Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: I the Master of the Hero, Will Beat You to Death

"I don't care if you had registered as an adventurer previously, but starting today, you must re-register."

Yuki stood in front of the students with a sword. Because of her formidable aura, the people in the hall were afraid to breathe.

Only the receptionist of the adventurers' guild could maintain a polite and composed smile in front of a teenager standing in the front row while yawning from time to time.

"Your range of activities can only be in the outer layer of the Elle forest. If you go too deep, you will bear serious consequences, whether you are injured or dead."

"In addition, the signal card given to you must be carried with you. In the case of any accidents, you should use it. The TA will arrive as soon as possible."

"Finally, I would like to remind you that you need 20 adventure points each, not including as a team. You must cooperate earnestly and work together. Ok, that's all I need to tell you. Now, everyone register according to the roll call."

Yuki was actually reluctant to be a teacher because she had to teach her students and talk a lot. Personally, every time she had to prepare what was needed to be said in advance.

Although …

She glanced over at Rin, who yawned from time to time. It was obvious that he didn't have a good rest last night.

From another perspective, if she needs to educate her brother she'd be ecstatic.

'My brother doesn't look energetic. He didn't come back last night. What happened to him?'

The students registered in an orderly way, and the trainee adventurer teams were established one by one.

Then they excitedly searched for tasks around the quest board. Everyone knows that a task that is easy and well rewarded will be quickly taken away.

Surprisingly, as soon as the guild gate was opened, many civilians rushed in.

"Where is the hero?!"

"There, it's her! It's her! I asked about her yesterday!"

Emilia had just registered and was still in a daze outside, silently waiting for Rin to choose a task. While waiting, she was surrounded by a turbulent crowd.

The civilians who surrounded her, without exception, looked at her with hope.

"Miss Hero, my child is sick and needs a medical plant called Snake Fibrous Roots, which can't be bought in the town. Miss Hero, help me!"

"Miss Hero, I'm a shepherd. I lost several sheep. It seems that the goblins have taken them away… please help me, Miss Hero!"

"Miss Hero, my friend's friend likes a girl. I heard that the girl likes Energy Grasshoppers very much…"

From looking for pets to bringing words to relatives in different places, people asked her to do various things for them.

Emilia was still standing foolishly in place, but according to Rin's understanding of the kuudere Hero, she should be at a loss of what to do.

So why does everyone believe that the hero will help everyone and for them to ask her to do anything trivial?

Perhaps the former heroes were compassionate, or they wanted to maintain the supreme prestige of being a hero.

Think about the assassination of the previous hero occurring hundreds of years ago.

The guy was self-centered and had no empathy; whoever creates a bad reputation for a hero should be dead!

Right, I can take this opportunity to finish my villainous plot.

His villain’s task this time was to play an arrogant evil nobleman, bully civilians, provoke the protagonist, and then be beaten by the upright swordmaster.

Hey, I hope Yuki will do it carefully for the sake of the potions I gave her.

"Hey, you mudblood."

At this time, a cocky voice came from the crowd.

When people looked around, they saw a noble boy with a disdainful look on his face coming here.

At the same time, the young noble boy pointed his fingers at several students.

"Hey, why are you just looking? Come and get these dogs out of my way!"

His Henchman No. 1 and Henchman No. 2 immediately left the task board, moved in front of Rin, and scolded the civilians around him.

These civilians dared not to get close to the nobility, and they soon ran away.

Rin swaggered up to Emilia and said loudly, "Lowly insects, why are you surrounding this good for nothing Hero?"

When others heard him insulting Miss Hero so much, they were all pissed off and looked at him with anger.

Although civilians had the habit of looking for the hero no matter how trivial their things are, they actually respect the hero very much.

"What's the noise? Why are you so loud?"

Rin shook his head, "A group of fools who don't know etiquette at all. If you make any noise again, I will let the city guards throw you into prison!"


An angry cry sounded, and Rayne, full of a sense of justice, stood up again.

"Don't think just because you are a noble, you can insult and mock civilians! Don't forget who generates the wealth for your family!"

With that, he also walked up to Emilia and clapped his hands at the others, "Guys, he's just tarnishing the image of our academy. Don't be afraid of him, because I am here. I'll try my best to help you with your requests."

Then he looked at Emilia gently, "Miss Hero, I'll help you."

"Are you trying to make me laugh?"

Rin was really going to laugh out because of anger. What is this protagonist doing?

Unconsciously, he had opened a magic book, sending out magic.

"This good for nothing Hero is my teammate now. I'll kill anyone who wants to delay my task! I'm not afraid to tell you that the hero is my slave for some evil and horrible reason. She has to serve me for a duration of time! Do you dare to call for my slave?"

"Look, does the good for nothing Hero disobey me? The contract is still in my hand, no one can refuse it. If you don't accept it, come out now. By the way, I will be the future Grand Duke. If you're not afraid of death, come!"

The originally angry people immediately calmed down and looked at each other. The fear of nobles made them not dare to resist at all.

Only Rayne was trembling with anger. It was obvious that Rin renewed his impression of scum again.

"What are you doing? Get the hell out of here!"

The civilians were about to leave, but they were stopped by the evil young man again.

"Didn't you have tasks before? What are you doing? Don't you need to register your tasks? Are you fooling me? You, you, and you, go publish your task!"

Being threatened by him, people again rushed to the quest board.

They originally planned to publish their tasks, but because they heard that the hero was there, they rushed to please the hero rather than publish the tasks.

Rin dug his ears and tsked, "What a group of scum. It's wasting my time."

"Fenix! How dare you look down on civilians! What despicable means did you use to enslave Miss Hero? You… you scum! I challenge you to a duel!"

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