The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Wishing You Happiness

As Uesugi Kiyoshi just got into the car to head back after sending the idol group into the operating room, he received a phone call from the local police station.

"Your Excellency Uesugi, our patrol officers caught a male high school student near the intersection, who specifically requested to see you, claiming to have important information about the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth!"

There's really no need for this. Not to mention all the government officials in Japan are at his service, who else could possibly spoil this strange event for him?!

"I'm busy at the moment." Uesugi Kiyoshi was about to hang up the phone when he thought for a moment, "A male high school student... Tell him to wait, I'll be there shortly!"

The high school student caught is named Ryunosuke Morita, who is Tanaka Suzue's classmate. Right now he is sitting in the interrogation room, holding his head in his hands, looking very downcast.

Standing next to him is a pretty girl, speaking softly to comfort him.

After meeting Uesugi Kiyoshi, Ryunosuke Morita seemed like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders, and he confessed everything he knew.

When he was six years old, Ryunosuke Morita suddenly learned that his family was moving, and he had a big argument with them about leaving Nancheng City. He ended up wandering around alone.

At a certain crossroads, he met a pretty lady in white clothes, looking very tired, with a big belly.

"The lady fell in love with a man who already had his own family and children, but she also got pregnant with his child. When the man found out that she wanted to keep the baby, he became cold and even told her to get rid of the child!"

"Isn't that unfair? But the lady truly loves him, she's obsessed with him... So, I want to ask you, should I cut ties with him, or should I continue this relationship? Will the lady and him ever have a future together?"

She seeks help from Ryunosuke Morita and his response is, "It would be strange if they did have a future!"

When he ran back home, Ryunosuke Morita started to regret, regretting his hasty words. He couldn't sleep all night, and the next day he couldn't resist going back to the same place, only to find the lady lying in a pool of blood...

The girl next to him covered her mouth, looked at him in disbelief and said. Ryunosuke, are you saying that...

"Yes, Yuan, she is your aunt, the one who loves you the most!"

Ryunosuke Morita cried with clenched fists.

"I killed that woman, I caused her and her baby inside her!"

"That's too harsh," Uesugi Kiyoshi handed him a cup of hot water and comforted, "She committed suicide, her mental state must have already collapsed, and besides, you were only six years old at that time!"

"Is this my reason for innocence? But still, two lives were lost!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi couldn't help but admire him.

Truly deserving the male lead role!

After listening to Ryunosuke Morita's words, he naturally understood the other's identity.

In the original story, to make up for his mistakes, seek revenge, and save the girls harmed by the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth, he bravely fought alone against the ghosts, trying to defeat the monsters.

Though he died, his spirit lingered at the crossroad, transforming into the legendary White Cloth Beautiful Youth. Finally, he defeated the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth and became a new monster, bringing warmth and peace to people.

Comforted by his girlfriend, Ryunosuke Morita gathered his courage and continued, "I have heard of the Special Event Research Institute before, so I want to share the information I know with you. This Black Clothed Beautiful Youth should be the aunt's unborn child, her cousin. He came for revenge!"

"No way!" Uesugi Kiyoshi replied without hesitation.


"It's an unborn baby, not a ghost. At most, it would be a naked baby, not the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth. Even if it can grow up, it would be a black-clothed child, as it has been only ten years."

"That makes sense."

With such a logical explanation, Ryunosuke Morita had no way to argue.

"So he is..."

"This is a national secret, difficult to disclose!"

When you think about it, Black Clothed Beautiful Youth and them are not completely unrelated.

Shibayama Megumi's aunt was a mistress of a man in Nancheng City. On the day she committed suicide, this man's eldest son inexplicably ran away from home, wearing black clothes as he left.

And he is the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth.

However, such information doesn't need to be known by the young couple.

"It's getting late, you should go back now!"

"But I, I am a coming from the city!"

"Don't be silly, do you want to lower the age of criminal responsibility in the law to six years old?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi impatiently waved his hand, signaling the police to let the two leave. Just as the two were about to walk out of the police station, they were called back.

"I hope you can learn from this lesson, stay faithful in love, grow old together and always be united!"

Although he didn't have the right to say that...


The legend of The Beautiful Youth at the Crossroads becomes more intense in Nancheng City.

During the winter break, with no school or homework to worry about, the young female students who came lightly from Matsushita seemed to have finally found their life goal.

They gathered in groups, day and night, running around the crossroads, searching for the legendary Black Clothed Beautiful Youth.

And today, this group of people finally found their target.

Dressed in all black, tall and slim, with a cold and stern face, especially the earrings on his ears, all enough to show that this is the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth!

"Ah, it's Mr. The Beautiful Youth at the Crossroads!"

"I like you!"

"I love you, love you very much!"

Fans of the star were excited and tears rolled down their cheeks, their excited shouts eventually turned into a chorus of cheers.

"We love you so so much!"

Looking at the mesmerized girls around, the cool Black Clothed Beautiful Youth smirked indifferently.

After endless harassment, today, he could finally get what he wanted!

"If that's the case, then you guys..."


Suddenly, another burst of cheers erupted not far away, drowning out his voice.

The cheering was just like nothing else.

Through the thick fog, you could vaguely see another intersection to the west. It was crowded with girls, and a tall, slender figure in black stood among them.

Two Beautiful Youths in Black Clothes?

No, more than two.

Similar scenes appeared one after another to the north, south, at the same time, four Beautiful Youths in Black Clothes appeared.

The original version of the Black-Clothed Beautiful Youth who was about to announce suicide was confused, and the crazy female fans were also at a loss. They stopped their actions and stood there blankly.

After a while, someone suggested, "How about we go somewhere else?"

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