Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: It's Really a Requiem Mantra

"Ding, congratulations to my dear master. You defeated Scarlet Leaf."

Unlocked achievement: Best Partner (small).

Gain rewards: increase your mana by 10%, and moderately increase the power and control of your fire magic.

"Please keep up the good work and interact with more important characters. "

"Ding, congratulations to my dear master for completely showing the arrogance of the nobility in the negotiation with the Chamber of Commerce."

Unlock the villain's achievement: The Tiger's Roar.

Gain the mental skill "Fierce Tiger's Roar": consume a small amount of mana. When activated, it will release a "Fierce Tiger's Roar" to deter the enemy from moving for a short time. The duration varies according to the attributes of the enemy. The cooldown is 4 hours.

Please make persistent efforts to unlock the next skill, 'Dragon's Chanting'!"

"Ding, congratulations to my dear master for being attacked by the first heroine for no reason and being straddled again.

Trigger the villain's achievement again: Under the Crotch (Minor).

Rewards given: low-level magic resistance. Slightly increase your resistance to elements, and your fire resistance gets extra bonus.

"That's all for you. Anyway, my master, you're hopeless. "

Three tips in a row immediately woke Rin up from bed, and even his hypoglycemia was temporarily cured.

After sitting on the bed for a few seconds, Rin suddenly flew into a rage and was furious.

"%$@#&! Sooner or later, I will drag you out and hammer your dog head!"

Rin never expected that the system could be so shameless, slacking off work so much.

Moreover, it deliberately chose to broadcast the rewards while he was sleeping!

I'll record this revenge three times!

After two more days in the city, when the situation was stable, Rin decided to set out.

After all, if he didn't leave now, he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to catch up with the main plot.

Early in the morning of the third day, he yawned and went out of the house.

He first came to Elise's door and knocked. Her Royal Highness opened the door within a few seconds and directly rushed into Rin's arms.

Rin had made up his mind to regain his villain's dignity, so without a word, he dodged and gave Elise a knock on her head.

"Little Rin, you will be in a good mood after a hug early in the morning!"

The silly elk covered her head and looked at Rin with a wronged expression. Her eyes turned and she said sweetly, "Little Rin, Little Rin, did you bring me back yesterday?"

"Ah, yes."

Rin glanced at her, "I found a straw mat and carried you with it."

"Hey! That's a lie! When I woke up halfway, I saw Rin carrying me. Goo, hey, I'm very shy. It was a cuddle."

As she said this, she covers her face. Her eyes were sparkling, and her ahoge was also shaking left and right in excitement.

"Sigh. You are so heavy that you almost broke my arm. Don't mention it again."

With these words, they went to Emilia's door and opened it.

The waste Hero had never been in the habit of closing the door, which was very bad. Rin had taught her this several times, but she never listened to him.

He took out a dried fish and swept it by Emilia's nose. Miss Hero's quiet face suddenly twisted. Then she opened her eyes. As soon as she saw the fish, she got scared and jumped onto the table, her face full of vigilance.

This move really works every time.

Rin took back the dried fish indifferently and waved to her, "Wash and change your clothes quickly. We have to leave."

Today, the villain still successfully tamed the two heroines.

After breakfast, the three dressed up and left the town.

Elise should have stayed to continue her treatment, but her level and magic power were low, besides, the therapists from nearby towns had come. Even if she stayed, she wouldn't be of much help.

So the little princess thought that she should go out to look for the trace of the demon, heal the injured people along the way, and complete her duties. So she set out with the team.

It was a long distance from the city when Elise suddenly remembered something.

Her ahoge hair turned, she patted her head, and stuck out her tongue at Rin.

"Little Rin, I forgot to bring my tent again. Ah, I seem to have forgotten my sleeping bag too."

Emilia raised her little hand. "Me too."

Rin couldn't help but sneer and raised his chin. "I knew you two fools would forget that. Don't worry. I prepared two more tents and sleeping bags for you."



The two girls immediately lowered their heads in despair.

Rin proudly bumped the magic book in his hand, satisfied.

Well, I'm very confident about behaving like a villain.

In two days, Rin successfully prevented Elise from getting too close 13 times and dodged Emilia's hug 14 times, obtaining brilliant achievements.

He thought it would last until the end of the plot, but he unexpectedly met the protagonist's team halfway.

Seeing that the stinky bat was pretending to use low-level magic to fight a huge centipede, Rin directly threw a ball of fire at the centipede.

With the "Phoenix" special effect, a magnificent bird bathing in fire, the fireball flew at the monster with electric sound…

Rin succeeded in killing the centipede. Of course, the experience was actually calculated according to each person's contribution in the battle, but this didn't hinder the fun of kill-stealing.

Sha Ye's face became cold. She glanced around, and finally fixed her eyes on Rin.

Both of them looked at each other as if they were looking at dirty garbage. After a while, they turned their heads aside at the same time and pretended not to know each other.

Rayne was very happy to see Elise and Emilia. He wanted to greet them, but Rin just came to disgust the smelly bat. Without saying a word, he and the two girls walked away to look for a place to set up their tents.

Unfortunately, the campsites of the two teams were less than 100 meters apart.

In the evening, fireflies in the forest rose one by one, dancing with the sound of cicadas.

Rin had finished his studies today and quietly put away his books. Looking at the tents of the waste Hero and silly elk they were, well, very quiet. It seemed that they had fallen asleep.

Rin was very glad that he firmly adhered to his bottom line and didn't let them succeed.

Returning into the tent, he was just about to rest when he saw a figure sneaking around outside.

When Rin opened the tent, it was Elise.

At this time, she was walking around the tent, with some anxiety and uneasiness, muttering to herself, but her voice was too small to be heard clearly.

"Silly elk! What are you doing outside my tent so late? You pretend to be a ghost and want to scare me to death?"

At this time, Elise was murmuring, "My 'Little Rin Element' is not enough. I'm dying. I can't hold on tonight and must add some 'Little Rin Element', by all kinds of means!" Her ahoge hair shook and she hesitated for a moment when hearing Rin's cry, after a while, her eyes gradually became firm.

She turned her head and smiled foolishly, "Little Rin, I've learned the Requiem Mantra for dealing with the undead, but I don't know what's wrong, I can't use it well. Little Rin, please help me."

Hearing this, Rin said proudly and disdainfully, "I knew you were very stupid. Well, since you pleaded with me, I will give you a piece of advice."

"Can I get into your tent? I don't want to be seen!"

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