The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Boys Should Make Good Use of Their Bodies When They Are Out and About

Following the team of foreign visitors are teams of mathematicians, philosophers, physicists...

"How does energy move and dissipate in turbulence, is there a simpler turbulence model than the Navier-Stokes equation that is suitable for all situations?"

The troubles of these outsiders were so confusing to the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth that he couldn't even understand them, let alone give a malicious response.

Although he was cold, evil, and cruel, he was also indeed illiterate!

Just as the dark-clad handsome boy was gradually becoming more introverted, Nancheng City welcomed three young men.

They appeared to be only seventeen or eighteen years old, with flowing shoulder-length hair, dazzling earrings and rings, oversized sunglasses covering half of their faces. They seemed to be striking poses whether walking or standing.

After coming out of the run-down train station and seeing the thick fog and low houses around them, the man at the front couldn't help but complain.

"Why did we come to such a small place?" he said.

His companion behind him also sighed, "Who knows! Sister Shimoda is still the same, never revealing anything!"

"It's not all bad." The boy at the back forced a smile, "Sister Shimoda is thinking about our development, right? By the way, where's our ride?"

"What are you thinking? Let's take a taxi!"

They were named Tokugawa Tatsuki, Oda Takashi, and Akechi Narimitsu, idols by profession. Due to their names, their idol group was called "Honnoji".

Although their skills were excellent and they were determined to become famous, the Honnoji Group has always been lukewarm, only considered third-rate in the competitive Tokyo idol industry.

Boys sometimes had to take on extra jobs besides performing in order to grow and make a living.

This challenging journey will probably be no different.

"By the way, whose turn is it this time?" asked Tokugawa Tatsuki suddenly, sitting in the car.

Akechi Narimitsu counted on his fingers and let out a sigh.

"It's Oda's turn this time!"

"Why is it me again?" Oda Takashi in the front seat turned around, his face contorted with pain. "It was me last time, and the time before that!"

"You jerk!" Akechi Narimitsu slapped his head. "You're the youngest and the most good-looking. If we don't choose you, should we choose the captain? Will the clients agree?"

"It's all for the future of the group, Oda, just bear with it..." Tokugawa Tatsuki also advised.

Oda Takashi turned sadly and tears started to fall from his eyes, "But, but, my body can't hold on much longer..."

The taxi swayed as it arrived at the hotel entrance, and as the three of them entered the lobby, a heavily made-up woman hurried over to greet them.

"Why did you only just arrive now?"

"The Shinkansen train was delayed, Sister Shimoda," explained Tokugawa Tatsuki with a smile, "and we didn't have a phone, otherwise we would have told you earlier!"

"If we had done well on this trip, we might not only have phones but even planes!" the agent said, unable to contain a smile as her makeup started to run down her face, "Do you know who specifically invited us this time?"


"It's Your Excellency Uesugi!"

"Which Uesugi?"

"Of course, that Uesugi!"

The hearts of the three people trembled at the same time.

Uesugi, who controlled the politics and economy of Japan, was continuously expanding his influence outward!

If that man is willing, he could even gather all the people in Japan's entertainment industry for a grand banquet. Why did he summon them individually?

They are an unknown male idol group!

Oda Takashi shivered, was the first to wake up, and led the way ahead with his agent.

"We can't keep Your Excellency Uesugi waiting, Sister Shimoda. Let's go, please rest assured, I won't let you down!"

"Wait, wait!" Akechi Narimitsu also regained his senses and firmly held him back. "Oda, you are not well. Let me handle it this time, big brother!"

"It's okay, I'm not afraid of pain!"

"You are still young, don't harm your body!"

"Stop talking!" Tokugawa Tatsuki frowned and pulled his two bickering younger brothers apart. "We don't know the whole situation yet. If it's possible, let me try... What's wrong? Rich people have unpredictable tastes!"

They argued for a long time, and just when they agreed on the order, they saw the agent smiling welcoming a young man.

Standing next to the young man was a beautiful young man in black clothes, looking at each other affectionately, with tender eyes.


The three of them looked at each other, feeling calm and determined.

"Is everyone here? Great!" Uesugi Kiyoshi shifted uncomfortably and gestured for the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth to step forward. "Eri, show them!"

Eri Kamei, transformed into the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth, turned around in front of the members of the Honnoji combination, with graceful and charming movements.

[The taste of the rich, even if it's eccentric, is exquisitely eccentric!]

Tokugawa Tatsuki and the others couldn't help but feel ashamed.

"Starting tomorrow, you will be a part of the Uesugi Talent Agency's idol group!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi glanced at the crowd from Honnoji Band and continued, "Of course, the condition is that you need to undergo the company's provided cosmetic surgery. The new look will be based on Eri's appearance, while also highlighting your own unique qualities. Any questions?"

No one objected.

For idols, cosmetic surgery is a natural thing. It's all for better serving the fans.

"There's no time to waste. I've already arranged for the doctor. The surgeries will start tonight!"

Uesugi Kiyoshi didn't think that the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth would give up so easily.

Even though he hasn't been seen at the crossroads lately, it doesn't mean he will disappear completely.

The story of the murdered middle school girl known as "The Beautiful Youth at the Crossroads" is spreading among young girls due to an unknown force.

To these young girls, the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth is not a murderer, but a special charmer - a star, an idol.

When these girls finally meet their idols in person, they become deeply infatuated with each other, falling deeper and deeper, and even to the point of harming themselves at the slightest command from the other.

Parents, schools, or the government - these external forces don't have a positive impact, but instead make them rebellious.

The best way to deal with something strange is to be strange, and the best way to defeat an idol is naturally through an idol.

Uesugi Kiyoshi wanted to show the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth what professional idol activities are.

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