Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Friendship Has Not Deteriorated

"Battle, blood, pain…"

"The demon is very powerful. I'm sure it hurts."

Emilia's voice was soft and helpless, like a little kitten who was afraid of the cold and drilled into its master's arms.

In the end, she was just a little girl. She was "respected" since childhood, at the same time, she was "abandoned" and lost the growth that ordinary children should have.

Her "elusive" talent suppresses her exposed emotions and makes it difficult for her to communicate with others. At the same time, it makes her look invincible, fearless, and brave in other people's eyes.

But in fact, she was afraid of many things.

"Why can't 'Abnormal Resistance' resist pain?"

Such naive words made Rin's soft heart suddenly become messy.

He is also afraid of pain, damn it!

He's been afraid of pain since he was a child, especially the needle injection. It's a terrible practice.

Once he went for a physical examination, a particularly mischievous nurse sister slowly approached him with a needle, observed his expression, and then took off the needle expressionless, wiped him with alcohol, and then approached him with the needle again…

It was so terrible even as he thought of it now!

In short, he was also very afraid of pain, otherwise, he wouldn't be frightened by the system's punishment at the beginning.

"Well, it's human nature to be afraid of pain. I… I'm actually afraid of it, too. But I can always resist it by gritting my teeth. You're the Hero. Show me your courage!"

Emilia put her arms around his neck and rubbed her face close to his.

"Very afraid."

"Hmph, what a timid kitten."

Rin blushed, turned away, and said, "For your poor and useless sake, I'll find some curse magic to share half of your pain!"

"Rin, that's nice."

"Oh, don't get me wrong. I'm just afraid of the incompetent Hero being defeated by the enemy because of pain. Humph, after all, it's related to my own precious life."


"Don't rub my face, you waste Hero!"

Emilia stopped rubbing and continued to lie on his shoulder without moving.

Rin quietly breathed a sigh of relief. His originally stiff body relaxed again, but then he felt his body become soft and didn't want to move at all.

The atmosphere was suddenly gentle and quiet, and the air seemed to be full of beautiful small bubbles.

Rin thought that the system might give him some strange achievements that can let him share the pain.

Since I have promised, I must take it to heart and do it well!

But what's the use of the garbage system?! These two days, I was playing the villain's role very successfully, but the garbage system didn't even show any message at all.

Is it dead?

That's a good thing!

Thinking of this, Rin tried to summon the system with some expectation and hope.

"Garbage system, are you there?"

There was no response. Just when Rin was excited and thought that he had finally gotten rid of the system, the familiar voice sounded.

"I'm very busy. Oh, you want the achievement rewards, right? Let me see… Wait!"

Qiuqiu stared at the two people who were holding each other. Suddenly, a burst of fire rushed into the motherboard, which made her furious.

Well, this stupid little master!

His sister was drunk and played mad, but he was flirting with a girl?

It should be his responsibility to care about his sister! Why do I have to bear the burden for him? Damn it!

Yes, Qiuqiu is such a soft-hearted AI. Although she is too lazy to care about the fate of the world, she couldn't help taking care of and comforting her master when she saw her master's misery.

"You can even delay the payment of the achievement rewards. What else can you do? Did my stupid sister arrange a defective product for me?"

Qiuqiu, who was already very angry, immediately blew out and started the punishment without saying a word.

Of course, she has received professional training and will not do anything against the regulations no matter how angry she is, so it was still a slight current.

Rin immediately felt his body tremble and an electric current ran throughout his whole body. After a burst of strong numbness, his body slightly trembled in a little pain.

Emilia, who was originally close to Rin, suddenly widened her eyes, straightened her back, and trembled gently.

The current from the tsundere made her feel strange. She subconsciously released one hand, grabbed the hem of her nightdress, and pulled it down.


The waste Hero's originally lifeless eyes were covered with fog, and the "meow" resounded a hundred times in Rin's heart, as if he was swinging around in the water.

The strange cat-like cry penetrated his numb head and made it tremble.

After the current stopped, the waste Hero was laying on Rin's shoulder while shyly blushing.

Rin suddenly struggled violently. Emilia was unprepared and he pushed her away in an instant. She looked at Rin strangely.

"That's enough… Come on… Get out of here!"

"Hurry up! Go, go, go!"

Seeing that Rin suddenly went crazy and waved his hands, Emilia felt that this was probably the end for today.

So she turned and walked towards the door. After pushing the door open, she thought about it and turned and said.

"Is it because you've hidden another blunt instrument? I felt it, but, in fact, I won't attack you again."

"It's just you being mentally ill and having delusions! There's nothing at all! Get out!"

Rin pulled his throat, his face flushed, his mouth wide and his canine teeth exposed. He took out a book and was about to hit her.

But Emilia quickly slipped out and closed the door.

The room was quiet. Rin put down his book and went straight into the quilt. He was very wronged.

'So letting someone sit on your lap and hugging each other should not happen between heterosexual friends, right?' Rin blamed himself for being careless and falling for the waste Hero's strange skill, so he had such a humiliating ending now.

No, I must put on my villain's momentum again in the future. I can't let them do it anymore!

When Rin made up his mind to regain his acting skills, Ling Wuyue was lying on the table, dozing off and making obsessive dream talk.

"My brother… is mine."

Suddenly, her whole body went stiff and she kicked directly. The e-sports chair slipped back for a distance and knocked the wine bottles on the ground upside down.

She looked frightened and grabbed her hair madly, making a mess of her long, supple hair.

"Master, what's the matter with you?" Qiuqiu asked with concern.

"I… I just dreamed of climbing the mountain with my brother. It was originally a beautiful and lush mountain. Suddenly it stood up and became a Titan! The green Titan took my brother. It was terrible!"

"…" Qiuqiu didn't know what to say for a while.

"Huh?" Ling Wuyue's hand stiffened as she grabbed her head, and a strange smile suddenly appeared at the corners of her mouth, "Yes… dream, I… can ask Freya for help."

"Hahaha! Qiuqiu, I have a way! My brother can only be mine!"

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