Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: In Fact, Hero and Princess Are a Perfect Match

It was dawn.

Emilia had awoken from her sleep and sat on her knees, rubbing her eyes.

She slept badly, so she subconsciously drilled out of her sleeping bag in the middle of the night and curled up in the corner of the tent.

Of course, Miss Hero not only has a poor sleeping posture, but also has a serious habit of staying in bed.

After waking up for a while, she chose to get back to bed.

A few seconds after lying down, Emilia remembered what she hadn't done last night, so she rolled around and rolled into the middle of the quilt.

Holding the person in the quilt, Miss Hero rubbed the head of the person inside, then yawned and fell into silence.

Her Royal Highness was still in a dream, then she was hugged and rubbed. Even so, she was still trying to stay in the sweet dream.

Subconsciously, Elise also hugged Emilia and muttered happily, "Little Rin, goo, hey, hey."

Then they maintained the posture for a while.

Miss Hero suddenly woke up and realized that something was wrong.

This sense of nobility and softness! This isn't the tsundere at all!

Sure enough, when she opened her eyes and observed carefully, what came into view was the excess fat.

Emilia's eyes sharpened. Her blue eyes turned cat-like again, and the two clumps of blue hair on both sides of her face suddenly turned up.

Looking at Elise's flushed face, full of joy, The Hero had only one thought.

Why is Elise in Rin's quilt!

Thinking of this, Emilia suddenly stretched out her hand and slapped it on the damn fat.


Elise suddenly woke up and gave a scream. Then she looked at Emilia in the quilt, and her eyes suddenly became round.

"Emilia?! Hey?"

Rin was also awakened by the two, but he was still in a hypoglycemic state. He just sat up and looked at the two girls, and his mind was still in a chaotic state.

The two girls sat up from the quilt with their eyes facing each other.

Finally, Emilia spoke first, and her cat-like eyes stared at the silly elk, like staring at a mouse who just stole the food.

"In the quilt, Elise. Why?"

Elise puffed up her cheeks and hammered the mattress angrily with her small fist, "I'm the one who should ask! Emilia, why did you suddenly drill into little Rin's quilt!"

The two fell silent again, and the atmosphere in the tent suddenly became very weird.

This also affected Rin, who was still in a trance. He woke up faster than before, and then his eyes swept over them with suspicion on his face.

"You two idiots, what's the matter this time?"

The two girls looked at him. Elise saw him sitting on her sleeping bag, showed a little shyness, then her ahoge hair beat up and down.

As for Emilia, her cat-like eyes returned to normal, and then she suddenly grabbed Elise's shoulder with both hands.

The silly elk looked at her innocently, "What's the matter? Emilia?"

Then she saw Emilia's body leaning forward and her face gradually approaching her.

Elise was stunned and looked at Emilia's approaching face. Her face was flushed and finally began to steam out.

"You… You, what are you doing?"

Rin's voice was almost broken. He trembled and pointed at them. His face also turned red, his mouth opened wide, and even his canine teeth were exposed.

Wait, do I have canine teeth?

No, that… That's not the point!

These two fools, why… why are you… kkkkkissing!?

Indeed, in front of him, Emilia and Elise's faces were very close, basically less than three centimeters away, and the surroundings seemed to emit the smell of pink flowers.

How-… how can they do this right now? This- this is, too-… too shameless!

"You… You two guys k-k-kiss… I, I, I won't disturb you. I wish you… a happy marriage for a hundred years!"

With a loud voice, Rin ran away in a hurry. He didn't even have time to wear his coat and shoes.

Climbing out of the tent, he gasped and tried to calm his beating heart, but he was still thinking about the clip in his head.

His eyes dazed for a while and he suddenly felt very uncomfortable.

Damn, why do I still feel uncomfortable?

Now I feel more and more uncomfortable.

It was like… having a good time with two friends. One day, they suddenly ran to have dinner and didn't tell him.

Crap, how uncomfortable it is!

Inside the tent, Emilia quickly got close and smelled Elise's face and mouth, as if she was confirming something.

Elise suddenly woke up, suddenly closed her eyes and pushed away Emilia. The anxious ahoge hair above her head trembled.

"No! Even if Emilia is my good friend, we can't do that! No matter what, my first kiss belongs to Little Rin!"

This time, an angry voice outside the tent said, "Wh-Who wants your kiss! I… why should I kiss a fungus?!"

Elise got out of the tent, rushed to Rin, and took a small step in front of him.

"Little Rin, Little Rin! We didn't kiss!"

The silly elk was worried and didn't know how to explain. Behind her, Emilia calmly walked out of the tent, wearing her small boots and yawning.

"Just, smell. She. Didn't. Eat secretly."


Rin was a little confused. Although the behavior of the waste Hero was inexplicable, it didn't seem to be what he thought. He looked left and right. Suddenly, he looked disgusted and knocked on their heads.

"Are you two idiots?! Don't do that kind of action! It's easy to misunderstand! My life expectancy will be reduced by several years when I form a team with you! I'll die of shame!"

These two guys made him misunderstand what they were doing. I will teach them a lesson later.

But, why do I feel… relieved? Damn it!

Elise held her head and didn't care. She still said with a smile, "Little Rin, don't run around barefoot. Put on your shoes quickly. I'll cast a Purification on you!"


Rin tilted his mouth. He seemed to realize that his villain's dignity had fallen and he urgently needed to pick it up, so he waved his hand.

"I'm going to upgrade! Quickly get ready, we'll start after breakfast! Today, I will let those beasts feel what cruelty truely is!"


The silly elk raised her hand in agreement.

Rin was a little proud, "I'll be level 11 soon. I can finally catch up with the waste Hero. Elise, you have to work hard to get to level 10 as soon as possible."

"Little Rin is great! I can reach it in a few days. I won't be left too far behind by little Rin and Emilia!"

Miss Hero, with her head tilted, thought for a while, and applauded.

Finally, she added.

"The day before yesterday, I had reached Level 12. I forgot to tell you."


What the hell?!

Rin immediately gritted his teeth. This damn Hero's bug-like upgrading speed… she is indeed the enemy of his life!

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