Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: Fortunately, My Tent Is Big Enough To Sleep Together

When Rin came out, he was gnashing his teeth.

His face looked angry and wronged.

Although he didn't look like he was hurt, just by looking at his face, many people believed that he must have been scolded harshly by his elder sister.

Elise trotted up to him and asked with concern, "Are you okay, little Rin?"

Then she put out her finger and poked Rin's face, as if it could discourage him.

Rin rolled his eyes at her and patted her dainty hand away, "Nothing, I was just suddenly assigned a lot of homework."

Rin grounded his teeth, "She's really a stupid swordmaster."

Elise thought for a while. Well, it seems like nothing special happened, so she patted her chest and said, "Ok, what shall we do now?"

"What else can I do?"

Rin turned his head and looked at Emilia, who was still in a daze, "The useless Hero over there, what are you doing? Go and pick up a task with us!"


Emilia recovered and followed.

At this time, Rayne was with his team rubbing his arms and felt a bit hurt.

Although he understood that Miss Hero was just angry with Fenix and lost control of her power. The sudden outburst of her power had hurt him.

So, he still felt aggrieved.

It was Fenix who blackened the hero's reputation. Why was he the one to be injured?

What's more aggrieving was that he wanted to help Miss Hero fulfill everyone's wishes and make everyone happy. Why didn't Miss Emilia understand it?

He had few opportunities to talk to Emilia, and every time he had a chance to get on well with Emilia, he would be interrupted by inexplicable reasons.

It's all Fenix's fault!

Victor was a little perplexed, "Come on, everyone knows that this hero is elusive. I'm not surprised that you were affected."

Sha Ye glared at Victor, "Hero Emilia shouldn't have intended it, okay, okay, let's go to pick up a task quickly. Don’t let the others take the lead."

Rayne took a deep breath, pushed back his anger, and said faintly, "Let's go and pick up the requests of those people just now. We can also help Hero Emilia by sharing the burden."

In his opinion, Emilia will certainly accept the requests to help the civilians. She was just interrupted by the evil villain.

What he didn't know was that in Rin's team, neither Elise nor Emilia wanted to take these tasks at all.

Rin took some difficult tasks according to the original plan.

Most of them were to collect magical materials, kill monsters, and a few were to look for medical plants.

He had marked out the various tasks on the map, it wouldn't take a long time to complete them. If everything went smoothly, it may take five days to complete these tasks to get 20 points. After that, he only needed to concentrate on finding the protagonist to complete the main plot line.

Before departure, he needed to prepare food and daily necessities for adventure.

Elise's magic space was a mess, but it was very large so it could be filled with more things.

When he was about to leave the adventure guild, the silly elk hesitantly pulled Rin's sleeve.

"Little Rin, should we talk to Sister Yuki about the girl named Sha Ye?"

Rin thought about Suyu. If he accidentally delayed her subordinate's mission, he wouldn't only be tied to the tree the next time.

"It's all right I know who she is. Let's try not to provoke her."


Rin touched her ahoge hair, "Don't you trust me? I have an informer on her side!"

"Oh, little Rin, do you mean the guy who came into your room last night… Christo or something?"

Emilia, who remained silent, immediately let out a confused voice, "Wasn't it Christine…"

But before she finished, Rin suddenly blew up.

"How did you stupid elk know that I called that guy over yesterday?! Well, this stupid crossdresser, he betrayed me as expected!"

Emilia thought for a moment and decided to stop asking.

Whatever his name is, this team wouldn't accept any more people anyway.


When they finished buying supplies, they rented a carriage at the entrance of the forest and officially began their adventure.

Since most of the tasks selected by Rin were tasks that needed them to fight, they didn't stop at the outermost part of the forest, and went all the way along with the road signs and map lines.

They easily killed several Horned Wolves on the way, which gave Rin a preliminary judgment on the combat effectiveness of the team.

The Kuudere hero is really too strong. To be honest, with her various super strong skills, she could even defeat an opponent ten levels higher than her.

… Rin even felt that unless they were fighting a boss, Miss Hero didn't need teammates at all.

Of course, he also contributed, mainly by using his magic to limit the abilities of the magical beasts or to give them the final blow.

Elise's task was the simplest. She only needed to cast Purification, Holy Light, or Light Shield on them. If they were injured, she would throw a ball of Healing Light at them.

For the first time, the three felt quite in sync.

Before they knew it, it was evening. Rin chose a flat terrain that was dry and ventilated according to the recommendations of the guidebook.

He collected branches with Emilia, prepared the campfire, and set up his own tent.

Even with the instructions, it still took him a lot of effort to set the tent up. Rin wiped his sweat and looked at the gray, medium-sized tent in front of him. He felt satisfied.

Naturally, the tent was enhanced by magic. As long as it was not a magical beast, even a thunderstorm couldn't shake the tent in the slightest.

Looking around, Rin frowned when he saw the two girls sitting beside the bonfire foolishly.

"Why don't you two fools set up a tent quickly? If you need, I will help you!"

"Little Rin, I forgot to bring my tent."

Elise's face was a little red, her fingers intertwined, her attitude was very docile, and her fawn-like eyes were pure and lovable.

Rin suddenly felt a little headache, "You're really a silly elk! I knew there was going to be a problem! Waste Hero, how about you?"

Emilia's hand shook. She wanted to open the item bar and take out the tent. Suddenly, she thought of something and glanced at Elise quietly…

Although she wanted to imitate Elise's expression, sadly, it was extremely difficult for the kuudere girl, so she had to resort to her unique skill.

"I forgot it. Meow… Meow."

"It's no use playing cute! What's the matter with you two fools? You really treat me as your caretaker?!"

Rin glared fiercely at the two fools, watching them giggle and meow in frustration. Finally, his heart softened and he had to cover his head reluctantly.

"OK, OK, I see. Fortunately, the tent I bought is large enough to accommodate three."

"However, I’m warning you. If you dare try anything strange, I'll throw you out right away!"

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