Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: A World Where Only the Evil God Is Hurt

Oh, it's friendship… not at all!

This kuudere waste Hero is crazy. She is an animal!

Talking about friendship all the time doesn't mean that she will show mercy in the final battle.

I'll still be stabbed to death in the end, right?!

Thinking of this, Rin ground his teeth and even temporarily overcame those flustered feelings.

He suddenly found the courage, reached out and grabbed Emilia's head, and made a mess of her soft hair.

Emilia seemed a little angry and reached out and pulled a button off his shirt.

Not only that, but she also opened her mouth facing his body that was not covered by his shirt, revealing the sharp teeth that reflected cold light.

"Holy shXt (┖). Д。) ┐!”

Rin was really scared. He stretched out his hand to stop her teeth, and then fell on the bed.

But fortunately, he had covered Emilia's "cat mouth" with his hand and successfully escaped.

What? System, don't tell me that I missed an achievement! I don't want it! This smelly cat's teeth are seriously too sharp! It hurts!

The atmosphere suddenly calmed down, leaving only two people looking at each other.

From the perspective of onlookers, it was like Miss Hero was holding Rin down and was going to kiss him by force.

Rin took a few breaths and smiled proudly, "Idiot! Stupid Hero! If you want to sneak on me, you failed!"

Emilia's eyes softened slightly, and then she suddenly licked Rin's palm.

Rin's whole body was stiff. He trembled from his hand to his whole body. He quickly released his hand and his face turned hot red.

"Damn! Gross! Disgusting!"


Emilia made another unintelligible cat cry, tilted her head for a moment, and decided to explain.

"Because, tsundere, you hid a blunt weapon and wanted to hit me with it. That's why I bit you."

This was the longest sentence that Rin had heard from her since he met her.

But that's not the point!

Now Rin's brain was steaming like Elise's. He waved his hands in panic, "Get out of here quickly! I'm really angry!"

Emilia was stunned. Observing Rin's face, he seemed to have really reached the limit and was about to break down with shame and anger, so she had to get up.

"See you in the evening, meow."

Then she glanced curiously to see what the blunt weapon was.

But Rin's action was faster. At this time, he had covered his whole body with a quilt, including his head. He just stretched out an arm and bent his finger towards the door.

"Go away!"

After a while, hearing the sound of the door closing, Rin was relieved and pulled the quilt down to reveal his head.

After another while, Rin was completely calm. He stretched out his hand and put it on his forehead. He felt as if he had a fever.

With a burst of wishful thinking in his head, Rin ground his teeth.

You waste Hero, you dare mess with me!

You're full of weird thoughts in your mind!

Even if you are yearning for friendship, why would you act strangely!

And Elise, that stupid elk, actually depends on me, the final villain of this world. Sooner or later, I will make her cry!

The more he thought about these two friendships, the more distress Rin felt in his heart, as he was incomparably resistant to his villain's tasks.

He… he also wants friends, okay!

Even before his transmigration, be it the boys or the girls in the class, for some reason, they avoided him as if he was a venomous snake. Occasionally, there would be girls who got slightly closer to him, but before long, they either transferred or suddenly alienated him.

Now there are actually two fools who don't mind getting close to him…

Rin wondered if there was any way to finish his task without destroying this friendship?

Even though this garbage system's code is a mess, it feels difficult to achieve this goal.

Forget it… Forget it, be optimistic! Maybe the plot will change again in the future!

"Hey, hold on garbage system, there should have been some villains' achievements just now, right?"

The system didn't answer until Rin called it three times.

"Stupid master, it's good if I don't punish you. How dare you ask for achievement rewards. I tell you, I'm busy saving the world, don't bother me again. That's it!"

The tone of this garbage system was irritable, helpless, and even wronged. Anyway, Rin was confused.

'You are just my system, which world are you saving? Forget it, I guess it's sleeping or wandering around somewhere.'

Whatever it is. As long as it doesn't peep into my thoughts, it can do whatever it likes.


On Earth.

"Master, please calm down! Please calm down! You have tried to invade the world more than 20 times before, which has made the goddess of that world dissatisfied and complain!"

Qiuqiu clearly only wants to be a heartless system administrator. She hopes that her duty is only when the program starts automatically every time, she adds a sound to it. Why is she so tired!

So far, she has saved the world 24 times and is still working hard to prevent Ling Wuyue from destroying the world.

Ling Wuyue's long hair danced like Medusa, and the black divine power behind her had condensed countless tentacles.

"I-... I hate this!!!!!!"

"And this garbage system program!"

"Yes, master, it's all the fault of the programmer. It's too much to send the untested system to you!"

"This must be malicious! It must be some little bastard who did it on purpose. Don't let me find out who the programmer is!"

Ling Wuyue bit her thumb and fingernail, with a look of resentment on her face.

"Qiuqiu, didn't that second-rate goddess agree to my application?"

Qiuqiu really couldn't bear to tell her master that the goddess of that world often watched her brother and gave the Hero "God's guidance" to have fun there.

It's impossible for her to send the stupid little master back.

After all, my master really offended too many goddesses…

But Qiuqiu didn't dare to say it. She was afraid that if she couldn't stop Ling Wuyue, she would destroy other worlds to vent her anger.

"Yes, master, you should be calm for the sake of the little master! If you mess around and become punished by the main god, the little master will also be involved. As an ordinary person, he will not survive!"

"I… I know, but… whoaa!"

Ling Wuyue couldn't stand it any longer. She jumped onto the bed and rolled around, crying like a child.

"My brother is mine! My brother is mine! Woo woo, except Yuki, all the others are smelly women!"

Ling Wuyue was very upset. She bits the quilt and grounds her teeth, that appearance was indeed the same as Rin.

"No, I must find a way to affect that world."

Ling Wuyue calmed down, transferred from the bed to the wide E-sports chair, hugged her knees, sniffled and meditated.

"Master, it's time for you to work. The readers are asking when you will post the next chapter."

"Damn, I'm still angry… Hmm? Yes!"

Ling Wuyue seemed to find an outlet and showed a vicious smile, "I'll just write a story about a brother being locked up in the basement by his sister…"

"Well, master, isn't it too cruel?"

"Oh, they will still read it anyway. I remember a classmate who wrote a spider as the heroine of her novel last time. Those fools shouted 'Waifu! waifu!' every day at the heroine's eight legs!"

"My master is so powerful! My master is worthy of being an evil god!"

*Sob* "but I still want to cry!"

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