The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Hard Work Pays Off

The simultaneous appearance of the four Beautiful Youths in Black Clothes brought a lot of fun to the dull everyday life of Nancheng City.

In the past, no decent idol group had ever visited this town.

Nowadays, the streets are filled with colorful advertisements, and you can easily spot dazzling stages. Everyone is talking about them.

"So, which Black Clothed Beautiful Youth do you like more?"

"The youth from the west is more cheerful, and his dancing is good, which is my favorite type!"

"I think the one from the north is cuter, with a hint of baby fat on his face!"

Of course, some people stick to their original opinions.

"I think the one from the east is great. His appearance is very handsome, and he always says chilling things. That's how a real Black Clothed Beautiful Youth should be!"

However, such comments only earned sneers from friends.

"Chilling? You should listen to the one from the south! 'It's okay to skip breakfast and lunch, save that money to buy my albums, right?' Isn't that chilling enough?"

The group of girls kept arguing, and from afar came a loud cheer. The crowd on the street seemed enchanted and rushed towards the east.

"What's going on?" they asked a passerby.

"Don't you know? Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - North has challenged Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East to a battle!"

Battle, in the entertainment industry, refers to a rap competition where each side uses their freestyle skills to refute each other and determine the winner based on their performance.

This is the latest trend now!

Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - North stepped down from the stage, surrounded by fans. With one hand in his pocket and the other holding a microphone, he walked towards the puzzled Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East, taking crab-like steps.

"Hello, everyone, I am Black Clothed Beautiful Youth. I can sing, dance, and rap a little. I came to Nancheng City not for money, but to spend each day with you all. You impostor over there, don't even think about deceiving again. I will expose you for who you truly are!"

Amid applause and cheers, Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East took the microphone handed to him by the host and raised it to his mouth.


Then he got stuck.

He was strange, couldn't even spell the word "rap," let alone fight back...

"In this battle, Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - North emerged victorious!"

The professional judge invited by Uesugi Kiyoshi raised the hand of Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - North high in the air.

The girls in the audience cheered ecstatically.

The few girls who were gathered around Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East became even fewer.

He lacked education, talent, only had a face and a peculiar ability. But now, the advantage of his face had disappeared under plastic surgery, and his peculiar ability seemed mediocre in front of professional idols.

His aloof persona was quite popular, but recently it began to crumble. Many people in Nancheng City had witnessed Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East smoking, drinking heavily, littering, and even harassing passing girls.

Of course, this was Eri Kamei in disguise.

But no one else knew!

When Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East suddenly woke up, he realized that there were only a few fans left by his side, still faithfully following him.

He had intended to capture all the girls in Nancheng City, but now it seemed like his goal was far away, and if he waited any longer, there would be none left!

The belated Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East asked his fans, "Do you love me?"

"We love you so much!"

"In that case, go and die."


Although they answered affirmatively without hesitation, none of the fans made a move, instead they looked around with flickering eyes.

"You guys, could it be...?"

"Then, you are...?"

They looked at each other, seeming to understand, sighing sadly.

"I told you, how could there still be fans following him. If we had known earlier, there would have been no need to help our brother go undercover!"

"Yes, so what now?"

"Of course, we should go back now. Our brother's concert is about to take place!"

"By the way, are you interested in watching my brother's encore stage? It's very nice!"

They split into three small groups, chatting as they left, leaving only the lonely Black Clothed Beautiful Youth - East standing dumbly in place.

What's going on?


The winter break finally passed, Uesugi Kiyoshi completed his mission, and the Bonnoji Trio gathered together again to share the results of this period.

Compared to the sophisticated girls in Tokyo, the people here are much more innocent. They easily captured the hearts of the girls with just a little manipulation.

Of course, the greater achievement is that The Beautiful Youth at the Crossroads has gained a reputation, even becoming somewhat famous in Tokyo.

They have decided that after returning this time, they will change the group's name to "The Beautiful Youth at the Crossroads," which will surely make them popular!

A group with three members, two human and one peculiar.

Who is human, and who is a ghost? Who knows? But one thing is certain, as long as you pay, you can hear the peculiar one sing for you.

Is there anything more thrilling than this?!

Just as they were envisioning a brilliant future, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

"Is it Shimoda? It's so late, we're all going to bed!"

Tokugawa Tatsuki lazily stood up, opened the door, and almost fell when he saw the visitor.

It turned out to be the real Black Clothed Beautiful Youth!

Is this for revenge?!

The three of them were scared and lying on the bed, Oda Takashi even started crying. They should have known that being so arrogant and offending the strange would lead to a bad outcome!

But if they don't do this, offend Uesugi Kiyoshi, they won't have a future...

"You guys..."

Black Clothed Beautiful Youth didn't act but coldly glanced at them, then knelt straight to the ground.

"I'm here to ask you to teach me the secret of becoming an idol!" He bravely said, forehead against the ground.

Only talent alone is not enough to succeed. To achieve their goals, to make more girls adore them and even die for them, they need to study professional knowledge deeply.

The experiences during this time made him deeply understand this.

Speaking of professional knowledge, it naturally makes the three idols from Tokyo in front of him understand more.

This is not giving in, but persevering through difficulties!

Black Clothed Beautiful Youth firmly believes in this.

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