The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: An Unexpected Path

When Tanaka Suzue returned home, she found a visitor waiting for her.

"You are, you are Sister Kamei!"

She grabbed the visitor's hand, exclaimed with joy, and all her worries vanished in an instant.

Eri Kamei affectionately stroked her long hair, and they sat side by side, sharing words of reunion.

As former neighbors and close friends, they hadn't seen each other for almost ten years.

Tanaka Suzue felt like she had endless things to say, from memories of school to relationships, not even holding back about her recent visit to a fortune teller.

"So dangerous!"

Hearing this, Eri Kamei turned pale with fright, breaking out in a cold sweat.

"Suzue, do you know who you have encountered?"

On the way there, Uesugi Kiyoshi shared all the things he knew.

This mysterious Black Clothed Beautiful Youth never turns down requests for fortune telling, but never gives hope either.

Those who seek love are told they have no hope, and those craving success only receive answers of failure.

The disappointed fortune teller will eventually meet death, with spirits becoming their companions, wandering at the crossroads every night.

Just like the first-year student who committed suicide.

"What, what should we do?" Tanaka Suzue said, feeling nervous after hearing it.

Eri Kamei smiled with her hand covering her mouth.

"Don't worry, Ring, even that Black Clothed Beautiful Youth doesn't know who he has encountered!"

During their chat, Uesugi Kiyoshi was surrounded by a group of officials, cutting the ribbon for his newly established cultural center.

Even cults are legal in Japan, not to mention fortune-telling, the market is here, if he doesn't take control of it, someone else will.

Uesugi Kiyoshi came up with a plan to cut off the source, if everyone chooses to visit the Uesugi Cultural Center, Black Clothed Beautiful Youth will naturally lose its market.

The so-called scientific fortune-telling is actually packaged divination using fancy words like the internet, big data, DNA, and H2O.

Middle school and high school students are inexperienced, often inclined towards fortune-telling and easily influenced.

By observing visitors' expressions, adjusting their words, using vague terms, and speaking generalized statements, fortune-tellers can easily convince their clients.

This job is easy, just choose employees who are good at reading people, provide brief training for a day or two, and they can start working.

"So complicated!" After hearing Uesugi Kiyoshi's explanation, Tomie Kawakami looked puzzled, "Can you give an example? President~~"

After a moment of thought, Uesugi Kiyoshi pointed at her and said. You may seem happy on the outside, but deep down you often feel out of place, misunderstood, and very lonely when it's quiet at night - how do you feel after hearing this? Did I strike a chord?

"No, President~"


He almost forgot that the happiness of the beautiful girl in front of him was purely materialistic.

"Anyway, the strange incident has finally been resolved. Everyone can now enjoy the holiday!" Nakasone Kazuko said with a smile.

"Resolved? Not yet!"

It's hard to guess the thoughts of young people. There are those who follow the crowd, as well as those who stand out. They may not have visited Fortune Telling at the Crossroads before, but who knows, they might in the future.

Moreover, without a happy ending to the strange incident at hand, how can it be considered resolved?

Uesugi Kiyoshi needs some time, and before the preparations are complete, in order to prevent the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth from harming more people, apart from using administrative orders to stop them, he also needs to dilute those who go for fortune-telling.


Late at night, a plane stopped at the airport not far from Nancheng City, bringing guests from afar who then boarded vehicles parked at the airport.

Among them were young and old, men and women, all with the same sad expressions beneath their different appearances.

"Lost again..."

A guest's muttering stirred sighs throughout the vehicle.

"Dear passengers, this trip is sponsored by the famous entrepreneur Uesugi Kiyoshi. The Uesugi Society is currently in Japan..."

Seeing no one respond to what he was saying, the sweet tour guide changed the subject and began introducing the local customs.

"Do you know? In Nancheng City, there is a strange custom, which is..."

After getting off the car, Lao Wang tossed and turned in the hotel room, but in the end, he went out.

Like other invited guests, he also knew some Japanese. The tour guide's words on the car just now got him thinking.

Since nothing is going on anyway, why not go try out that supposedly very accurate fortune teller?

With these thoughts in mind, he wandered around the streets, and before long, he saw a young boy dressed in black walking towards him.

"He sure is handsome, but so young and wearing an earring, not a good student!"

Old Wang didn't have to worry about foreign youth education, so he imitated the actions of a tour guide, hiding his face behind a notebook, and posed his question.

"Young man, I want to know if our country's soccer team still has any hope left."

The Black Clothed Beautiful Youth looked at him, showing a malicious smile.

"Of course not, no hope at all!"

"Oh, I see... That makes me feel much better."


"Actually, I knew there was no hope a long time ago, but I just didn't want to admit it. You made me face the truth, thank you. Oh, by the way, please take off that earring!"

After saying that, Old Wang turned and walked away, disappearing into the thick fog, faintly hearing a cheerful whistling sound.

The result was something the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth had never expected, he stood still in place for a while before continuing to move forward.

"Hey handsome, I want to ask for your help to figure out if our national football team still has any hope?"

The same question, this time the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth nodded firmly.

"Yes, you have a lot of hope."

"Really? Thank you so much, really too grateful!"

The tourist was so excited that tears filled his eyes, cheering and jumping towards the hotel.

"The football team has hope! Our national football team has hope!"


When he met the third person and faced the same question, the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth thought carefully for a while and decided not to answer yes or no this time.

"If you want to get rid of this trouble, you should find something even more troublesome than it, the trouble must be more serious!"

With this kind of answer, he once made a woman troubled by an extramarital affair's troubles grow bigger step by step, eventually leading her to ruin in order to create even bigger troubles.

"Oh? A more serious trouble? Well, like the Israel-Palestine relationship, let me tell you... Don't go, okay?!"

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