Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: Come to My Room in the Evening

Emilia was still in a daze. She suddenly found that they stopped, so she stopped and followed Elise's line of sight.

At the same time, she instinctively launched her "Observation Eye". Her blue eyes lit up slightly.

However, she could only see the other party's name and rank.

Starting with talent, there were all question marks below.

There were only two possibilities for this situation. One was that the girl's level exceeded hers too much. A typical example was Yuki.

The second was camouflage. Whether her character panel was hidden by a item, a special talent, or some kind of magic, these were very rare abilities.

But either way, it was enough for Emilia to be vigilant.

Rin was suddenly obstructed behind by the two girls. He found what the problem was and looked at the purple-haired girl carefully, only to find that this girl looked very cute.

There were so many girls in the novel that presently, he couldn't match the girl with a particular character he knew in the novel.

On the other side of her was a green-haired boy with a huge shield behind him and a hatchet on his waist. He should be a Shield Warrior.

The Shield Warrior boy's eyes basically didn't move away from the girl, and he kept complaining.

"Rayne, I said before that we should have a good rest in the afternoon. Let's forget it. Sha Ye is just a delicate girl. She had to go to inquire about information with you in the afternoon for such a long time. She also didn't end up eating any food."

Rayne had a headache, but he comforted the boy with a gentle smile, "Well, well, this is for us to win the first place. Don't you want a special award?"

The girl named Sha Ye looked very lively. At this time, she said discontentedly, "Victor, it's too much! We are a group. I also want to get high marks. I can't hide behind you and leave everything to you because I'm a girl!"

"Sha… Sha Ye, all right."

After being lectured by the other party, the Shield Warrior couldn't say anything, but he still put on a bad face towards Rayne with jealousy in his eyes.

"Also, you're walking too fast. Christo is still behind."

Reminded by Sha Ye, Rayne quickly slowed down and looked at the timid little boy who had fallen far behind and dared not lift his head.

Compared to Victor, Christo was the biggest headache for Rayne. He was too timid. It seemed that speaking loudly can scare him into crying. Moreover, he was extremely introverted and self abased and couldn't keep pace with them at all.

However, Rayne had heard of his life experience, so he sympathized with Christo and had a very gentle attitude toward him, but even so, Christo was still reluctant to approach them.

This could only be blamed on Victor, who often sneered at Christo.

"For some reason, the teacher arranged this guy for us. Isn't he just a hindrance?"

Victor was impatient and couldn't help but to complain, while Sha Ye glared at him, "Don't say that to Christo!"

"Well, I see."

Victor's tone suddenly softened, he scratched his head and was about to say something when he suddenly noticed the three people standing at the door of the hotel.

"Sha Ye, look, it's Princess Elise and Lady Emilia!"

After he pointed out the others and noticed the three, although Rayne was very unhappy with Rin, he still showed a big smile and walked quickly towards the three, and prepared to greet the beautiful girls.

Elise didn't look away from Sha Ye and whispered to Rin, "Little Rin, be careful of that girl. I feel that there is something abnormal about her."

Emilia also said, "She isn't as simple as she appears to be."

Rin was not surprised and touched his chin.

She was definitely not a simple girl if she could make Elise and Emilia feel that there was something wrong.

He thought of Suyu. This Demon King actually arranged several subordinates in the academy, all of whom were experts who were skilled at disguise.

Unless someone had Emilia's special talent or a specific item, even the Dean can't directly judge the problem upon meeting them.

In a flash of thought, Rin matched Sha Ye with a character in his memory.

He composed his face, ignored them, and directly pulled Elise and Emilia away.

"Let's go."

Victor was furious, "Fenix, why are you so impolite? Don't you see we're just greeting you?"

Only on this point, Rayne and Victor were on the same page, "This bad boy is like this… Sha Ye, don't stare at him all the time, otherwise, this guy may suddenly snap and look for trouble."

"Oh… Oh!"

Sha Ye moved her eyes away with some thoughts.

After walking away from them, Rin breathed a long sigh of relief. He happened to see that Christo was about to avoid him, so he gestured his fingers at Christo.

Christo was startled and subconsciously wanted to run away, but seeing Rin's neck wiping action and the fierce smile on his face, Christo had to bite his lower lip and approach timidly.

Rin strode forward, walked up to him, grabbed his hair, and said softly, "Come to my room at night. Remember not to be found. I have something to ask you. If you don't come, you'll die."

After saying that, he immediately released his hand. Although Rin didn't exert himself, it must be uncomfortable to be grabbed by the hair. He didn't want Christo to cry suddenly and attract the attention of the others.

Christo stared at him in a daze until Rin told him to go away. Suddenly he turned and ran away as if being chased by an evil ghost.

Elise couldn't care about anything else and hurriedly asked, "Rin, what did you say to him just now?"

"Nothing. I just intimidated him a little."

"Little Rin has a bad personality. You can't bully your classmates!"

Emilia looked at the several people who had entered the hotel, asking impassively, "Why did you suddenly seperate us?"

"Yeah, yeah! Little Rin, you don't happen to know that girl, right?"

The silly elk puffed up her cheeks again, interestingly her ahoge hair smelled of vinegar.

Rin skimmed his lips, "I was worried that you two fools would rush straight up, okay? Don't mess around until we know her true identity."

Elise immediately smiled, "Hee hee, it turns out that little Rin is worried about me!"

"Idiot, what if you die accidentally? I don't want to do the task alone. Don't talk nonsense. If you see that girl later, just hide away from her."

He was really afraid that Elise's Holy talent and Miss Hero's righteous heart would make them rush up and fight that girl. He didn't want to see them being beaten up.

No, the hero lost her righteous heart long ago!

In short, this girl named Sha Ye is a minor boss under Suyu, who was known as "Scarlet Leaf".

She doesn't have a name. Because her mother is a demon and her father is human, she has been rejected and humiliated by the demon race, and even has no privilege to have a name.

Suyu gave her the code name called "Scarlet Leaf".

The ability of Scarlet Leaf is very powerful and she is very cunning.

By the way, she is also one of the few women who had not been brought into the protagonist's harem, because of her sexual orientation.

As for her companion, well it should be her sister, a pureblood demon.

Although they are in love, they have been trying to kill each other for a long time.

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