Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 14

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Chapter 14: My Beautiful Sister

Anyway, Rin saw the luxurious carriage with his family crest waiting at the entrance long ago as soon as he left the academy.

He was about to go up to it when Elise's voice rang out behind him.

"Little Rin, wait for me."

Rin's eyebrows raised and he was about to move on, and the voice behind him became louder.

"Heyyyy! I told you to wait for me!"

The people around had already looked over, Rin had to put on an impatient attitude and turn around.

"Idiot, go back to your palace on vacation, I don't have as much time as you, I have to go home!"

Elise showed her goofy smile again, clasping her hands in front of her chest in a gesture of prayer.

"Little Rin, send me back to the palace first."

"Stop daydreaming, where is your own carriage?"

"I don't know. I haven't seen it yet. Maybe the coachman forgot to come?"

Looking at Elise's somewhat troubled look, Rin's mouth corner twitched. He sighed and waved his sleeve.

"Heh, so be it, as your fiancé, let me take care of the disgraced fiancée, so as not to humiliate our families."

"Little Rin is the best!"

Elise followed him joyfully, waited for Rin to get into the carriage, and watched him from outside the carriage.

"What an incompetent royal highness."

Rin mocked while reaching out to pull her up, then found Elise sitting beside him directly. He instantly showed his disgust, pointing to the seat opposite.

"How many times have I told you, don't get next to me. Stupidity is contagious, I don't want to be as silly as you. Go sit on the opposite side of the carriage."

Elise still didn't move. Rin directly grabbed her ahoge hair, and his fiancee finally had to sit directly on the opposite side.

With a cold hum, Rin propped his elbows on the carriage window, staring at the scenes on the road outside, thinking about something in his mind.

Elise covered her ahoge hair and stared at him with her mouth pouted. Her mouth still murmuring something in a very small voice.

"Dead tsundere, stinky tsundere, do you only know how to be a tsundere? What's wrong with your fiancée sitting beside you? Emilia even bit you!"

For her lovely fiancé, she was not so much in love, but she still wanted to get close and have expectations of him. That was quite normal.

Rin has automatically filtered out her murmurs from his ears, frowning slightly, trying to recall the backstory about Yuki in the novel.

After that, Elise was sent to the palace gate of the royal palace. After refusing Elise's request to go to the palace and see the queen together with her, Rin returned home in the carriage.

As the first and foremost grand duke's manor, it is naturally old and luxurious, but it does not cover a large area.

In the whole manor, there were only a few attendants and servants because the Grand Duke Fenix liked a quiet and undisturbed living environment.

This was just a house for sleeping or thinking.

When Rin got down from the carriage and stepped on the shady ground, he looked at the odd wall. It looked like an ancient castle in a vampire film, and the depressing feeling was almost overwhelming.

The tall trees around the manor covered the windows in shadows, which made the manor always cold and wet.

This was also the reason why the original Gur Fenix was so uncomfortable staying at home.

"Young master, you're back."

As soon as he entered the manor, the maids who were working saluted to him. Rin waved his hand and asked, "Is father here?"

"In the study."

One of the maidservants answered, "The eldest lady is there too."

"Oh? My stupid sister, who I haven't seen for a year, is there too?"

Rin put on a sneer with hostility, which was in line with the original persona. The original Gur Fenix was always jealous of his sister, for she could get his father's attention or something like that.

In fact, it was just a poor wretch being hostile to the other poor wretch.

Walking up the stairs and along the carpet until he reached a room on the second floor, Rin stopped and stood in the doorway, straightening his clothes before knocking on the door.

"Father, I'm back."

"Well, Yuki, retire, and remember what was explained to you."

"Yes, Father."

It was a quiet voice. Just by listening to the voice, Rin knew that the other party must live like a serious knight in daily life.

Not long after, the door was opened. A tall girl came out, saw Rin, and slightly froze for a second.

She has the Fenix family's unique East-meets-West face, the East's elegant and delicate features, and the West's pretty nose and deep eyes, all blending together in a perfect manner.

She had brown hair just like Rin, which was simply tied into a ponytail, but Rin could clearly see two bundles of silvery-white hairs on the two sides of her head.

That was the call for her special Phoenix talent to start awakening.

She looked serene and serious with a few sacrosanct and cold feelings.

The most noteworthy was still her dark red eyes, which contained countless starlights, as if the entire night sky had been stored into her eyes.

Rin didn't know if her special eyes were bloodline-caused or genetic, but they were unique.

Although Rin had seen the description of Yuki's appearance in the novel, looking at her so close, he still felt his heart being attracted.

Yuki Fenix, who was already eighteen years old and fully showing her figure, was definitely more dazzling than the little girls like Emilia and Elise.

Her beauty was only slightly inferior to the demon king after she had revealed her real body, which could be compared to the beauty of the goddess.

However, because of Yuki's own personality, she looked very difficult to get along with, like a beautiful flower on a cliff.

She was a Sword Master, who was tough and strong on the surface, but vulnerable and thirsty for care and attention on the inside.

'Well, this is my beautiful sister.'

Yuki slightly froze for a moment, and soon returned to her normal look and nodded towards Rin.

Rin wanted to say hello, but thinking about his villain character setting, he had to grunt and brush his head away.

Yuki also didn't care. She just turned around and left.

Grand Duke Fenix called Rin in.

Once inside, Rin's eyes fell on the middle-aged man sitting in front of the table.

The man looked very thin. His appearance was indeed handsome but gave Rin an evil feeling. His eye sockets were deep, and he looked at Rin as if he was staring at a dead person.

Yes, including his own son. There was no exception.

"You're back?"

A smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, by no means cordial, but a habitually formulaic one.

"Yes, father."

"Well, you should keep in mind the Fenix family's manners and teachings outside, in addition, Yuki will be a teacher at the Royal Academy for a long time after she comes back. Ok, I have now informed you, you may leave."

There were no words of even superficial concern at all, just a glance and a brief lecture, that's all.

This was not the disguise of a strict father, but this man himself was indifferent to everything. He only cared about himself.

Rin would not have the same hatred as the original Gur Fenix. Anyway, this man was just a stranger in his eyes, so he nodded and respectfully left the room.

Leaving the room, Rin breathed a sigh of relief. He felt depressed even just staying a few seconds with such people.

But it does not matter. Not long after he graduated, this man died in the novel.

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