and lovely smile on her face and a soft and cute voice, "Good evening, Christo."

"Good evening… Good evening."

Christina stepped back half a step. Her small face became a little unnatural, and she hid the handkerchief behind her.

"I'll go back and have a rest. By the way, Little Rin is my fiance. Please don't make any strange remarks."

"Yes, yes! Your Royal Highness the Princess!"

Christina hurriedly promised. When she opened her eyes again, the little princess had already walked back to her tent.

She breathed a sigh of relief, looked at the handkerchief in her hand, and began to hesitate again.

Standing outside the tent for half a hour, she finally reacted and decided to put it quietly on the outside of the mattress.

However, before she took action, she suddenly felt a strong chill coming with a cold wind behind her.

Christina turned her head and saw Miss Hero close at hand.

Emilia's face was expressionless, but her eyes gave Christina a terrible chill. Under the moonlight, her blue eyes were covered with ice and snow, just like…a wild cat protecting her food.

Anyway, Christina was so scared that she stepped back and sat down on the ground with her head covered.

Emilia tilted her head and stared at her. After a while, she probably felt no threat, so her eyes converged, and she returned to her usually kuudere appearance, kicked off her shoes, and entered the tent.

Looking at the sleeping Rin, she turned him over and lay on his arms without saying anything, like a kitten just returning to her nest.

"Finally, the energy is replenished."

Christina, who was treated as the air outside the tent, shook again.

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