Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: It's Hard to Calm Down Just by Thinking

Feeling both sadness and joy, Yuki couldn't tell what she really felt after hearing Rin's words.

There was one sentence that she couldn't understand, but it didn't prevent her from understanding that Rin had an unexpected understanding of her.

At this moment, she suddenly asked, "So, do you know everything?"

Rin nodded his head.


Is Yuki compassionate?

Her parents died when she was a child and then she was ostracized, but her adopter only regarded her as a tool.

When she was forced to take the medicine, she felt pain, cried and wailed, but no one ever helped her. They just coldly observed her as an experimental object.

Gradually, she understood that begging for mercy and crying were useless.

Because of the medicine, her whole body began to seep blood, her bones were tingling, and she endured great pain. Even so, she would grind her teeth and train desperately the next day, fighting with those magical beasts.

She always kept in mind that those people told her that having bloodline power and the "swordmaster" class was the best gift from God and the proof of her survival abilities.

Excellent performance was the only way for her to prove her value. Otherwise, she would be discarded and turned into a beast.

She still remembered that her several rebellions only brought about an outbreak of the curse within her body, making her lose all rationality and only able to kill with a knife.

She couldn't resist. The curse would hurt countless innocent people and turn her into a terrible monster. Moreover, if she obeyed, at least the family would not assign her excessive tasks out of fear.

At the same time, she also regards saving others as a small salvation.

Even at the end of the novel, after being saved by the protagonist, she didn't find herself at all, but just thanked the protagonist for his tenderness.

When you understand her background and come into contact with her, the strong contrast will really make you have sympathy and compassion for her.

However, Yuki doesn't want sympathy at all. She wants care and acceptance.

In the beginning, Rin, who was not familiar with her, only showed little goodwill to her, and she would willingly approach him, and was satisfied with the little goodwill he showed her.

She wants family affection too much, and Rin is her brother, so he is her best choice.

Yuki clenched her fist, suddenly let go of Rin, and her voice trembled, "I…"

She hesitated for a long time and didn't know what to say.

This time, it's Rin's turn to hold her, learn from her, and gently touch her head to appease her.

"It's okay. I've already decided to save Yuki, and I have a way."

"Save me?"

"But you can't ask about my way, because I can't say it. In short, just wait and see! I can save you!"

Yuki immediately felt that her chest had been knocked several times. She grabbed Rin's clothes and bit her lips, trying not to show any weaknesses or wet her eyes.

"But… Why? I'm just a dirty sword, and we… don't really have a deep bond as siblings."

Yes, no matter how she felt now, in fact, they had only been together for less than a month, how could they have deep feelings for each other?

Even if she deceived herself again, she knew that all they had was the longing to be a family and the impulse to get close.

Rin tilted his head and thought for a while. He seemed a little confused. After thinking for a long time, he showed a shy smile.

"Probably, it's just because I don't want you, who should be noble, to fall into hell, lose yourself, and degenerate. Well, that's it. In fact, I didn't think too much about it."

But it was this sentence that made Yuki's heart move the most. The strong feeling could no longer be restrained. It surged and flourished, ran directly through her heart, and built a new harbor for her.

Now she knew what it was.

She took a deep breath, pressed on Rin's shoulder, and said solemnly, "While redeeming myself, please let me become a sword in your hand and cut through thorns and overcome difficulties together with you."


Even in a special state, Rin was a little confused.

"No… no, Sister Yuki, I don't want you to be a sword… I want you to…"

However, before he finished, he suddenly felt a wave of uncontrollable dizziness sweeping over him, and he fell back on his back.


When Rin got up the next day, as usual, for a while he was confused because of his low blood sugar, and then barely woke up.

He hammered his forehead and felt like there was a thimble in his head. It was still tingling.

Rin grabbed his hair, looked around first, saw that he was in a room, felt more or less relieved, and then tried to recall what happened last night.

First of all, they ate hot pot together. After that, the waiter mistakenly brought wine. He took a sip and then… then he didn't remember anything…

Then he woke up again… in Yuki's room.


Rin immediately wriggled around on the bed, grabbing his hair, ashamed and angry to death.

"What did I say?"

"How can I face Yuki in the future?"

Yes, that's right. In the second stage after Rin got drunk, he couldn't control himself. He would do anything he wants to do and say anything he wants to say!

It was the same when he got drunk at home last time. He took his parents and pouted prettily at them for a long time. Just because this memory was too shameful, he was unwilling to recall it and deliberately forgot it.

Then, because he was worried about how to deal with the contradiction between his task and his friendships, he unsealed that unforgettable memory for a moment.

"No, no! Forget it!"

He hammered his head a few times and rolled 360 ° on the bed several times. He couldn't persuade himself at all.

"Ah! What to do, what to do… I seem to have said something I shouldn't have said."

"Huh? Wait."

Rin suddenly realized a rather serious problem.

He said more than one thing he shouldn't have said, but the system didn't give any punishment…

Rin stopped twisting on the bed, got up, went to the mirror and stared at himself in the mirror.

So far, the system had punished him twice… To be precise, there might have been only one time, that was the initial warning.

The second time, the punishment of electrotherapy only made him feel a little paralyzed, not much pain.

When he thought about it again, it seemed that… the system would only appear when the plot was happening or he called it directly.

Maybe the system is more "rubbish" than he thought?

In this way, he might be able to be bolder.

Seriously, Rin was now regarding Elise, Emilia, and Yuki as his best friends. It's impossible for him to hurt them for the villain's mission.

If he does what the original villain did, the silly elk would no longer be innocent and happy like she is now, and the waste Hero may really become a "Hero". As for Yuki, if her hope was destroyed in front of her eyes, it would be tantamount to obliterating everything including her soul.

Therefore, I can't avoid it anymore and pray that the plot will develop in a different direction by itself.

But, my waste sister, Ling Wuyue, what is she thinking?

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