Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Why Do I Have Kiss Markings On My Neck?

Although Rin seemed to dislike Ling Wuyue, they actually had a good relationship.

However, for his sister, it was really possible to throw him into another world. But to kill him is another thing… Well, in fact, it's also possible.

That was an accident. Even if Rin knew it wasn't Ling Wuyue's original intention, it did happen.

During summer vacation four years ago, Ling Wuyue for whatever reason, suddenly became evil, as if she had become another person. She was always violent and irritable, and her eyes when she looked at Rin were gloomy, looks of evil, and were full of hostility.

At that time, his father said that something had happened to his sister, so he let Rin live in his friend's house temporarily and didn't allow him to come back. But Rin secretly returned because he was too worried about his sister.

That night, he was almost killed.

After that, his parents said they would take his sister to see a psychologist, and then came back more than two months later. Ling Wuyue seemed to have returned to normal.

Moreover, because of her guilt, she seemed more clingy to Rin, and her almost pervasive concern evolved into a degree of metamorphosis.

Rin learned from his parents that his sister was suffering from a sudden illness with serious mental problems, so that behavior was not her original intention at all. Now she had been cured and that thing would not happen again.

At that time, he forgave Ling Wuyue, but it still left a shadow in his heart that could not be erased for a long time.

Now thinking about it, the so-called disease might be related to the power of evil gods.

Rin was not sure whether Ling Wuyue would really kill him because of that evil.

After all, he did like his sister, but the crack still existed, which made it difficult for him to trust her.

He wanted to ask Ling Wuyue what she thought, but he didn't have the chance.

As for lending him the system's power? Don't be kidding. He doesn't trust the garbage system that electrified him as soon as he woke up in this world!

'So, for the time being, let's just forget my sister. If she doesn't want to kill me, let's wait until I go out, I will try to ask her if I can meet my friends in this world occasionally. As for other things, forget them. She wouldn't agree.'

Now I am alone in a different world and can only rely on myself.

Rin waved his fist at himself in the mirror.

Work hard, Rin, let these stupid Princess, Hero, and Swordmaster see how powerful you are, and beg you in tears to be your servants!

He was imagining suppressing the silly elk with his left hand, taming the waste Hero with his right hand, and raising the poor swordmaster at the same time. Ha ha!


Rin suddenly felt something wrong.

He leaned close to the mirror and turned his head away. Sure enough, he found two red marks near his neck and cheeks.

He thought for a long time and didn't remember how he got them. He had to give up.

He took a bath, changed his clothes, and opened the door and Yuki went out at the same time.

Seeing Yuki, Rin suddenly became stiff and subconsciously turned around to go back to the room.


A gentle voice came from behind. There was no severity and indifference at all.

Rin suddenly felt nervous in his heart and didn't dare to turn around. He pretended to be calm and still maintained an impatient tone, "What… What?!"

There was no reply. Rin turned his head curiously and tilted his head. He almost had an obvious question mark above his head.

Looking at Yuki, her face was no longer cold and stereotyped, and the gentleness on her face was in very strong contrast with that in the past.

She put her hand on Rin's head and stroked it gently. The doting look in her eyes gradually grew stronger.

"Wow, you fake swordmaster! You're doing such a stupid thing early in the morning. It's true that you trained all the muscles in your head."

While scolding her in a disdainful tone, Rin nervously looked around for fear of being found by others.

Yuki didn't care about his words and head shaking. She just touched his head and said, "Brother, thank you."

The gentle and spoiled voice instantly made Rin's heart beat violently, and some hidden attribute woke up from its deep sleep and shouted madly.

Rin immediately shrunk his neck, lowered his head, and dared not raise it. Anyway, as long as he lowered his head, no one could see his current expression. Even his voice didn't sound arrogant anymore.

"… Don't say anything inexplicable. Last night, I was drunk and talked nonsense. You, forget it quickly. If you can't forget it, don't mention it again. Do you hear me?!"

In order to increase the toughness of his tone, Rin summoned up the courage to raise his head, but his eyes still dodged Yuki's eyes.

Seeing such a lovely brother, Yuki felt that her heart was melting again. She only wanted to rub her brother's head, and then…


The swordmaster nodded hard, and then took care of Rin's clothes carefully.

Finally, Yuki stopped touching his head. Rin regained control of his softened body, and his state of mind was successfully stabilized.

Yuki looked at the red marks on his neck. Her eyes blinked and she said, "I will leave later to complete the task given by the family. You have to take good care of yourself when you go out and take risks."

"I see… I see."

Rin was a little embarrassed by such direct concern, but then he thought of Yuki's task, coughed, and raised his chin proudly again.

"My stupid sister, you'd better worry about yourself. According to the information I got, there is a Level 53 Lancer in the place you're going to this time. Don't be careless and die in…"

When he said that, he felt that the word "die" was too ominous. He paused for a moment and continued, "Don't be careless and get hurt! In case… if you're injured, use the medicine I gave you from last time! If you disregard my kindness, you must apologize to me!"

As soon as he thought that Yuki would be in danger, Rin jumped to his feet in a hurry. For a moment, his head was a mess and hot blood gushed up. He directly grabbed a pile of magic cards from his spatial ring, grabbed Yuki's hand, and stuffed them into her hand. At the same time, he was still thinking about where he had lost a magic guide.

Suddenly, he saw Yuki's hand, which was extremely rough and with fine scars. He felt a little uncomfortable and froze in place.

Yuki followed his eyes and looked at her hand. Suddenly, her heart pounded hard and she retracted her hand with some inferiority complex.

"I don't need those cards. Brother, just keep them to protect yourself."

Then she straightened her body, put her hand on the hilt of her sword, and returned to her usual heroine appearance. She turned and left with a firm back, as if saying "It's just a piece of cake, wait for me to return in triumph".

As expected, the swordmaster is still strong enough to be trusted.

Rin stood in place for two seconds, scratched his head, took back his magic cards with a cold hum, and was about to go see if Elise and Emilia were there. Coincidentally, they came out as if they had made an appointment at this time.

Rin breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, the two fools didn't come out a few minutes earlier. Otherwise, they would have seen Yuki stroking his head. If so, he would have lost all his dignity as the villain!

The silly elk still pounced on Rin with a sweet smile. Rin quickly stretched out his hand and grabbed her ahoge hair with great accuracy. At the same time, he resisted the waste Hero's head, which was sneaking on him from behind.

After successfully subduing the two, Rin was proud, but he suddenly saw the silly elk staring at his neck.

"Little Rin… Why are there kiss marks on little Rin's neck?!"

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