Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 13

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Chapter 13: Feeding PLAY

Emilia just looked at him silently, "Tsundere?"

"Wha-!? of course not!.”

This idiot actually dares to taunt him! Rin directly opened his mouth and bit the fried meat steak, somehow, he felt that the taste was not too bad.

He thought it would have a greasy texture, but Emilia had heated it up before bringing it, so it still tasted good.

However, this was supposed to be the school dining room's food. Rin wondered how much of the foods she actually stole away.

"Okay, you can go away now."

Rin took a bite and immediately asked her to leave. However, Emilia still squatted unresponsively, and said flatly, "Shame on you for wasting food."

"Hey, you shameless stupid girl! I didn't even say it was shameful for you to enter the boys' dormitory in the middle of the night, and you actually dare to preach at me?!"

Emilia was unmoved. She reached out her fist and waved it in front of Rin.

"Finish it, or I will beat you up if you waste it."

Rin was dumbfounded, suddenly feeling… that his blood pressure was rising.

It seems that as long as he stayed a little longer with this abnormal "Miss Hero", she would force him to play more dramas with her, and she often deliberately provoked him.

Rin was pissed off and opened his mouth, with a few bites in a row, like the game of Pacman, "click, click, click", he bit the fried meat steak and finally bit on her finger.

Emilia's body shivered slightly, and looked at Rin who was biting her finger in confusion.

Rin felt guilty. He waved his hand in panic and almost fell from the stool with his face blushed.

"Well, I did not mean to do this, it's just an act of revenge! Why did you, stinky girl, bite me before?!"

He said with his heart pounding.

A girl's hand! Hey, I just now… actually … Ooo, wouldn't that just be like a kiss?

Speaking of which, the idiot Hero bit me before… wasn't that also…

Whoa! Stop thinking! Stop thinking!

Calm down, Lin Rin! Keep the villain's composure, or you'll end up in a very bad state!

Yes, this woman will stab you to death in the future!

The fear of punishment temporarily overwhelmed the inexplicable panic in his heart. He coughed lightly and said stubbornly, "Blah blah blah, you're really a stinky cat, all stinky! Blah blah, you wouldn't have clawed a dead rat before, would you?"

Emilia didn't care, just stared at her hand for a while, then changed her posture, sat at the table, and bent down to look at Rin.

Rin looked at the face that was getting closer to him. His throat rolled, and he gritted his teeth, "What are you … going to do again?"



"I just gave you the last chicken leg. Hungry."


"Is there food? I want meat."

Rin held his forehead, but finally pulled out a box of dried meat, directly throwing it into the Hero's arms.

"Take this and leave! Here is some food that will seal your lips!"

Emilia directly opened the box and was going to eat. Seeing this, Rin blew up again, "Get out! You're not allowed to eat in my room, I want to sleep!"

This time, Miss Hero accepted his request, holding onto the box and climbing out the window, sitting on the windowsill and eating the night snack with joy.

Rin sighed and felt more and more that his future was ill-fated.

These protagonists, can you just follow the plot line and do not mess around, okay?

Rin closed the window, looked out the window at Emilia's back, thought about it for a while, then he didn't turn off the lamp on the desk, and directly went to bed.

Lying with his back to the window, Rin was in a somewhat disturbed mood.

"By the way, didn't I… bite her finger before? This should be considered an active action, right?"

"My dear master, are you sure that wasn't flirting? If it weren't for the fact that this was not one of the plots in the novel and you kept mocking her like a villain, you would have been punished. Shut up and go to sleep."

Even the system was bullying him! Rin felt aggrieved, squinting his eyes to recall everything that happened today.

Finally, he came to a conclusion.

The things that happened today apparently weren't in line with the plot in the novel. The heroine actually beat the protagonist, but he wasn't punished. he could vaguely reason it out.

The first was that he had been maintaining the villain acting. It wasn't him that messed up the plot, but Miss Hero who suddenly acted not following the plot.

The second was that he was pushed down by Miss Hero and also suffered the humiliation of "under the crotch", and apologized at that time.

In other words, the judgment of the plot is actually very lenient.

Success or failure, it was just a set of formula codes of the system.

According to this formula, as long as he was "humiliated" or "beaten up", it would directly judge that he succeed to play the villain role.

It even seemed that to stuff my head under the "holy light" was a humiliation.

When Rin thought about it, he felt odder and odder in his heart.

The AI… wouldn't have… judged him as a female, would it?

The more Rin thought about it, the more terrifying Rin felt. He hurriedly stopped his thoughts.

It's a good thing that the system was lenient in judging his actions, he could never be careless, because once the plot jerked off the mainline and it happened to be because of him, then he would be directly killed.

He didn't want to use his life to verify the system's fault tolerance rate.

Stop thinking, I just need to continue to play my villain persona.

Sleep, sleep, only my life is important.

Before going to bed, Rin secretly looked at Emilia who was still sitting outside the window. The light of the lamp illuminated her long light blue hair, reflecting out a strange halo. Somehow, he froze looking at this scene.

Not long later, he couldn't resist the sleepiness and fell into a deep sweet dream.

In the next few days, he continued to pretend to be a supercilious villain.

By the end of the class on Saturday at noon, Rin was finally relieved.

There was no need to continue acting in front of these NPCs! The academy was closed in the afternoon on Saturday, and the classes continued on Monday.

He needed to go home and meet with the Grand Duke Fenix during this period of time.

No, it was not to report his studies to his father, but simply because the current Grand Duke Fenix was a man of extreme courtesy. Rin needed to go home once a week to greet him as a sign of respect.

As a person who has his own father and mother, Rin certainly could not recognize another father, not to mention that this nominal father was a cold-blooded and heartless man.

In the novel, he had never given his son any "fatherly love", and would only scold his son with words like "the Fenix family's glory" or "aristocratic manners".

It was also such a bad environment that caused the original Gur Fenix's mind to twist. From longing, to thirst for praise, to despair, and to disgust, and finally to become a demon himself.

Rin had no feelings for this nominal father, and he had no desire for fatherly love or anything like that. He was just going to go back just to maintain his villain persona.

And… seriously, although his father treated his son so indifferently, actually, this treatment was much better than his father's attitude to his nominal sister.

Yuki Fenix。

Compared to the other three heroines, the fourth heroine had the darkest plot. She had been used and fought against the other heroines until the late part of the novel.

At the same time, she was also Rin's favorite heroine.

Of course, he wouldn't tell Lin Wuyue. After all, this setting will let that "scrap sloth" have a sense of substitution. She'd think that Rin's favoritism towards Yuki meant that he actually liked her, Lin Wuyue, very much as well.

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