Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: A Sudden Attack Beyond the Plot

The streets that were supposed to be busy had become extremely deserted.

Rin hurried forward and asked curiously, "Waste Hero, what's the matter? Where's the silly elk?"

Emilia whispered, "I heard that demons suddenly attacked many places. Many villages and injured people gathered outside the city. Elise went to treat them."

Rin frowned because it was not written in the novel.

The original text just said that Rayne found the trace of a demon in the middle of his task. The demon seemed to have fought with someone, got injured, escaped, then was killed by the protagonist's team.

It was not strange for demons to roam the wilderness. Even with the peace treaties, they couldn't stop instigators from deliberately making trouble.

Thousands of years of hostility can't be solved by a single contract. The contract only requires the human race and the demon race not to enter each other's territory, and those who violated the contract deserve to die.

Similarly, humans will kill all demons found in their own territory.

But such a large-scale invasion is definitely not in the original plot.

"Let's go and have a look."

On the way out of the city, many passers-by came and went. Some were in a hurry to go outside the city, while others ran back in panic, shouting that there was an infectious plague.

The streets were a mess.

The closer they got to the gate of the city, the louder the wails became. As soon as they got out of the city, they saw that the guards were forming an encirclement to stop the anxious residents.

"Don't go in there, there's a plague!"

"But… But my relatives may be inside!"

The noise of terrified people outside mingled with the pain and wailing inside.

Rin looked through the gaps between the city guard soldiers and looked inside. A large number of villagers were gathered together. Some sat down on the ground and some fell to the ground with their heads covered and twitched.

Wailing and sobbing were the most prominent melodies.

They looked sad, their cheeks were sunken, and their haggard faces were tangled in pain, like seriously ill people, as if they were about to run out of oil and light.

And they also suffered a great deal of pain that made them cry and howl miserably in this way.

There were many injured people, and some people were constantly sent in. At a glance, there were nearly 1000 people.

This was the first time Rin saw such a scene. He was worried for a while and was about to go in with Emilia.

The guard soldiers quickly stopped him, looked at his noble badge, and relaxed, "Young master, the situation inside is very bad now. The wounded are infected with the plague of the demon race, which can spread by touch. Please be sure to stay outside."

Rin was about to say something when he suddenly heard a cry "Master Fenix". He turned his head and saw that they were his Henchman No. 1 and No. 2, who were running in his direction in a hurry.

When they reached him and hurriedly said, "Don't get close. It's terrible, Master Fenix. Let's leave here first."

"What the hell happened? Tell me what you know."

"A latent demon and apostles suddenly launched an attack on five or six villages around the city. They used some cruel methods to absorb the vitality of the villagers. Not only that, they also released the plague. The infected people will feel pain, convulsions, blood burning and finally die."

"It's terrible!"

Rin was furious and clenched his fist.

Sure enough, this is how demons are. They not only absorbed ordinary people's lives but also wanted them to die in pain.

The reason for the hatred and cruelty between humans and demons is the dispute a few years ago. Once the war starts again, the world will turn into pure purgatory.

Not everyone has such a special experience like Suyu. She has been staying in the human society for more than 20 years, so she has neither good nor bad feelings for human beings.

Her faction is one of the few who don't hate humans too much.

Even so, they are only a small part of the demons.

From another standpoint, humans hold the same attitude toward the demon race. They will fight until one side is annihilated when they encounter each other. They will use whatever means they can use.

Rin was in a very bad mood. Seeing that they were still noisy, he gave them a kick.

It happened that he saw several guards coming with a middle-aged man. He was a squat and gorgeously dressed man and Rin knew him. He was the Lord of this place, a viscount.

Rin went directly to him, and the guards guarding the viscount hurriedly stopped him.

The pudgy viscount looked at Rin and immediately recognized him. He quickly scolded the guards and made an aristocratic salute to Rin with a somewhat flattering posture.

"Oh, Master Fenix. I'm Viscount Fogier Clareim. I wanted to visit you…"

"Stop the bullsh*t."

Rin directly interrupted him and asked impolitely, "What's the situation with the demons and how to deal with the current incident?"

Although he has no title or official position, he has a duke father. His father is not only the top grand duke, but also the minister of the whole kingdom, governing the nobility and economy, and is also the head of the Royal magic Corps.

Anyone would do Rin, the Duke's heir, a favor.

Fogier wiped the sweat on his forehead with a handkerchief, looking worried, flustered, and confused.

"The demon is the president of the Chamber of Commerce. We don't know how many apostles there are for the time being. For now I've sent someone to report the matter and ordered to take over the attacked villagers and ask them to stay here for the time being to prevent infection… as for the rest…"

Then he wiped his forehead again, obviously, he didn't know what to do after that.

The henchman standing behind Rin also seemed to remember something and hurriedly said, "By the way, young master, Rayne gathered the students and teaching assistants in the city together and asked them to collect the Moon Orchid to treat the plague. Now they have all set out."

"I see."

Rin sighed. Fortunately, Rayne still has some leadership and can stand up at critical moments. No one knows where the demon is now and it's still very dangerous to let him move around.

This demon is probably the first boss mentioned in the novel, but in the novel, there was no description of his hidden identity, and no one would know what he would do since the plot had been changed.

If Rayne's team of teaching assistants and students encountered the demon, the demon who was only at Level 20 couldn't really cause them any troubles.

But that's not enough.

He scolded Fogier ferociously and disgustingly, "What a waste you are. You usually only know how to eat, drink and have fun. At a critical moment, you're even more useless than the bugs in the sewer."

Then he waved his hand, "Now issue a decree immediately. First, no civilians are allowed to leave the city. Second, arrest and interrogate all the members of the demon's Chamber of Commerce."

"Third, classify the injured, give priority to the seriously injured, and call all therapists, pharmacists, and people with the ability to disperse the plague for treatment."

"Fourth, quickly contact the surrounding towns, send guards to block all road crossings, and contact the garrison…"

"Wait, Master Fenix, I don't have the authority to command the army…"

"What a waste you are! Don't you know that Princess Elise is also here?"

With that, Rin rushed into the city directly and looked around for the silly elk.

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