Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 57

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Chapter 57: The Tired Elise Wants to Cuddle

Soon, Rin found Elise.

At this time, Her Highness was kneeling on the ground, extending her hands to one of the villagers to release a ball of "Purification".

Unlike previous short spells, this "Purification" spell was released continuously and slowly, dispelling the plague little by little.

Elise looked sad, but her eyes were extremely firm. With the soft Holy Light, her pink hair floated in the air.

Her whole person was like a Saint from a painting: loving, compassionate, and holy.

Because of her special temperament, she also gave confidence and comfort to the injured around her. Even their pain seemed to be relieved a lot.

Rin didn't bother her, but stood behind her and watched silently.

He had to admit that now the silly elk was really a little angel. Rin felt a lot more comfortable looking at her.

About ten minutes later, Elise withdrew her magic and looked at the quiet and sleeping villagers across the street. She was relieved.

Then her ahoge hair jumped. She turned and saw Rin in a daze behind her and Emilia with her head down behind him. The silly elk's face changed, she quickly stood up and said, "Little Rin, don't be here. It's too dangerous here! This plague is blood fever. You will be infected as long as you touch it."

Rin wanted to be dismissive, but he didn't really have that mind at this time.

When the Viscount saw Elise, he saluted respectfully, and the guards around him knelt down on one knee and shouted to her Royal Highness the Princess.

This scene attracted the attention of other injured people, who were excited and struggling to get up.

"Great... It's her Royal Highness!"

"Her Royal Highness is here, too. She must be able to save us!"

Elise, as a holy light healer and princess, often treats others, so dealing with this scene isn't a problem for her.

She nodded slightly and comforted the others with a soft yet solemn gesture and a firm tone.

Rin coughed softly and said, "Now the situation of the demon race is unknown, we need to mobilize troops stationed nearby. I remember... Elise, do you have this authority?"

As one of the only two princesses in the Kingdom, and also the beloved daughter of the queen, she was naturally granted the authority to mobilize troops in the case of an emergency.

Elise didn't hesitate, took out the palm-sized Royal badge from the space, and handed it to Rin.

"I want to treat the injured here. Little Rin, I will leave the others to you."

Rin sighed. 'This silly elk really trusts me and is not afraid of my doing bad things with her badge.'

"Well, little Rin, don't stay here."

"Well, be careful, too."

It was a critical moment now, so naturally Rin wouldn't hinder her treatment. After Elise gave him the badge, she began the next treatment directly.

At the critical moment, the stupid princess was surprisingly reliable.

Rin solemnly handed the badge to Fogier, "It's ok now. In addition, are the Griffin Herald and the messenger's magic device still working?"

These are relatively rare magic communication equipment, but according to the Kingdom system, there must be one in each region.

"Yes, I'll arrange it right away. In addition..."

Fogier hesitated, "At this time, people are in a panic. Should we announce the identity of her Royal Highness the Princess to calm people down?"

Rin was so angry that he kicked him on the ass and shouted, "Is your head full of locust dung? The apostles haven't been caught yet. Who knows if they will attack the princess!"

Then, after kicking a few more times, Rin continued, "Only these patients can know Elise's identity. The rest of the people are not allowed to spread it out, including students returning to the city."

After thinking about it, he continued, "We don't need to mobilize too many garrisons. If the other party wants to escape, they can only go to the Elle Forest. Let the soldiers guard all the exit roads of the forest. The garrison needs martial law to prevent other potential demons from making trouble."

"Then there are adventurers. They should be led by the Hero and the sub president of the guild, searching for the Moon Orchid in the forest. Also, double the reward to track down the whereabouts of the demon in the forest. The demon's level is not high, just pay attention to him."

"The Hero?"

Fogier obviously heard that the Hero was here, but he never saw her. Recalling the rumors about Miss Hero, he looked at Emilia, and suddenly his expression became excited.

Rin turned to look at Emilia and realized something was wrong with her.

Although she usually looked dull, she still had a calm appearance at least. Now she kept her head down so that no one could see her face, and her hands were held tightly together.


Rin hesitated for a moment, but still managed to resist shyness and take the initiative to reach out and grab her hand.

Sure enough, her little hand was cold and trembling slightly.

He didn't know what was wrong with Emilia, so he could only say, "Waste Hero! Don't be silly, I am... here. Anyway, as I said, it's no problem."

Feeling the temperature in the palm of her hand, Emilia raised her head, looked laxly at Rin, and nodded after a long time.


As she said this, she held his hand tighter to express that she was not at peace.

"Great. If Miss Hero comes forward, it will surely bring those adventurers together."

In this regard, Fogier was very optimistic. At the same time, he was also glad that the Princess, the Hero and the young master were in the territory. Otherwise, this matter would have made a big fuss. Maybe he would have lost his title because of dereliction of duty.

"Well, we must also be careful in case someone deliberately causes panic. All such people will be arrested. Finally, we need to deal with the Chamber of Commerce. At present, we need Moon Orchid, a large number of high-quality life-restoring medical plants and other materials..."

Rin thought for a while. It seemed that only he could go to negotiate with the Chamber of Commerce. After all, the Grand Duke Orlan is in charge of the economy and, of course, the Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce wouldn't dare refuse the duke's son.

Those businessmen only mind the money. Even if the princess asks them to do something, they may even overtly agree but covertly oppose her Highness's command.

On the contrary, he is an evil young man, and for fear of his father's punishment, they will obediently obey his orders.

"Gather the heads of the Chamber of Commerce in the city. In the name of my father, I will prohibit some guys from taking the opportunity to bid up prices and disrupt the market."

After everything was arranged, Rin and Emilia separated to complete their respective tasks.


It was evening when Rin came out of the Viscount's residence.

In order to make these businessmen obedient, he did everything he could, from coercion to inducement, and almost burned a man to make an example. Only then did he finally get them done and let them provide what the civilians needed at a low price.

Of course, some of them were very nice men, they even offered to donate or give a discount.

At critical times, the system was too useless. It didn't even publish an announcement, let alone release any achievements.

In fact, Qiuqiu was just worried about the evil god who was drunk at this time.

Rin asked the others and learned that Emilia was still on the side of the adventurers guild, so he had to find the silly elk first.

At this time, Elise looked like she was in poor condition. Her original red face looked pale, which was a manifestation of excessive mana consumption.

She didn't stop chanting her magic to treat people until she used up all of her mana.

But her face still looked worried.

Seeing Rin, she instinctively got up. Unexpectedly, she just stood up and fainted.

Fortunately, Rin was close to her and hugged her before she fell to the ground.

"Idiot, why do you work so hard? Sooner or later, you will die of your foolishness!"

Rin picked her up in a princess carry and walked towards the hotel while complaining.

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