Crap, the Villain Is Forced To Play the Role of the Heroine! – Chapter 15

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Chapter 15: Will It Be a Little Tasteless?

Dinner also took place in a quiet and depressing environment.

The long table held exactly 10 seats, with Duke Orlan Fenix sitting at the main seat, expressionless, eating with the most standard of etiquette.

Rin and Yuki were at the middle of the table, with the two seated directly opposite each other.

Except for the occasional slight clinking of cutlery and plates touching, the whole dining room was silent. The maids with their heads bowed behind them did not dare to let out their breath.

This was the distance between the father and the son, the father and the daughter of the Fenix family.

If Yuki wasn't here today, then the position Rin was sitting in now would be the most distant position from the Duke.

The moose steak was cooked very tender and juicy, and the black pork pie was also soft and delicious.

But because of the environment, Rin felt that the food was not tasty at all, as if he was chewing wax.

He believed he was not the only one who had this feeling. His sister, Yuki, who was lowering her head with a cold face, also had the same feeling.

Finally, the torturous dinner finished. Rin came to the library, ready to look through the Fenix family's collection of books.

Of course, although he said "collection", they were only some advanced theoretical knowledge books from other countries.

The really valuable, mysterious and forbidden books are not here, but in his father, Duke Orland Fenix's secret research institute.

Rin had read the novel, he naturally knew what that institute was for, but Gur Fenix only knew that his father had an important mysterious place to go.

After he put back some books, and took the ones that he needed, Rin left the library.

With his twelve cubic meters of space, it was naturally impossible to fit every book into it.

Early the next morning, Rin dazedly opened the door to his room and drifted out.

His hypoglycemia made him unable to think of anything after he just got up every day.

Today, he was called up by the maid. He vaguely remembered that some "princess" had just come.

Slowly walking out of the doorway, Rin opened his empty eyes wide, looking at nothing. While he walked out of the room, the door of the opposite room also opened.

The fully dressed Yuki, carrying her unique saber, walked out of the room.

Her sword was single-edged. It should actually be considered a Tachi(Japanese sword), but its blade was very straight, only the tip of the blade was slightly bent.

Don't ask why this sword appeared in a western fantasy world. If you ask, it's because this is a garbage novel world. If you still keep asking, I'll beat you to death.

Anyways, the "drifting" Rin straightly bumped into Yuki's body, and then abruptly stopped.

He was fifteen years old, not yet to the age of being a grown up. But Yuki was already eighteen years old, tall enough to wear boots with a heel.

Anyway, Rin's face immediately fell into a "trench between two mountains". Just waking up, his brain was still empty and he just stood stupidly after being blocked this way.

And Yuki, also frozen in place, did not seem to react either.

Until Rin was surrounded by a strong feeling of suffocation, forcing the body to react instinctively, reaching out and pushing away the two masses and taking two steps back.

His consciousness slightly recovered after that, which made his face blush. Plus the still unrecovered suffocating dizziness, his face blushed with his mouth opened and both eyes were still dizzy.

Yuki's dark red eyes looked at him. Her expression was still serious, and she just opened her mouth and asked, "Are you okay?"

"I … what can happen to me! Damn, you came home just to suffocate me to death early in the morning, so that you can inherit the entire Fenix family, right?!"

Rin was still blushed to his ears, but he forced himself to take a fierce appearance, "My stupid sister, don't try to use your… your vile flab to harm me. I'm father's most valued heir! The family's heir can only be me!"

After saying that, he seemed to calm down a lot. After taking a few long breaths, the previous thing seemed not that shameful.

Yuki's expression slightly moved. She forcibly suppressed her emotions, and answered in a flat tone, "Oh, I hope you pay attention to your appearance the next time. It's not very good to see the future lord of the house in his pajamas."

Saying that, she quickly swept her gaze over Rin's collar. The two top buttons were unbuttoned and revealed the boy's unique white collarbone.

Rin scratched his somewhat messy hair, and suddenly reacted. Elise, who had come to the house early in the morning, was still waiting in the parlor.

Looking down at his pajamas, Rin folded his arms across the chest and grunted coldly, "If you have the time to meddle in my business, you'd better sharpen your sword skills, stupid fake Sword Master."

Yuki was born with the Sword Master career, blocking the future of many swordsmen who dreamed of advancing to Sword Master, because as one of the top careers, there couldn't be two Sword Masters in this world in the same period.

Although her level was only 26, she has already reached the strength of Level 50.

This all comes from the misery she had suffered.

Yuki was born in a distant side-family of the Fenix family. Except for the family name, this side-family had long been separated from the nobility.

Yuki's parents died when she was just born and she was sent to an orphanage. Carrying the glorious surname "Fenix", she was alienated by other children in the orphanage.

When she was eight years old, she underwent the careering ceremony, she was adopted by the Duke because she had obtained the career of Sword Master.

At that time, the duke told everyone that she was his illegitimate daughter, and even Gur believed it.

Not long after, Yuki was examined to have a special phoenix bloodline.

After finding it, Orlan Fenix took Yuki as an experimental subject and brought her to the Fenix family's research institute.

Yuki grew up in an extreme environment as a pawn and experimental subject, while receiving various experimental potions to develop her bloodline and being forced to fight with fierce magical beasts.

With her Level 50 strength, she was still unable to rebel against her family. The fundamental reason was that she had been put under a curse since childhood, so she couldn't defy the master of the Fenix family's orders.

It was such a girl, whose real character was very fragile, longing for family and care. In the future, she was so humble that… as long as she was needed, she was willing to be used as a sword.

So, just because the demon king's witch was willing to take her in, she became the Black Sword Master; and just because the protagonist showed a little kindness to her, he became the last hope in her eyes.

It was simply ridiculous. When Lin Rin read this plot, he almost disconnected Lin Wuyue from the network for she designed such a background story for Yuki.

Why should such a girl be so humble? Even her reason to join the protagonist's harem was so undignified.

If possible, even though he was a villain, he wanted to let Yuki live for herself.

Rin thought of these, and his eyes gradually became from hostile to complex when he looked at her. He turned back to the room and closed the door.

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