Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 Great, It's "Friendship"!

There was a fragrance near the tip of her nose. Elise sniffed and smelled the scent of soap and the freshness of his body.

Her face was a little cool when it was first touching, but it was soon flushed from the heat of their skinship.

Elise, who was a little disoriented; subconsciously rubbed Rin's arms, and whispered a silly laugh.

Compared to her rapid heartbeat, what took most of her attention was the feeling of dizziness and softness. She didn't know how to describe it. Anyway, she liked it very much.

Rin's heartbeat a little faster, because the silly elk's body was too close to him, and her head arched around in his arms like a pig.

He subconsciously wanted to put his hand behind Elise's shoulder, but finally changed his position, moved to her head, and knocked hard on her head.

"You fool, why are you still so rash? Do you want to kill your fiance and remarry!"


Elise protested quietly, but still stuck to Rin, the ahoge on her head drooped happily.

"Since… In that case, hurry… get away!"

Rin said, taking a deep breath, forcibly controlling his mood, and reaching out to push her away.

But he didn't use much strength in his hands. The redness on his ears had begun to spread to his face, and he didn't speak very neatly.

"Wait a minute! Hey, little Rin is so comfortable!"

"Stupid… Stupid! Don't say these strange words!"

Elise raised her head and looked at Rin, showing a sweet smile, with two groups of happy blushes on her face.

Feeling as if there were 10000 silly elks jumping around in his heart, Rin simply put his head away. He tried hard to straighten his face and said, "Your… your laugh is disgusting!"

When the two were "deadlocked", the door on the other side opened.

After Emilia stepped out of the door, her eyes immediately locked on the two people who were holding each other.

Like a cat whose tail had been trampled on, she shivered all over. Her long light blue hair suddenly stood on end, and her two blue eyes became sharp like a pair of cat's eyes.

Open the item bar, take out the refined steel sword, lock the target and start the magic.

Open her hero talent, "Leadership".

"Leadership": this skill can let you have strong leadership in a team. When launched in battle, your teammates will listen to your command unconditionally.

"Elise, Holy Light Shield."

"Hey, hey?"

Elise's ahoge hair stood up in an instant. As if guided by the goddess of light in the dark, she sang softly.

Two translucent eggshell-like white halos appeared on Rin and Elise respectively, which also made them separated by the Holy Light Shield.

Then, Emilia threw out her sword and let it fly out from the gap between them, straight into the door frame, and the sword body was still shivering.

Elise reacted and immediately puffed up her cheeks.

"Emilia, how cunning!"

She wanted to rush up again, but the sword in front of them was still flowing with magical luster as if there were Wind Blades that could tear the air turning back and forth on the sword body.

At this moment, Elise could only look at her "target" but couldn't get a step closer.

Emilia returned to her usual stupidity, came over, reached out and pulled out her long sword, pointing to the moth on the tip of the sword.

"There was a moth."

While talking, her empty eyes finally concentrated on Elise.

"Emilia! It's just a moth."

Elise was angry, and the ahoge hair above her head jumped with anger.

"I was afraid it was a transformed demon."

When the two girls looked at each other, Rin finally reacted.

Recalling the previous scene, he suddenly felt a burst of shame,he blushed and shouted, "Go away! Get out! Don't even go to my door! Go, go, go!"

Then he grabbed the door and closed it hard.

Emilia quickly stepped back, so she didn't get hit on her nose.

Elise looked at the closed door and whispered that it was a pity that she had to find another chance. Then she puffed up her cheeks at Emilia to express her anger, hummed, and walked back to the room.

Emilia took back her sword, standing at the door for a moment. She held the door handle and tried to twist it. Sure enough, the door wasn't locked, so she opened the door and went in.

At this time, Rin was lying on the bed, smashing his head with a book, and chanting words in his mouth.

"Damn it! I should have pushed her away!"

"I was afraid to hurt that clumsy elk, so I didn't push her away in time!"

"That's it!"

"Why did she laugh so… disgusting! Damn! The waste Hero must be laughing at me!"

But… To be honest, it seems that maybe… maybe, he is not really so annoyed.

"No! How could it be! I must have been infected with Elise's stupidity!"

Emilia stood in front of the bed and watched silently. Finally, she took off her kitten slippers, climbed onto the bed, and then sat on Rin very quickly.


Feeling the weight on his body, Rin was startled and moved away the book on his face.

Seeing Emilia sitting on him, Rin was relieved and then burst into anger.

He picked up the book and threatened, "You just want to force me to play more, right? Wasn't the last time enough? You are addicted to it, aren't you?"

Emilia remained unmoved, glancing down from Rin's face and back at his shirt.

"Good, you don't even listen to my words now! I'll kill you with the book now!"

Saying that, Rin sat up and smashed the book directly on her forehead.

Unfortunately, even though his physique had been doubled, he was still a relatively weak magician.

Emilia grabbed the book in his hand and threw it away.

Her posture was very similar to that of a young villain who was about to commit misconduct against a young girl. Her movements are smooth and skillful.


Rin glared at Emilia, and his blood pressure began to rise again.

Emilia leaned down slightly and leaned close to him. Rin subconsciously leaned back, put his hand on the bed, and looked at her.

The kuudere girl stretched out a hand and grabbed a button on his shirt.

"Can I?"

"? Wimp, are you talking human language? Do you understand what you are saying?"

"Elise can, can't I?"

Emilia's original dull and expressionless face showed a little more stubbornness.

Then, while Rin was stunned, she imitated Elise's appearance and pasted her face to his to hide her flushed face.

Rin was so shocked as if there were 10000 wild cats running back and forth in his heart.

This… What does that mean?

Is.....this…Is this… the legendary … "jealousy"?!

Rin immediately felt a stream of heat rushing to his forehead, temporarily losing his thinking ability.

No, no, I… I'm a villain! This… This damn plot! It can't be turning this way!

After rubbing herself comfortably against Rin's chest, Emilia added, "Friendship, I want it too."

This sentence made the heat on Rin's forehead dissipate and woke him up.

Great… Great, she was saying "friendship"!

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