Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: The Swordmaster Is Very Satisfied

Ever since morning, rain was pouring all over town, washing and cooling the rising temperature of late summer.

Thanks to the rain, Rin could sit leisurely at his desk, drinking black tea and doing his homework.

The brushing sound left by the pen on the paper sounded very pleasant to him, and his state of mind was a little calm.

Of course, it would be better if he was the only one in his room.

"Emilia, you can't enter a boy's room so randomly!"

"But Elise is here too, isn't she?"

"I don't come in casually! It doesn't matter even if I come in because I'm Little Rin's fiancee!"


"Emilia, be serious! If you keep coming up to little Rin, people will misunderstand you. If they go overboard with the rumors, even you will be angry, right?"

"Well, in that case, I'll just shut them up."

"Hey, hey, hey!"

"I heard that there is a kind of person who doesn't..."

"Wait! Emilia, don't say such strange things!"


Rin was sweating in cold sweat. He turned around and scolded them, "Idiots! Go outside if you want to play! Don't affect my studies! What do you two think my room is?"

Elise looks at Rin with two big watery eyes and said, "I just want to improve my relationship with Dear Rin. You should blame Emilia for causing trouble."

"Elise is causing trouble, not me."

"Hey, are you two listening to me!"

Rin closed the book, stood up, angrily rushed to them, grabbed the back of their collars, and planned to throw them out directly.

Unfortunately, he didn't have enough strength. He pulled but they didn't move at all.

Elise and Emilia saw his angry, embarrassed, and humiliated look. They stood up together and let him push them out.

Rin pushed them outside the door and was just about to close the door when he patted his head.

"By the way, the rain has stopped. It's time to hand in the tasks and replenish some materials."


"Lord Swordmaster, thank you very much!"

The village head and several villagers surrounded Yuki and expressed their heartfelt gratitude.

Yuki was still stiff and indifferent and just nodded slightly.

"Are all the children back?"

"Yes, thanks to you, they are all fine except for some shock!"

The village head thanked her again and then asked the villagers to hand over baskets of vegetables and fruits.

"These are all our wishes. I hope Lord Swordmaster will accept them."

Yuki still looked like ice, and her tone was unquestionably tough, "No, it's my duty as the Kingdom Swordmaster. In addition, the guild also has a commission as a reward."

"OK... OK."

The aura of the swordmaster is unbearable even for the teachers of the academy, not to mention the villagers. They could only give up.

"Well, I'll leave now. Please take good care of the children."

With that, Yuki nodded slightly to them, straightened up, and left with long strides.

Out of the village, Yuki stopped in front of the stone pillar in the suburbs. A horse was tied to the stone pillar, which was her seized income.

Reaching out, she felt the cold touch of the rain on the palm of her hand, and looked up at the sky. Finally, she still didn't stay too long.

It's time to go back to the town for a little repair, and then finish the task for the Fenix family. She already had a clue about it.

Only by completing the task as quickly as possible can she go to find her brother.

Back in town, after she reported to the guild and confirmed the current situation of the students with the teaching assistant, Yuki left the guild and sent the horse to the hotel.

Although it's hard for ordinary mounts under her to survive for a week because of the frequent fighting, it's better than none.

Coming to the street outside the market, Yuki planned to replenish dry food... Well, the cheapest one.

As the Kingdom Swordmaster, although she is well-known, her rank is not written on her face. As long as she doesn't draw out her sword, ordinary people will still not recognize her, but will think that she looks as beautiful as an elf.

Her Royal Highness Princess and Miss Hero are in the same situation as her.

As a princess, Elise has always been low-key, is very friendly, and is deeply welcomed by other students.

However, because a certain villain has "kidnapped and forced" her, the students seem not to want to make her identity public, so Elise's identity as a princess has not been spread.

Of course, thanks to the oppression of the evil villain, people also dare not speak to the Hero. They just sigh and won't rush close to them.

At this time, three top girls in all aspects met on the street.

"Sister Yuki!"

Elise, with sharp eyes, waved happily and trotted close to Yuki. Her lovely appearance made Yuki's heart soft.

As her brother's fiancee, the kind and lovely Elise is a good match in Yuki's eyes.

"Your Highness the Princess, Miss Hero, good morning."

"Sister... Yuki... Good afternoon."

It's amazing that Emilia also learned to say hello and get close.

Rin looked at the harmonious appearance of the three and showed some dislike on his face.

'This fake swordmaster doesn't say hello to me!'

Yuki had been peeping at Rin, but she really didn't know what to speak about. She could only clumsily hide her intimacy.

After a long while, she finally thought of a topic that she could talk about. With a serious look on her face, she asked, "Did you learn the book I gave you?"

"Of course. Well, I might as well tell you that I've finished reading four books."

Looking at his elated look, Yuki suddenly couldn't help but reach out and touch his head.

It feels... very good!

She almost couldn't control her joy, but forced herself not to do too much.

Being touched by her, Rin was stunned for a few seconds. Then he retreated in a hurry, trembled, and pointed at Yuki, "Fake swordmaster! How can you touch me? It's too impolite!"

Then he looked around in a panic, worried that his ugliness had been seen.

Why does this stupid swordmaster like to do the same things as my foolish sister at home? Is it because I'm short?

Thinking of this, Rin began to grind his teeth. He was shorter than his peers. It's not that he didn't grow tall. That's the gene of his family, but he would certainly be taller after his growth!

Yuki had been satisfied enough to withdraw her hand and didn't mind her brother's little rebellion, "Continue to study, later I will assess you."

Elise admired Rin's embarrassment with spoiled eyes for a while, and then smiled and held Yuki's arm.

"Sister Yuki, we're just going to have hot pot. Do you want to go together?"

Yuki was stunned, glanced quickly, and peeped at Rin's fierce face. She was a little nervous, "But... Can we go together?"

"Of course, little Rin won't mind. Emilia, how about you?"

"It doesn't matter."

"Wait! I mind it!" Rin grabbed Elise's ahoge hair and gently pulled it a few times, glancing contemptuously at Yuki, "But... well, you can go with us. After all, the poor swordmaster has no money and is about to eat soil. As the nominal future owner of the..."

Before he finished, Emilia had pulled his sleeve and a look of excitement appeared on her unexpressive face.

"Hot pot, let's go."

Rin, who was interrupted, had to gnash his teeth and say, "I want the mushroom beef pot!"

Yuki also followed the three and looked at her brother's back with a glimmer of satisfaction in her eyes.

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