Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: The Evil God's Sadness

Ling Wuyue stretched, took off her glasses and sorted out her falling hair sideways.

As a God, of course, she is not short-sighted, but she always wears this pair of glasses as long as she looks at the screen and books.

These are the blue sunglasses her brother gave her on last year's birthday.

At that time, Rin said that he was afraid that, after watching the computer all day, his useless sister would go blind and ask him to take care of her.

Even if he was that reluctant to give her this gift, Ling Wuyue cherished it as much as the gifts he gave her the previous years, and even enchanted it with "eternal", "solid", and "new" buffs.

After looking at the clock, Ling Wuyue nodded with satisfaction.

She was gloating about completing the character settings of her new novel.

Then she looked angry and regretful again.

As soon as she finished working, she would think of her brother and those smelly women.

"Master, master!"

On the screen, Qiuqiu jumped in place and called Ling Wuyue.

The evil god waved her hand, "I don't want to watch the video now. My brother must be with those two smelly women. If I look more, I may not be able to control myself."

In this regard, she still has some self-knowledge.

"No, no, dear master, you will certainly like the new video very much!"

Ling Wuyue looked a little interested, "Since you say so, let me have a look."

Qiuqiu disappeared from the screen and was replaced by an ultra-short video of only ten seconds.

At first, Rin grabbed the nail hammer from the princess's hand and threw it at a guy who looked as ugly as her believers.

Ling Wuyue's eyes suddenly became dull, and her mind didn't react at first. She pointed to the slightly ferocious boy.

"That… That's my brother? My pure, lovely, and innocent brother?"

"Master, I'm sure it is, and the point is not that!"

Qiuqiu could understand Ling Wuyue's surprise, so she played it again.

Ling Wuyue's expression changed from suspicion to surprise to excitement. Her face turned hot red.

"Come on, play it again… again!"

"Hey, hey, hey, again!"

"My brother is really the most lovely. He finally knows how good his sister is!"

"Woo woo, my brother, why weren't you that concerned about your sister? Now, I have to wait until the end of the plot in that world before I can see him. Damn, I hate it!"

At this time, Ling Wuyue's head had lost its basic thinking ability. She fell on the bed, twisting like a maggot baby, while sending out unknown excited words.

Her HP which had fallen to the bottom of the blood bar was increasing crazily as if it was being chased by a mad dog.

"Brother, hey hey."

After re-playing the video hundreds of times, Ling Wuyue barely recovered from the state of crying with joy.

Holding her face again, she looked at the screen with a smile…

Suddenly, she realized that something was wrong.

"Wait, this is not right. I'm not in the other world… Qiuqiu, show me what happened next."

Qiuqiu skillfully moved the video's progress bar forward for more than ten minutes.

Ling Wuyue's smile suddenly solidified, then slowly faded 50%, and her eyes began to turn red.

"No… not me? Incredibly… it was not for me?"

Dark air enveloped her eyebrows, then quickly spread to the whole room. The room became extremely depressed and the temperature became unbelievably low.

"Master, think about it. The little master just replaced the villain halfway. He didn't know Yuki well at the beginning and he hasn't known Yuki for a month. How can there be such a sincere relationship?"

Ling Wuyue's resentment slightly dissipated and she tilted her head, "Hmm? Continue."

"So he must take Yuki as you, and he is very sensitive to the word 'sister', so when the other party mentioned it, he suddenly lost his mind… The little master was actually instinctively protecting his sister!"

Ling Wuyue's eyes immediately brightened up. She wiped away her tears from the corners of her eyes, and nodded happily.

She was about to praise Qiuqiu, but suddenly heard the doorbell ring.

Being interrupted halfway, Lin Wuyue put on her windbreaker and wrapped herself impatiently. Then she went out of the bedroom.

After a while, she came in with a big package and looked weirdly at it.

After opening the package, Ling Wuyue first saw a greeting card with happy birthday on it.

"Hmm? Did mom send it?"

Today is indeed her birthday. Because, in the morning, her brother didn't give her his blessings and even said that he liked the villain in the novel, all kinds of dissatisfactions had piled up and she had sent Rin to that world.

She looked at the sender's name: "Lin Rin". She was shocked for a moment. Looking at the pick-up time of the package, she patted her head.

"It's over, I misunderstood my brother! He prepared a gift for me yesterday!"

Ling Wuyue felt a little guilty, and then looked at the words on the greeting card.

"My stupid sister, now you are an 18-year-old adult, and you should learn to take care of yourself."

"This is a very important day in your life, and I have something important to say to you."

"Although you are a prokaryote who can't live for three days without being cared about by others, you are still my trusted family."

"My attitude toward you was a little bad, but I just hope my sister can behave a little normal!"

"After all, even if I can bear your behavior, if it is known by others one day, they will certainly have a bad impression of you."

"I don't want my sister to be called a pervert!"

"Anyway, you're an adult. Exercise restraint!"

"Finally, happy birthday to my stupid sister. The gift is a customized pillow based on my picture. You can use it to correct your behavior. "

The key was that there was a line of words at the bottom, which had been artificially smeared out with a pen, but it couldn't block the eyes of an evil god.

"And, in fact, I like my sister very much."

Ling Wuyue immediately sat down on the ground. Her eyes became absent and dull for a long time.

Suddenly, she burst into tears. Regardless of her image, she rolled around on the ground and kicked her legs disorderly.

"Why, it is clearly a happy thing, but why do I feel so depressed!"

"Woo woo, brother, my brother!"

"Are you kidding? You must be kidding! If I went home a few hours earlier, I… I would have fulfilled my wish!"

"Why was I so stupid? Why did I send my brother away? Sobbing!"

At this time, Ling Wuyue collapsed, crying and talking to the void without stopping.

Finally, she pushed on the floor with both hands and knelt on the ground. Her whole person had become pale and lifeless.

"I was so stupid, really…"

"Well…" Qiuqiu had to comfort her, "Master, you are so powerful, you can certainly think of a way. Don't give up!"

Ling Wuyue raised her head and said pitifully, "Yes… Yes, this is not the time to be sad. I must go to see my brother."

Then she sat on the ground and wiped away her tears, "There are so many powerful guys in the divine realm. There must be a way."

"Yes, yes, master, come on, there must be a way!"

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