Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36: What Did Miss Hero See

Rin sat at his desk with the Universal Magic Beast Atlas of Elle Forest in front of him.

Presently, he was a little absent-minded, and his eyebrows creased from time to time.

He was still wondering why "Scarlet Leaf" appeared in the initial main task.

However, there was too little content about the Demon King in the early stage of the story. He had no clues at all.

After all, it's ridiculous for a minor boss like her to appear in a "novice village".

Rin touched his chin and thought, and suddenly thought of a possibility.

The protagonist's team had been broken up for "Unknown" reasons. The strongest Hero and the strongest Healer are on his side.

He himself, as a fire magician, is also very formidable compared to his classmates.

If the protagonist's team was only an average team, then the gap in combat power between their teams would be too large.

Rin felt that Emilia and Elise would absolutely not help the protagonist, so in order to continue the plot, the laws of the world gave his team another strong teammate.

Rin vaguely remembered that when Sha Ye first appeared in the novel, she easily defeated Yuki, therefore, her level was at least around Level 50 or 60.

As one of the few demon hybrids that could survive in the history of the demon race, Sha Ye inherited the advantages of the two races.

As a succubus demon, she not only retained the camouflage and concealment talents, but also the trait of charm in a succubus.

At the same time, she inherited her human father's magic talent and was able to use fire magic. Like the protagonist, she mastered two classes.

However, Sha Ye hated succubus demons, so she usually hid her "succubus" class, which was both her class and race.

At present, even if Rin, Elise, and Emilia were to work together, it was impossible for them to defeat Sha Ye.

Thinking about it carefully. The demon discovered by the protagonist at this time was the current Demon King's subordinate. As the previous Demon King's subordinate, it was not surprising to see her help the protagonist.

Maybe she was also following orders given by Suyu.

For the moment, that was the best reason Rin could find.

As long as he doesn't casually provoke her, there shouldn't be any issues.

After all, Sha Ye is currently hiding her identity and won't expose herself so easily.

Rin rubbed his eyebrows, refocused his attention on the book and the map on one side, took out his pen, and carefully wrote various signs.

Sigh. The silly elk and waste Hero don't look like people who can use their brains. He's the only wise person in the team.

In order to let him participate in the main plot in time, the system had informed him of the final location in advance.

Rin just needed to plan the route, mark the demons that may appear, and accept the task on the way to the adventure guild tomorrow.

Planning well in advance could save him a lot of time. Also joining the main plot in time, could help him earn adventure points. Perfect.

Rin was concentrating on recording when he heard a subtle knock on the door. He knew that Christo was coming and put down his pen.

At this time, Christo was carefully standing at the door, looking left and right from time to time, for the fear of being noticed. Even his knocking at the door was meek.

Soon, the door was opened. Christo hesitated for a moment, but forced himself to go in.

He glanced around and didn't find Rin. He was so frightened that he turned around and was about to escape.

However, Rin had come out from behind the door in time and succeeded in closing and locking the door.

Christo was in a panic, sat down on the ground, almost crying out.

For some reason, Rin would somehow find it was slightly amusing when bullying this guy.

Alas, I'm really a super bad villain.

He crossed his arms and mocked, "Stupid Christo, come here. What are you running for?"

Christo sniffed and tried not to cry, and subconsciously put his arms in front of his chest.

"Fen... Master Fenix, I... I didn't tell anyone. No one knows I came."

"Humph, I didn’t think that you had the courage. Get up."


Christo stood up and looked down at his feet.

Rin coughed slightly and continued to ask maliciously, "I ask you, how much do you know about your team?"


Christo was a little confused. He looked up and saw that Rin was very close to him, then he quickly lowered his head and said timidly, "I... I don't... I'm not particularly clear."

Looking at his conflicted look, Rin felt that it was time to use some force.

So he reached out to grab Christo's forehead, lifted his head up, and leaned forward to show his intimidation.

"I don't have much patience. Tell me everything you know, or you'll die."

With this threat, the tip of his nose shivered. There was a smell of black tea on Christo's body.

Christo's eyes became watery, but he didn't dare to resist at all. He could only stammer about what he knew.

Rayne, Level 7 Alchemist, can make unusual objects and high-quality potions.

Victor, Level 9 Shield Warrior, has a "Barrier" talent which increases his defense.

As for Sha Ye, he thought this girl was dreadful, so he doesn't dare to approach her at all. He only knew that she was a Level 9 Fire Magician.

It is worth mentioning that Sha Ye was absent when they were meeting up. Later, she didn't come in the school’s carriage but arrived in her own family's carriage a few hours in advance.

In Christo's eyes, Sha Ye and Rayne have a good relationship. She often asks Rayne questions about alchemy. Victor had fallen in love with Sha Ye at first sight, so he is very jealous of Rayne. The atmosphere between them is very delicate.

There is nothing else worth noting.

It's obviously impossible to find out more from Christo.

"OK, seems like you have nothing else to say. By the way..."

Rin leaned close to his face and moved his fringe away. Seeing that his wound from last time had recovered, he relaxed.

But Rin remembered that Christo always avoided him as if he was a monster. He grinned, flashing his teeth, "I'm warning you, if I call you later, you must be ready, understand?!"

The last word was a little harsh. Christo shook and was scared to tears.

"Cry! Cry! Cry! Why are you acting like a woman all day? Do you think I will eat you or what? If you don't stop crying, I'll break your legs!"

Rin looked disgusted. He took out a handkerchief and wiped Christo's face, and then threw it on him.

"All right, get out of here. By the way, if you're found by anyone, I'll also have to break your legs."

Christo blinked, grabbed the handkerchief, opened the door in a panic, and was about to run out.

Seeing that the doors of the nearby rooms were not closed, Christo trembled and fled in a hurry.

When he left, Elise and Emilia walked out of the doors at the same time.

"Who is he, little Rin? Why did you let him go to your room at night? Woo woo, I haven't been in your room at night! Does Hero Emilia know him?"

Emilia withdrew her "Observation Eye" and tilted her head in confusion. It seemed that she saw something very strange.

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