Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: This Is Definitely the Last Time

After coming back to the hotel, Rin asked for the spare key. As soon as he went up to the fourth floor, he saw the waste Hero sitting at the door of his room, holding her knees and looking goofy.

When Rin approached her, Emilia still didn't respond. She bowed her head and tried to think of something.

"Hey, stupid Hero, don't sit on the ground foolishly. Others would think that you're an abandoned kitten in a paper box."

Hearing Rin's voice, Emilia blinked and stood up.

Her eyes looked back and forth between Rin and Elise. After a while, she grabbed his clothes and opened her mouth, only saying one word...


Rin immediately rolled his eyes, "As I said, you are really too strange today. Meow? Help me open the door first!"

Then he shook his hand with some effort.

The waste Hero took the key, opened the door, tilted her head, and stared at Rin. After Rin walked in, she pinched the corner of her clothes, seemed to make a decision, and turned back to her own room.

Helping Elise take off her shoes, Rin carefully put her on the bed, covered her with the quilt, then rubbed and shook his arms.

"The silly elk should really thank me. What did you eat? You're so heavy!"

Rin complained, then looked guiltily at the door and held out his hand to Elise.

He helped Elise pull the bangs aside and stared at her quiet sleeping face. Rin was at a loss and was a little fascinated.

Then with a cold hum, he grabbed the silly elk's ahoge hair and turned to leave.

While walking, he was still muttering.

The elk is so clumsy and can't even take good care of herself. She's stupid and dumb.

I have to take good care of her in the future so that she won't cause trouble everywhere.

Oh, I'm so bored.

Back in his room, Rin took a bath and put on light pajamas. He sat in a chair and was thinking about what to do with the main task.

When someone knocked at the door, Rin stood up and opened the door.

Emilia, wearing a cat-patterned nightgown, floated in like a ghost.

Rin closed the door and reached for her collar.

"Why don't you go to sleep in your own room? My room is not a shelter."

Then he paused and released her collar, hesitated, and asked, "What was the matter today? Cough, as the team leader, it's necessary for me to understand the psychological state of my team members."

Emilia still didn't respond, just contemplating something.

"Sit down." Her voice was flat and without fluctuation.

Rin snorted coldly and raised his chin, "Do you want me to sit down? What are you thinking, you insidious and smelly cat? Don't… don't do anything strange…!"

Emilia's eyes were fixed and her outstretched arms were motionless, confronting him.


"What the hell?"


"Can you speak human words? I really don't understand!"


Her voice was soft and cute, but Rin was becoming a little crazy.

This time, he finally realized how mysterious the waste Hero's thinking logic was.

He sat down impatiently with his arms crossed in front of his chest, "Speak quickly! Don't waste my time!"

Emilia straddled onto his legs in a very smooth movement, opened his arms, and then hugged him directly and put her hands tightly around his back.


Rin immediately blushed and hurriedly pushed her away.

"Wait! Don't get so close!"

Miss Hero was unmoved, straightened up, and slightly attached to his face. She was even a little higher than Rin.

"Can't I?"

With a sweet smell of orange hitting him in the face, Rin immediately turned his head aside and said in some panic, "Idiot… too… too close! And last time… you agreed that it would only be once. Go down quickly!"

Emilia put her arms around his neck and put her chin on his shoulder.


Then she put a little force around his arm, "Tsundere, I'm afraid."

"Even if you're afraid, you're afraid… You are not allowed to get so close!"

Feeling Emilia's body trembling slightly, Rin couldn't help but peep at her. Unfortunately, the other party's head was always on his shoulder, and he couldn't see her face.

"That's it. Don't move, okay?"

"OK… What… It's stupid like this."

Rin's neck was stiff, his heart felt like it was about to jump out of his chest, and his blush spread from the root of his ears, to his cheeks, and then to his forehead.

What's more, he felt a little weak all over, as if his body didn't listen to his mind's orders, and his brain was a little dizzy by the strange and warm air flow.

Uncontrollably, his hands were gently placed behind Emilia and patted her like comforting a baby.

Damn it, this waste Hero is too insidious. I don't know what means she has used on me, but I can't refuse her!

This state is more serious than the last time and the time before that.

Rin guessed that the waste Hero should have used some special skills.

He repressed his breath and endured the shame that was about to break through his skull. His voice seemed to squeeze out of his throat, and it was so weak.

"… this time, it's… it's… the last time, never do it in the future. Absolutely… It's definitely the last time, you know?"

"OK, one last time, meow."

Emilia felt a little better and hugged him tighter.

"Fool, don't hold me so close. I'm out of breath."

Rin felt that his heart was arched by thousands of cats and it was difficult to breathe. Now… something crowded together in his heart, rising, itching, comfortable, and a little uncomfortable, which brought him a feeling similar to suffocation.

Emilia leaned close to his ear and whispered, "It's terrible. If I can't protect them, the consequences… will they…"

As she spoke, her body trembled more obviously.

Peace, who knows if it's only for a short time, and even the god is telling her that such a life won't last long.

The only one who can defeat the Demon King and bring peace to humankind is her.

It is her duty to protect the whole human race. She knows that she can't keep everyone behind. Today's tragedies will happen over and over again in the future.

And once she fails, then…

Rin's heart seemed to be hit by something. He turned his head and looked at her closely, and his hand on her back comforted her gently.

"Don't worry, you're the Hero. As long as you rush forward, there's no problem at all. I, no, we'll solve all the problems for you."

"I… will never let any tragedy happen."

In Emilia's lifeless eyes, there was a small glint of light, "For me, will you… always be with me?"

"You idiot! Choose your words more wisely"

Rin admitted that his heart seemed to be stirred by something at that moment. He reviewed his general plan and patted her.

"I'm not like you, who never… never keeps their promises… I will do what I say."


Emilia buried into his shoulder again, and her voice became little weak, "I'm afraid of pain."

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