The Successful Capitalist Should Exploit These Strange Creatures – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Elders and Juniors

When Uesugi Kiyoshi heard the news that Black Clothed Beautiful Youth wanted to become his apprentice, he was not surprised.

According to the research institute's analysis results, coupled with his previous intelligence, it is very obvious that the other party has an extremely strong anti-social revenge ideology.

Black Clothed Beautiful Youth's father was a promiscuous man, with countless extramarital affairs and one-night stands. Such a family atmosphere was naturally very bad, which also created his distorted hatred towards women and love.

After running away from home and becoming strange, Black Clothed Beautiful Youth began to use his abilities to kill those young girls who were just beginning to fall in love.

As more and more girls were hurt, his power grew stronger, eventually even able to make hundreds of girls commit suicide for him.

Despite this, the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth still didn't let these girls rest in peace, but continued to torment their spirits, causing them and their families to suffer day and night.

Such strangeness, if it truly became a popular idol, would cause immeasurable harm!

"Your Excellency, what should we do?" asked Tokugawa Tatsuki nervously.

The Black Clothed Beautiful Youth's determination was so strong that he was still kneeling in the hotel room.

Using the excuse of consulting with his manager, he escaped ahead of time, leaving Oda Takashi and Akechi Narimitsu as companions, who were probably close to breaking down.

"What should we do? Of course, we should agree to his request!" Uesugi Kiyoshi replied without hesitation.

With the support of the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth's abilities, there was no need to advertise, as he could gradually dominate the market. And as long as the other party doesn't take the stage, under the close scrutiny of the research institute, he could not stir up any trouble.

"Agree to his request?"

"Yes, but before that, make sure to explain the rules of the idol industry to him."

Uesugi Kiyoshi noticed that Tokugawa Tatsuki still didn't quite understand, so he started to patiently teach him.

"If you want to learn the secrets of becoming an idol, you have to start as a trainee! As a trainee with such basic deficiencies, what lessons should you focus on?"

"Um, posture, etiquette, mental strength, dance, music..." Tokugawa Tatsuki counted on his fingers.

"First, you need to complete nine years of compulsory education! Then you need to work on your social skills. By this calculation, two and a half years of training won't be enough; you'll need at least twenty years!"

"But, but living with someone strange for twenty years..."

Thinking about this, Tokugawa Tatsuki felt that his future looked bleak.

"You can't have that kind of attitude!" Uesugi Kiyoshi sighed. "Since he has come to you, he's not strange, but rather your junior. As a senior in the idol industry, how should you mentor, um, guide your juniors? Do you really need me to teach you?"

"Junior, senior..." Tokugawa Tatsuki seemed to have an understanding, "Sir, there are many types of senior-junior relationships in the idol industry, which one should I follow?"

"If it's exposed, it can be shown on Fuji TV."

"Got it."

After leaving Uesugi Kiyoshi's residence, Tokugawa Tatsuki headed towards his own hotel.

With his already limited courage dwindling with each step, when he reached the room, he couldn't even lift his hand to knock on the door.

"Big brother! Big brother, you've come!"

As the door opened from inside, Akechi Narimitsu and Oda Takashi, upon seeing their companion at the door, were overcome with excitement and tears.

"It's the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth, he... he..."

"What's wrong with him?" Tokugawa Tatsuki shivered and almost ran away in fear.

"He hasn't moved at all!"

"Useless stuff!" Tokugawa Tatsuki pushed away his two younger brothers and locked eyes with the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth who had turned around.

"M-Mr. Handsome Youth, the manager has agreed to let you join!"

[It should be this way!]

The Black Clothed Beautiful Youth nodded proudly, but as he stood up, he suddenly got kicked in the back.

"You jerk!" Tokugawa Tatsuki trembled as he shouted, "As a trainee of the Crossroads Handsome Youth group, how dare you stand up without the approval of our seniors?"

Akechi Narimitsu was so scared that his eyes were about to pop out, forgetting to hold onto Tokugawa Tatsuki.

"Big Brother Tokugawa, are you crazy?"

Oda Takashi had already run out of the room.

"I'm doing this for his own good!" Trembling in fear as he looked at the Black Clothed Beautiful Youth giving him an angry look, Tokugawa Tatsuki continued to defend himself, "This is how trainees are treated, it's a necessary step to become an idol!"

This answer left Black Clothed Beautiful Youth stunned, and he turned to look at Akechi Narimitsu.

"Yes, yes, that's right!"

Touched secretly by Tokugawa Tatsuki, Akechi snapped out of it and nodded repeatedly.

"This is a test of willpower, the spirit of an idol. It must be tempered repeatedly to withstand the attacks of haters!"

So that's how it is!

Black Clothed Beautiful Youth suddenly realized, respectfully bowed, and knelt down again.

Akechi Narimitsu and Tokugawa Tatsuki glanced at each other, showing a knowing smile.

"Forget it, it's getting late. Stop kneeling and fetch me a basin of water to wash my feet!"

"You'll also have to give me a back massage later!"

"And me, I... You're in charge of the future pillow business!" Oda Takashi returned to the room at some point.

The Black Clothed Beautiful Youth agreed and then carried the foot basin into the bathroom.

[Be patient! Only by doing so, can you achieve the final victory!]


While The Beautiful Youth at the Crossroads shared their feelings, Uesugi Kiyoshi had already boarded the Shinkansen back to Tokyo.

The two-week winter vacation officially ended. As middle and high school students, the girls had already taken a special plane back to school in the morning.

At this moment by Uesugi Kiyoshi's side, besides the bodyguard, there was only Hoshimi Rie left.

She's much more reliable than Tomie Kawakami!

As the secretary assistant of the Uesugi Society, the pigtails girl surprised everyone with her strong document-handling abilities, mostly thanks to her long reading habits.

Besides, even though Hoshimi Rie can't fight most of the weird things, she can sense them coming, which is already a very rare ability!

"Miss Hoshimi, do you see, is this person strange?"

Uesugi Kiyoshi, who was working on company documents, unintentionally lifted his head and saw a beautiful stranger walking towards their train car with her head down, making him a bit nervous.

"This lady doesn't have any strange energy around her."

Hoshimi Rie looked up, glanced at the lady, and continued working.

"She looks absent-minded, with tears on her face, and didn't even notice the bodyguards in the train car; she must just be a woman going through heartbreak."

"No wonder Hoshimi Rie!" Uesugi Kiyoshi clapped his hands, "She can tell the other person's mood with just one look."

"It's just a woman's empathy." Hoshimi Rie put down her pen, sighed, "I'm not as amazing as you say, so I didn't even realize that Mr. Uesugi was just trying to be lazy and start a conversation."

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