Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 54

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Chapter 54: Shameless Demon Dares Kabe-Don Me

Elise had sharp eyes and immediately noticed the red mark hidden under Rin's collar.

"What kiss marks?"

Rin was a little confused and didn't react for a moment. Instead, Emilia bypassed him and made a rude move. She pulled open his collar and stared at him. She was also very confused.

Of course, her move was because she had no common sense in this regard.

Elise was ashamed and angry. The tears rose again in her lake-like eyes, and were about to drip down again.

"Whine, whose kiss marks are they? Ooo, Little Rin's first kiss should obviously be mine!"

Rin reacted and was furious about what she called kiss marks.

"Don't say that disgusting thing! I'm not yours! Where are the kiss marks! What are you thinking all day long, you stupid weeper… Huh?"

Rin suddenly realized something and looked up and down at Elise suspiciously, "How do you know such a thing?"

Elise is just a stupid, innocent princess, how could she think of the red marks as kiss marks after seeing them?

The silly elk still cried anxiously, "Of course, it's my sister… Sobbing, so what's on little Rin's neck… were they Emilia's?"

"No, so, not yours?" The waste Hero immediately denied.

"No! Otherwise, why would I ask!"

Emilia shook her head and stared at Rin's neck. While learning new knowledge, she was also skeptical.

Rin felt a headache and pulled Elise's ahoge hair, "There's a limit to your provocation. I don't know who did it when I was drunk last night. If you keep slandering me, I will really hang you up and knock your head with a magic book all day and night."

Elise thought for a moment. Emilia didn't seem to be lying. It seemed that she had wronged little Rin.

So her Royal Highness turned grief into joy. Obviously, she still had tears in her eyes, but her face was already showing a silly smile. It was still that stupid and cute appearance.

Hero Emila went into an alert state. Her ears moved, she seemed to be listening to some guidance, and her head nodded slightly.

Emilia suddenly reached out and grabbed Rin's collar, then pulled him forward and put her head close to his neck.

"Wait… Wait! Emilia, what are you doing!"

The silly elk was in a hurry. Without saying a word, she pulled Rin apart from Emila, "Don't you touch Little Rin! Little Rin is mine o (> ﹏<) O!"

And Rin also changed from surprise to shame and anger.

Kiss… it shouldn't be something that friends do!

The waste Hero doesn't have any common sense. I must teach her a lesson!

Rin was about to reach out and knock her head, but Emilia said faintly, "Just helping the tsundere tidy up his clothes."

Then she began to button Rin up and tidy up the collar and tie she had picked up.

Well, just now she was just trying, but she found that Rin was reluctant, so she had to switch to the second plan. Miss Hero is at ease about this.

Rin breathed a sigh of relief. He wanted to clap her hand, but looked at her serious appearance, and gave up and sneered, "Oh, well, it's your, waste Hero's fault. You dare to be rude to your creditor, hum?"

Elise, at first was relieved but, suddenly, her heart was jealous again. She puffed up her cheeks and let out a breath. She wanted to terminate this "transaction".

Rin's impatient eyes wandered from side to side and stayed on Elise. Only then did he find out what was wrong.

Today, the silly elk seemed to have come out in a hurry, so her bow tie was not well tied, and one shirt button was open. Moreover, because she was "fat" somewhere, he could see…

Rin immediately blushed and fiercely reached out to button her up.

"As a princess, you should tidy up your appearance! Other people will think that you are a worthless princess. Forget it. I don't want to be pointed out by a group of ordinary people."

"Woo woo, I see. Why are you so fierce?"

Elise's made it sound like she felt wronged but, in fact, she was emitting pink bubbles all over her body, smiling all over her face and narrowing her eyes happily.

Miss Hero, who was still at an advantage, also widened her eyes.

Damn it, I really underestimated this elk.

"Oh, this is so boring… Ah, I almost forgot!"

Rin suddenly patted his head and hurriedly said to the two, "You pack up quickly and I'll go after the poor swordmaster! She has no money and if we don't go to find her, she will starve to death on the street!"

With that, he ran away in a hurry.

The reason why Rin let them stay was that he was worried that Yuki would try to get intimate with him again.

Just running out of the hotel, Rin crossed the corner, and suddenly a figure appeared in front of him. At this time, he couldn't stop, and the two immediately collided with each other.

Of course, the fallen scene is as you expected.

Rin just felt that he was hit by something on his chest, and then a sudden rebounding force caused him to step back. Before he fell onto his bottom, the other party reached out and pulled him up.

Rin steadied his steps and looked at the person. When he saw that it was Sha Ye, he suddenly felt a sudden surprise. But now he couldn't care too much about her. He had seen Yuki holding her horse at the end of the road.

With a vibrant smile, Sha Ye's eyes lit up when she saw Rin.

To be honest, she wanted to join this arrogant and evil young master's team more than her current team.

According to the information from "a witch who doesn't want to be named", their Lord, the Demon King had an ambiguous relationship with Fenix. It is said that something indescribable happened in the grove.

It's not wrong to think about it. The Demon King is more than a 100 years old. When she was a child, she was busy reading books and studying magic. When she grew up, she became busy taking back the Demon King's throne. Up until now, she may not have held any boy's hand.

It's true that she is at that age, but… why does she have to find a man? Aren't girls also good?

In short, because of this confirmed intelligence, Sha Ye was very curious about Rin.

Now looking at Rin, Sha Ye couldn't help sighing that this guy was really cute and his smell… in succubus' terms, should be called "delicious".

Rin had let go of Sha Ye's hand, bypassed her and was about to continue his chase. Unexpectedly, Sha Ye suddenly blocked his way.

Rin went to the left, she went to the left; Rin went to the right, she went to the right. He was provoked in an instant.

"How dare you block my way with your mole-like body? Get out of my way!"

Sha Ye was also pissed off. Good god, this boy's mouth is really sharp!

She looked around and found that there were no people nearby, so her lovely and lively appearance changed into the grumpy, impatient look of a bad girl.

Then… Sha Ye found that the boy in front of her had the same ferocious appearance, and the strong disdain and disgust in the corners of his mouth were even stronger than hers, which immediately made her blood pressure rise.

Without thinking about it, Sha Ye directly reached out and grabbed Rin's clothes, pushed him directly against the corner of the wall, and stretched out her hand to lean on the wall.

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