Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: Your Highness Is Confident

Of course, it wasn't just his sister, the "evil god" who wanted to cry.

Rin was now thinking about if he should go beg the Demon King to see whether there was any spiritual magic to erase this memory.

He didn't have a good rest all afternoon and didn't even want to eat.

The main reason was because he was too embarrassed to see the two girls again, so he didn't go out.

"Knock Knock! Little Rin, we're going to have dinner!"

Elise knocked and urged at the door. Rin quickly shouted, "Leave me alone, silly elk! Go have dinner yourself!"

Elise's ahoge hair shook and looked a little troubled, while Emilia went in without hesitation.

Elise thought for a while. As a clever and obedient fiancee, of course, you can't always bother your fiance when he is very upset.

Of course, she knew why little Rin was upset. She couldn't help laughing.

Little Rin is just too honest. He didn't push her away at all before.

In a good and happy mood, Elise also turned and left. Anyway, as long as she prepared an extra one for little Rin, she might be able to feed him like last time.

As for Yuki, she hadn't been back to her room since she left in the afternoon.

At this time, the students gathered in the big dining room of the hotel for dinner. Some were excited, others stood up and gestured to their companions, and others were just picky about the poor quality of the dinner.

Some of these freshmen were aristocrats, some were civilians, and some were foreign students from other countries.

Some of them had been in contact with adventurers for a long time, and others may only come out to perform a task for the first time.

Among freshmen in grade one, the students of combat type are generally between level 7 and level 9, and these experiences also come from their previous battle experience.

It's just that they are young and their magic power is not high. The experience they gained from battle is very little.

Elise and Emilia passed through the crowd and sat beside an empty table. They instantly became the focus of everyone.

One was a elegant and kind angel, and the other was a beautiful hero.

Of course, they should be friends in the eyes of others.

What's even more better than that, was that the villain didn't appear with them today. He used his power to enslave his fiancee and tit for tat with the Hero.

However, the atmosphere was a little more silent without the presence of the evil villain.

Elise's smile was still very decent, but there was an unknown sense of alienation. Emilia, sitting opposite her, seemed to have a momentum of being Miss Hero.

In fact, Elise was a little angry because the previous thing had been interrupted.

But her anger didn't last long. When she thought that she had taken a big advantage and had the identity of his fiancee, she didn't need to be angry, so she returned to normal.

And Emilia also thought of something and also returned to her usual attitude.

The atmosphere between them suddenly relaxed.

The teachers who were watching them in a distance nodded with satisfaction at the harmonious scene.

Everyone knew that the Saint Healer, the strongest supporter, must be the hero's teammate in the future. Everyone also wants to see them establish a deep friendship.

However, such peace didn't last long. The appearance of the evil villain made the people around them sigh.

Rin grabbed his hair, looked around, locked his eyes on Elise and Emilia and swaggered all the way to them while ignoring the hostile looks around him

"Little Rin! Over here!"

Elise was so happy to see him and she called the waiter for an extra dinner.

Emilia looked at him and continued to eat the chicken legs.

At this time, Rin seemed to have forgotten the embarrassing things that happened before.

Of course, the two girls also knew that he was an optimist who could quickly restore optimism and peace.

Rin sat next to Elise, looking as usual.

Because he was really too hungry, Rin finally decided to overcome his shame and come down to dine honestly.

During the meal, Rin found that Yuki was not in the dining room.

He touched Elise's elbow, "Hey, silly elk, what about the fake sword master?"

Elise picked up the napkin cloth, wiped her mouth, and said, "According to other teaching assistants, Sister Yuki went out to connect with the adventure guild in the afternoon. She hasn't come back yet."


Looking at the ham pie, vegetable salad, roast quail, and mushroom soup that had been served, Rin stopped asking.

After dinner, Elise suggested going out to visit the town, and Rin readily agreed.


"Hero Emilia, following us this time will disturb my date with little Rin."


Emilia looked as if she didn't understand the meaning of the word, but she had no intention of leaving at all.

Elise smiled and moved close to Rin, "It's a date between an unmarried couple!"

"No it's not!"

Rin reached out and grabbed Elise's ahoge and said fiercely, "Dumb elk, don't speak nonsense and make people misunderstand! I said that I won't take a idiot on a date, okay!"

"Hey, hey?"

"Hey, what?! If you want to date, I will find you a fungal demon to date. Anyway, you are both stupid brainless creatures!"

"Little Rin, I'll be sad!"

Rin threw away his mouth and turned his head. Anyway, it's impossible to date her!

Elise was about to show a wronged look. The ahoge hair on her head suddenly trembled. Then her heart felt a strong sense of vigilance and rejection.

Of course, it was not the rejection of the rival in love, but the instinctive reaction under the influence of her Holy talent.

Not far away, a group of people was walking to the hotel.

Take a closer look. The leader was really Rayne. It seemed that he went out to do something in the afternoon. Now he was in a hurry to go back to the hotel.

Elise instinctively rejected the lovely girl with dark purple short hair around Rayne.

It was different from meeting someone with a bad personality. This was clearly repulsion between the sources of their powers.

Elise was kind-hearted by nature and would suppress the influence of her Holy talent. She isn't the type to be hostile to a stranger for no reason.

Otherwise, she may have taken out her wand and attacked the purple-haired girl with a ball of Holy Light.

Even so, she looked very serious now, and her eyes were full of vigilance like a deer.

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