Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Sisters' War

Ling Wuyue waved and put away all the wine bottles on the table and on the ground.

With a brand-new BUFF, the house of an old alcoholic returned to the house of an otaku girl.

Lin Wuyue opened the chat software and found Freya's number, she sent her a cordial greeting.


"Not dead yet. Now the workload is getting heavier and heavier. I'm tired to death but my family is still urging me to get married. Why don't those men die quickly?"

Seeing that the other party responded so quickly, the evil God knew that their relationship had not been estranged because they had not been in touch for two months.

"Good. Do me a favor."

"? Fart quickly."

"??? Aren't you the goddess of love and dreams? Can you stop being so rude?"

"Well, if there is any gas mixture similar to nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane, you can release them now."

Well, it's still the same tone. She is surely the cancer of the Divine Realm.

However, Ling Wuyue was too lazy to quarrel with her and went straight to the point, "I accidentally threw my brother into a different world, and… Balabala."

Freya was silent for a long time, and then asked the key question, "Do you… actually have a brother?"

Yes, that's right. Freya didn't believe she had a brother.

Ling Wuyue's head had always been a bit abnormal, otherwise, she wouldn't have become an evil god.

Freya still remembered when they went to school together, Lin Wuyue praised her brother's loveliness dozens of times every day. Freya felt that… it was too impossible to be true.

After all, Ling Wuyue had the habit of talking nonsense since childhood.

In addition, Ling Wuyue was too 'unique'. If she really had a brother, Freya doubted if her so-called brother could grow up healthily. How could anyone remain naive and lovely in such an environment?

False, too false.

"From the beginning, okay!"

"Send me the world number first."


"Well, it's not a big problem. There are no gods related to dreams over there. Speaking of this, you're a top-ranked god. How could this second-rate goddess in the third-rate world make you helpless?"

"I'm afraid of hurting my brother. He's too weak!"

"Well, send me your brother's information over there, I'll analyze it. You also know that this crime of secretly infiltrating another world is very serious. It's best to find a way to get the dream management authority of that world."

"Oh, good…"

Ling Wuyue thought for a moment, but with the vigilance principle of "every woman is the potential offender who will take away my brother", she still asked one more question.

"You still hate men, do you?"

"Do you need to ask?! Look at those men. They either kill with weapons every day, look greasy, pretend to be stupid and honest all day long, or they are fags. Ah ah ah! Die! Die! Die! It's disgusting! I'll never like men!"

Well, that's good. I'm sure Freya is still very biased against men, so she won't do anything to my brother.

Of course, this girl is not a lesbian. She is just a super narcissist.

So Ling Wuyue sent her brother's video to her.

About half an hour later, the other party sent a message.

"I didn't expect that you really have a brother (smiling Emoji). Good, I can help you. Let's find a way together (smiling Emoji)."

On the other side, Yuki had broken alone into the manor where the secret association was located.

The dark night rolled up a faint mist in the moonlight.

Yuki drew out her long sword. The white blade stirred the air, cut through the wind and quickly rowed towards the enemies in front of her.

The two swordsmen were immediately penetrated by the sword, fell to the ground, and died instantly.

Yuki didn't stop. Her long sword stabbed an assassin who was about to sneak up on her. When she pulled out the sword, the blood spattered on her face.

Her look didn't change at all. It was like when she was hitting wooden men when she was young, and the sword skills kept changing in her hand.

Shuttling freely amongst the enemies, and chasing after the dozens of enemies who were besieging her before.

Brave was not only her character, but also her talent. When she went deep into the enemy alone, her various attributes would begin to increase. She would keep on becoming braver in battle and would not be afraid of pain.

Entering the manor, Yuki's dark red eyes lit up and she shook off the blood stains on the long sword. She didn't care about the blood on her cheeks and continued to go deep.

But when she came to the basement, a very cold air suddenly reached her face and several purple magic twisted into a chain shape and attacked her.

Yuki gently turned the sword's body and injected her mana into it. The flowing white light on the sword's body became extremely dazzling in an instant. Dozens of sword-shaped lights were irregularly arranged on the side of her body, splitting and annihilating all the attacks.

More than a dozen magicians hiding in the dark chanted spells together, and a few bright red thorns formed a net and were throwing at her.

Yuki held the sword in both hands and just whispered "Kill". The light on the sword extended two times and a light arc was released, which directly smashed a thorn in front of her.

But the small fragments of the broken thorn cut the back of her hand. Yuki only felt numbness. At the same time, a purplish red slender lance and a black dagger also attacked her from different directions.

Yuki quickly locked the black-robed man with a short dagger. She instantly judged that the other party was a demon.

She didn't expect that she would encounter the collusion between the demon and humans. No wonder some enemies outside gave her a very strange feeling. Although they were using magic and martial arts as human beings, they looked very strange. They should be the apostles of the demon.

Anyway, the threat of the demon is greater, so she decided to handle him first.

Without hesitation, she turned sideways, changed the long sword from her paralyzed right hand to her left hand, waved at the demon and immediately cut off one of the other's arms.

But the side of her own abdomen was also cut a deep hole by the edge of the long lance and the blood immediately penetrated her clothes.

Seeing the situation, the demon turned to go. Yuki was about to chase, but was stopped by the lancer.

More than 40 minutes later, the lancer was killed by her. Yuki supported the sword on the ground, took a deep breath, and touched the wound on her abdomen. She didn't pay too much attention to it, but chewed medical plants to dress the medicine on the wound and wrapped a bandage on it.

Such a wound didn't directly cut open the abdomen, it would completely heal in half a month. She didn't want to waste her brother's precious potion on it.

After a brief treatment, she searched and finally found the target object, a magic ring. It seems that she broke into this place too fast and the ring was just finished, it was still in the vessel.

At ordinary times, she had completed the task and would leave without taking care of the remnants. She had her own people clean up the site.

Now, she has changed her mind… Such an illegal private association must have a lot of useful things.

Good things should belong to her brother. She has to collect more for her brother. As for chasing and killing the escaped demon and apostles, that could wait. Under her own hunting marks, they couldn't escape.

Incidentally, the "hunting mark" is the skill of Hunters or Assassins. Yuki often hunted when she was a child, so she also acquired this skill.

"Gold coins. Although my brother is not short of money, the more the better."

"Magic books? I don't know which is better. In short, take them all away."

"Magic cards…"

"Ah, wait, on the demon's arm. I remember that there's a spatial ring."

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