Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 38

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Chapter 38: Strict Love

Fine, let's duel again.

Rin was about to continue to mock Rayne, but a very firm voice suddenly sounded in his ear.


Yuki was fascinated by her brother's overbearing appearance, but she had to speak out at this time.

Rayne quickly stood up straight, "Ms. Yuki, his attitude towards civilians is very rude."


Rin remained unperturbed and turned his head away with disdain.

Yuki came up to him and said faintly, "Come with me."

"Why should I go with you? Just because you asked…"

Rin tilted his head and wanted to resist. However, Yuki's aura was too intimidating which made him tremble instinctively, so he had to lower his head and follow her.

As soon as they left, the students burst into cheers.

"Yes, Ms. Yuki is going to teach him a lesson!"

"Ha ha, I guess he'll suffer this time!"

"You deserve it, little devil!"

Rayne also breathed a long sigh of relief. Then he eagerly came up to Emilia and said, "Hero Emilia, don't worry. No matter what means he uses, the swordmaster Yuki and I will help you."

Emilia's sight was blocked, which made her a little angry. Without saying a word, she pulled out her sword. A small whirlwind suddenly rose from her feet and broke out along the edge of the sword, lifting away Rayne and several others in front of her.

Finally, her field of vision became spacious again, however she couldn't see Rin anymore. Emilia had to focus on Elise.

Elise didn't look worried. In her view, Sister Yuki wouldn't do anything to little Rin.

The kuudere girl seems to have received Elise's inner thoughts, or the guidance of the goddess. She nodded self-centredly and the knuckles that were grabbing the scabbard turned white.

Since she has the class of "hero", she had no time for herself. She had to respond to other people's requests and expectations every day. Only when she hid on a roof, behind the haystack, or in the tree hole, she would have a moment of peace.

Finally, she came to a new country and a new city. Most of the students in the academy are aristocrats and would stay away from her because she was always with that "evil villain". That's why she could enjoy a period of peace in her life.

The moment she was surrounded just then seemed to send her back to that tiring but unforgettable past.


Rin was taken to a reception room inside the guild by Yuki. Of course, no one was there except them.

Yuki was silent for a long time, and her dark red eyes were contemplating.

Rin didn't know how she planned to teach him a lesson. Although he was a little afraid, he still pretended to be fearless and said, "I… my stupid sister, I have to do a task… I… I even gave you a potion last time!"..

Yuki suddenly raised her head, staring at Rin with her somewhat cold eyes, and took a few steps forward to approach Rin.

Rin immediately felt that he would be beaten, and subconsciously hugged his head with both hands.

However, after a while, Yuki's fist or sword handle still didn't hit his body as he anticipated. Looking up at Yuki, she looked relaxed, and her cold eyes were even a little gentle.

Rin finally reflected on how humiliating his actions were. He quickly put down his hand and was about to force an explanation, but he saw Yuki stretch out her hand and put her somewhat trembling fingers on his tie knot.

She was helping him sort out his slightly crooked bow tie and collar.

The sudden tenderness from the rigid and indifferent knight made Rin a little overwhelmed. For a moment, he didn't know whether to laugh or not.

Yuki's ears were a little red, nevertheless she still stretched out her hand calmly.

During this period, Rin didn't show any resistance, which made Yuki feel warm.

This was the first time she steeled herself to exercise her "sister's rights,” and it was very successful!

"Cough." Rin was a little flustered, coughed softly, and his tone softened a lot. "You stupid swordmaster, did you eat any poisonous mushrooms? … Will you still beat me?"

Yuki wanted to smile, but after trying several times, she had to give up.

She thought and said, "Even if I don't beat you, you still have to be punished."

With that, she took out some books from her spatial ring and handed them to Rin.

These books were as thick as a dictionary. Rin couldn't hold them at all and quickly put them on the table.

"Educating you is my responsibility as the eldest sister."

'What, is this homework?'

Rin glanced strangely at the titles of the books, and then his face became more confused.

"Guide to First Adventure", "Key Points of Self-defense", "How Boys Protect Themselves Outside", "One of the Three Books Your Brother Must Read", "An Easy-to-understand Complete Collection of Bitches for Boys"

"What're these stupid books? My stupid sister, do you really think that you can lecture me simply because you're three years older than me?"

Yuki's face remained unchanged, but her tone was firm, "In half a month, I'm going to quiz you, understand."


Rin screamed and was about to protest, but Yuki already left.

At the corner, Yuki leaned against the wall and put her hand over her cheek.

Wonderful, this is the first step of getting close to my brother!

So far it seems to be very successful. Although little Rin's expression was a little awkward, he didn't prevent her from getting close at all!

Hey, but my brother always attracts hatred everywhere. It's really worrying. Moreover, he is so cute and he doesn't realize that there are many bad girls outside. What if he gets cheated?

No, as a sister, I should protect my little brother.

It's a pity that she still has a mission and can't hide in the dark to protect her brother. She could only hope that the hero and her royal highness would take care of little Rin for her.

Those books are the most basic books. I will supervise my brother's studies and let him increase his knowledge!

"Ding, Congratulations, my dear master's ability to attract hatred remains at a sufficient level. You succeeded in aggravating the protagonist's disgust with you and were severely taught a lesson by the heroine."

Unlocked Achievement: Strict Love (small).

Achievement award: infinite ink magic pen. With it, your sister doesn't have to worry about your studies anymore! "

Rin listened to the sound of the system and felt very disheartened. For some reason, he always felt that this garbage system seemed to be mocking him happily.

And he…

Looking at the thick pile of books on the table, Rin felt very wronged.

Thanks to Yuki's gentle treatment of him just now, he suddenly felt that his sister was not as bad as he thought.

Although now, he found out that he… he can't bear such tough love from his swordmaster sister!

Finish reading them in half a month? Bullshit!

Damn it! I will write this down for now. Sooner or later, I'll let my stupid sister do punishing exercises for a couple of months in a row.

However, hmm, this time the poor swordmaster bought so many books. I'm afraid she has run out of money and will eat "dirt" for a long time.

What he didn't know was that at this time, the garbage system had been rushing to tell her master the rare good news.

Hearing the news, Ling Wuyue was very pleased.

She thought that Yuki was indeed the most reassuring heroine. She not only wouldn't "lay a hand" on her brother, but also took the responsibility of educating and protecting her brother.

Even the guidance books she asked Rin to read were so in line with Ling Wuyue's mind.

Of course, it would be better if Yuki could drive away Elise, Emilia, and Suyu, the three shameless heroines.

Lin Wuyue suddenly regretted that she didn't set Yuki as the strongest swordmaster who could easily beat the Demon King to death in this world.

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