Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: This Is Rin's Victory

"This should be the last one!"

Rin was a little excited. The magic book floating in front of him glowed red and turned several pages.

With Emilia's three sharp sword lights, the giant Killer Bee's wings and legs were cut off and fell heavily to the ground.

Rin stretched out his palm to insert more magic into the magic book. The explosive art that was divided into a row, collides and explodes together.

After the crackling sound, there was only an insect body covered in scorch marks.

After that, a yellow magic circle suddenly appeared at Rin's feet, but disappeared in a few seconds.

A mild breath of unknown origin poured into his body. It seemed that there was a whisper of a female voice, which sounded gently in the ear, but he couldn't hear what was said.

Rin could feel that his mana had risen a bit. At the same time, his manipulation and perception of the magic had also been improved.

This was what leveling up felt like.

Although it would not restore all of his HP and MP like in a game, he felt a kind of unspeakable comfort and became more confident.

Level 11. Compared to the other students of the same age, he has a high advantage.

Of course, it's not worth mentioning compared with Miss Hero.

If Miss Hero hadn't been studying at school, she may have reached Level 40.

As for why Miss Hero didn't go to kill monsters but lives a student life…

According to the original novel, in fact, Ling Wuyue didn't think so much.

But this is the real world, it has its own history and rules.

First, Miss Hero is not complete now. Although she has so many super skills, she lacks the most fundamental Divine Power.

True monsters of the upper echelon have long lifespans and inexhaustible vitality. Without Divine Power, it would be extremely difficult to truly kill them.

The goddess will send blessings to the hero when she is 17, so that she can gain Divine Power.

Before she can compete with the real demons, Miss Hero doesn't need to stand out at all. If she shows off too much, she may even be assassinated by demons.

Second, in the battle of Eden 25 years ago, the former hero Mina died together with the Demon King Lucifer II. Lucifer Ⅲ, that is Suyu, hastily succeeded to the throne and her throne was taken away by the current Demon King Samuel within a few days.

At that time, the most serious civil war in thousands of years broke out between the demons. The generals on either side suffered heavy casualties. The forces of the demons shrank rapidly and disputes continued.

Mankind suffered heavy casualties in the battle of Eden too, and lost its highest combat power, Hero Mina, with no successor. The leader of the human side, the emperor of the Konan Empire, made a contract with the Demon King Samuel. During the reign of Samuel, mankind and the demon clan didn't interfere with each other's territory.

It doesn't matter that it's a mere letter for formality. What matters now is that both sides currently need an opportunity to reinstate their respective territories.

According to the original plot, these young boys and girls will spend several years in relative peace.

Before Emilia was seventeen years old, she didn't yet have to go through sea's of corpses. This should be the biggest strand of kindness given to the Hero by all of the countries.

Getting back on track...

The three collected the honey from the giant Killer Bee and completed the final task.

It's time to go back to the town to rest.

They drove on until evening. When it was almost time to camp, Rin was in trouble again.

Somehow, the first two days of camping had been constantly challenging his nerves.

Elise and Emilia made him flustered every time he remembered.

Who knows if these two fools will make some trouble tonight.

So after thinking up to this point, Rin finally came up with a wonderful plan.

It was getting late and the three found a place to build a small camp.

After eating and drinking, it was time to rest.

The silly elk and waste Hero, as expected, sat one after another after entering the tent, and skillfully patted the mattress and stared at him.

Rin took out the book Yuki gave him and shook it at them.

The silly elk's ahoge hair drooped, "Little Rin, you should also have an early rest! Even in school, there are holidays. It's boring to study every day."

Emilia added, "In continuous combat, Rin should be very tired. I can massage."

"!" Elise suddenly became nervous, "There is actually such a… Emilia is too cunning!"

"No need! Even if the Goddess and Demon King appear together today, I won't care and will absolutely study. That's it!"

With that, Rin put up a small bench and entered the learning state.

Elise and Emilia looked at each other. The former decided to sit still and meditate, while the latter took out two glass beads in the tent and climbed around the tent alone, playing by herself.

An hour and a half later, Rin closed his book, put down his pen, and took a long breath.

Fortunately, the books Yuki gave him were much simpler than high school mathematics and chemistry, so his learning progress was very fast.

It won't be a problem to finish the homework in half a month.

Seeing him finish his homework, Elise and Emilia got into the middle quilt together and looked at each other.

"Emilia, hurry out. This is my territory with little Rin." The silly elk took the lead in attacking.

The Kuudere hero still didn't listen to a word, but said faintly, "Elise, fat, taking too much space."

"Hey, hey?"

Elise's ahoge hair instantly stood up, "I'm not fat! Only my breasts are larger than Emilia's!"

"So, fat."

"All right, all right!"

Rin interrupted them with a proud smile on his mouth and some bad intentions, "Are you two guys not sleepy?"

"Well, if I can sleep with little Rin, I should be sleepy."

"Me too."

Ignoring this shameful speech, Rin entered the tent and suddenly took out two notebooks and two small benches and put them in front of them.

"Come on, just in time. In order not to hold me back and avoid combat accidents in the future, the two of you will honestly write a combat summary for me now!"

"Especially the failure lesson of yesterday's encounter against those stupid fishes!"


Elise exclaimed and begged for mercy like a spoiled child, "No! I'm good! There's no need to write a summary!"

"The Hero doesn't need to write a report."

Rin knew this would happen. He grabbed Elise's ahoge hair with one hand and the face of the waste Hero with the other.

"You must write it! Or we're going to break up!"

Therefore, they could only kneel down on the small benches and scratch their ears and cheeks for words.

After a long time, Elise handed her summary to Rin and gave a silly and flattering laugh.

Rin swept quickly through it and suddenly flew into a rage, "OK, you silly elk! You did that just to see my joke soaked in water! I was wrong about you! Rewrite it!"

Elise immediately showed a pathetic look, muttered to herself, went back to pick up the pen again… and soon fell asleep.

Well, look at the waste Hero… She was already asleep and her saliva was overflowing.

In her notes, there were only a few pictures.

A fork on a fish, a fork on a sword next to it, and then next to a cartoon version of cat-eared Emilia.

After reading it, Rin didn't understand it. Anyway, it probably means "I don't like fish" or something?

In addition, why is this fish painting so abstract! Is it that in the eyes of the waste Hero, fish are very long with limbs, strange eyes, and sharp bones all over their body?!

But anyway, he finally got these two guys sleepy and could sleep at ease.

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